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Video script template

Want to rock the internet with superstar video script templates that help you navigate the length, tone, structure, and story arc of your videos? Well, at Voice123, we’re all about perfecting the art of video storytelling with our free script resources. So, we’ve got all the tips and insights on what is a video script template as well as the art of how to write a video script template that succeeds! 

Get ready to transform your blank screens into scripted video brilliance! 

What is a video script template? 

video script template

A video script template outlines a video’s entire plan from start to finish, including visual and action sequences, dialogue, narration, and on-screen text. With these detailed templates, video creators can avoid missing crucial details by estimating time codes for each segment and managing a video’s overall length and pacing. Video scripts help producers to organize and execute video content like commercials, documentaries, video game trailers, and more. 

For example, a product commercial for a wristwatch can use a video script template to specify camera angles and close-up shots of features like heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking. It can also include on-screen text like the company contact details and voice over particulars like accent, tone, gender, and more. 

Video script template examples

Video script templates provide the structure for corporate, social media, explainer videos, and more. They include all the necessary visual and audio elements relating to the introduction, main body, and conclusion. And when you add a professional voice over to your video script template, you can also define your vocal requirements like gender, tone, speaking style, pitch, and pace for specific audiences. For example, a product script could say: “We need a male voice to read this script to reflect Ryan Gosling’s smooth, persuasive style.” Here are three video script templates to help you. 

Video Script Template #1: Explainer Video

Title: The Power of Renewable Energy

Direction Notes: We need a David Attenborough vocal style to add a mature yet captivating tone to explain renewable energy. 

Visuals: Opening shots of nature and clean energy sources, moving to images of pollution and fossil fuel consumption. 

Audio Details: Voice over explains the journey into the world of renewable energy.

Dialogue Script:

(Male voice with informative, mesmerizing tone)

“Our planet is facing a critical challenge. Pollution and climate change are real threats to our environment and future generations.”

“But fear not! There’s a solution: Renewable Energy! Solar, wind, and hydropower lead the way to a cleaner and greener future.”

(Show website URL and social media icons.)

“Together, we can make a difference. Visit our website to learn more and start your eco-friendly journey today.”

Video Script Template #2: Product Showcase Video

Title: IX Smart Home System

Direction Notes: We need a female AI-type voice with Gwyneth Paltrow’s soft tones to highlight new technology. 

Visuals: Opening shots of cutting-edge technology and futuristic visuals showing the product’s sleek design and intuitive user interface.

Audio Details: Voice over explains the need for advanced technology in an evolving world. 

Dialogue Script:

(Female voice with modern AI-type vocal tone)

“Introducing the IX Smart Home System – the future of home automation and security!”

“Effortlessly manage lights, temperature, security cameras, and more from your smartphone or voice-activated devices.” 

(Show the product logo and website.)

“Visit our website for exclusive offers and embrace the future of home automation.”

Video Script Template #3: Storytelling Brand Video

Title: Journey of Discovery

Direction Notes: We need a Tom Cruise vocal style to tell a story with an intriguing yet dynamic voice style. 

Visuals: Opening shots of beautiful landscapes and evocative music show historical footage of the company’s humble beginnings.

Audio Details: Voice over explains the company’s journey from past to present. 

Dialogue Script:

(Male voice with a warm, nostalgic tone)

“At XYZ Adventures, our journey began with a simple idea – to explore the unexplored and embrace the wonders of nature.”

“In the early days, a group of passionate explorers set out to share their love for nature with the world. They laid the foundation for XYZ Adventures, a brand that values adventure, curiosity, and conservation.”

(Show the brand logo and tagline.)

“Explore, discover, and make memories that last a lifetime with XYZ Adventures. Begin your journey today!”

How to write a video script template

You can write a video script template in 7 steps. 1) Define your target audience and their interests; 2) outline your content; 3) start with a hook; 4) write dialog that’s concise but catchy; 5) organize your script into segments; 6) include visual and audio directions; and 7) incorporate a call-to-action. 

Here’s more on each step. 

1. Define your target audience and their interests 

Defining the purpose of your video and your target audience’s age, gender, location, interests, and preferences. For example, if your target audience is young gamers interested in technology, your scripts for videos should showcase your gadgets with gaming-related examples in a fun and engaging way.

2. Outline your content

Use bullet points to jot down the key ideas, scenes, or segments you want to include. For example, a recipe video script can include details like ”Introduce the dish and its cultural significance; List the recipe ingredients; Detail the cooking process steps with visuals; Present the final dish with serving suggestions.”

3. Start with a hook

Start the video with a thought-provoking question, an intriguing statement, or exciting visuals to engage audiences. For example, an educational video can start with, “Did you know there’s a planet where it rains diamonds?” While a product review video can start with “Want to listen to music without long, tangled wires?” 

4. Write dialogue that’s concise but catchy

Avoid jargon and overly complex terminology; use conversational language and terms audiences are familiar with to build a product connection. For example, instead of: “The ergonomically designed, state-of-the-art apparatus,” try “This amazing gadget fits perfectly in your hand.”

5. Organize your script into sections

Separate your scripts for videos into sections or scenes to maintain a structured flow. For example, if you’re creating a travel vlog about a city, organize it like this: Section 1: arrival and first impressions; Section 2: exploring local cuisine; Section 3: Must-Visit landmarks; and Section 4: final thoughts.

6. Include visual and audio directions

Leave placeholders or notes explaining specific visual and audio directions. Describe visuals like footage, images, animations, and audio elements like music, sound effects, and voice over. For example, Visual: Scenic footage of the city skyline at sunset, and Audio: Upbeat and energetic background music starts.

7. Incorporate a call-to-action

Include a compelling call-to-action that prompts the viewer to take some specific action, such as visiting a website, subscribing, or sharing the video. Examples of CTAs include “Visit our website for more information and exclusive offers.” “Don’t forget to hit the ‘Subscribe’ button.”

Final thoughts

video script template

Video script templates help content creators develop engaging and impactful video content. So write your video scripts by first defining your target audience and their interests, outlining your content, starting with a hook, writing concise and catchy dialog, organizing your script into segments, including visual and audio directions, and incorporating a call-to-action.  

And when you’re ready to add a voice to your scripts for videos, you’ll find everything you need from the voice actors on Voice123!


What is a video script template?

A video script template is a document that outlines a video’s structure and content. It helps creators develop engaging content for video production. It typically includes an introduction, body, conclusion, and specific instructions for actors and voice actors.

How do I write a video script template?

First, decide on the video’s purpose and outcome. Next, determine the main message, and structure your script with an introduction that hooks the audience, a well-organized body that presents key points or a narrative, and a strong conclusion that reinforces the main message and leaves a lasting impression.

How do I format a video script? 

Include elements like the title, scene headings, character names, dialogue, and action. Write your content in the present tense and include transitions between scenes.

What are the key elements of a video script?

These are the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction provides a brief overview, the body sets the tone for the script, and the conclusion summarizes the main point.


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