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Visual storytelling: 5 companies that excelled in 2018

“Times they are a-changin’…” Bob Dylan sang way back in 1964. Just over half a century later, his folk song rings truer than ev...
Voice123 Editorial Team
2 min read

5 great tips to follow when hiring a voice actor

So you’re a businessperson with a product to sell and you’re considering hiring a voice actor? Given the power of the human voice (as...
Voice123 Editorial Team
4 min read

Briefing a voice actor with a home studio

Any voice actor you speak to these days is likely to tell you that the DIY home studio environment is not only the future...
Voice123 Editorial Team
3 min read

Livin’ the good life: Good Life Productions’ Julia Cruz

Voice123: Portraits is an Ongoing Series of Interviews Profiling Our Clients. Running a home-based video production business is all about identifying a niche in...
Voice123 Editorial Team
8 min read

The copyright conundrum — and how to deal with it

Who owns what? The New York Public Library is probably way too small to contain all the books on copyright. Consequently, the copyright conundrum...
Voice123 Editorial Team
4 min read

International Women’s Day: Why it matters

International Women’s Day is indeed a day worthy of recognition — but it’s also a day for reflection; in particular, on why there needs...
Christina Gomez
2 min read

Statement by Voice123 on voice coach Peter Rofé

  Public letter by Alex Torrenegra regarding accusations of sexual predation by prominent New York voice coach, Peter Rofé, and published on the CNN...
Alex Torrenegra
1 min read

Voice123 and how it changed the VO industry

In the beginning… The year was 2002. Tania and I had recently married and moved to New York City. Tania was working at Banana...
Juanita Casas
6 min read