How to use Voice123 to your best advantage for voiceovers

Voiceover casting can be a daunting task, right? Especially when you have to sift through tons of freelancer sites to find suitable voices. Evolving technology and global advancements have made voice over casting a breeze with core voice over websites like Voice123. It’s now possible to access a diverse range of voices with the simple click of a button.

As a client, you can connect with numerous voice actors seamlessly as well as listen to custom-made voice samples. These will give you a better feel for your project requirements. While freelance websites like Fiverr handle multiple work fields, Voice123 is primarily a voice over casting platform. This online marketplace is packed with voice actors both skilled and talented enough to enhance any voice over project. So what sets Voice123 apart from countless other freelancing/voiceover websites?

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the differences between Fiverr and Voice123. Let’s also consider how you can make the best use of this voice over platform for your projects. 

Fiverr voice over vs Voice123 voice over

About Fiverr 

According to TechRadar Fiverr is the tenth broadest freelance marketplace in the world.

As a potential buyer, you also have the option of finding a Fiverr voice over through this marketplace. However, the company’s main focus is on streamlining the freelancing process. Buyers (clients) and sellers (voice actors) can effortlessly connect with each other via digital services like web and graphic design.

Voice123: a voice actor in front of the mic
Image: Envato

One of the most challenging aspects of searching for a Fiverr voice over comes down to rates. Voice actors set different rates depending on word count, usage rights, and delivery time. This can have a significant impact on the hiring process. From a client’s perspective, this could influence the decision whether to browse through a voice actor’s profile or not; the recommended selling rate has been set.

So, finding a suitable Fiverr voice over has various imitations on a platform that targets freelancers instead of voice actors.  

About Voice123 

When it comes to voice over casting, Voice123 is the world’s first and largest marketplace for professional voice actors. Founded in 2002, Voice123 focuses on raising the bar for voice over casting, and making it as simple as 1-2-3. The company has also created a first-class community that puts clients in touch with skilled and experienced voice actors. For voice over casting, Voice123 is renowned because it doubles as an effective voice actor search engine. It’s easy for clients to peruse voice over samples and review auditions until they find the voice they’re looking for. From a client perspective, finding a voice actor on Voice123 is better in terms of availability, budget, and overall quality. 

Voice over casting in two easy steps

Fiverr voice over

1. Voice actors post their service 

Voice actors start the process of a Fiverr voice over by posting their service as a seller on the website. This service would include aspects like rates and voice style genre. This determines whether the voice actor’s voice style suits genres such as commercials or audiobook narration. Voice actors can also include their description and a demo as part of their profile. Fiverr voice overs also give sellers the ability to upsell their services by separating features like broadcasting and commercial rights, or even background music as an additional charge.

As a potential client, there are various details that you would need to consider before opting for a Fiverr voice over. All of which may affect the timing and efficiency of the project. 

2. Clients search through services 

Buyers start the Fiver voice over process by filtering the search based on the service needed. Hundreds of freelancers related to voice acting then pop up on your screen. However, the process doesn’t specifically include just voice actors. This means audio and sound editors and various other aspects related to voice acting can sneak past the search filter. Unfortunately, the filter also does not include precise voice over casting search features. So a client cannot define their search to include certain voice types like Morgan freeman. You’d have to manually go through a wealth of audio clips to find one that works best for your Fiverr voice over project. 

What it comes down to: While the website works well for freelancing gigs in general searching for a voice actor is not as clear cut as it is on a voice actor platform. Freelancing websites require quite a bit of search work before a client can find the right voice for their project.

Voice123: an image of the Voice123 logo
Image: Voice123

Voice123 voice over

1. Post a client project 

The creation of online platforms has smoothened out the process of voice over casting by effectively cutting out the middleman. As a client, you can listen to auditions and successfully choose the right voice actor to suit your niche without having to consult booking agencies. So, whether you’re on the lookout for the voice of God or if you’re just promoting Siri in a commercial, Voice123 is a universe of voices waiting to be explored. 

As a potential client, you can start the voice over casting process on Voice123 by simply posting a project. This opens the door to custom vocal auditions that you can comb through at your convenience. 

2. Search and book

Voice over casting on Voice123 is made easy with a comprehensive search feature.

Instead of having to skim through thousands of auditions that may not suit your project you can just click search and literally go through only what you need. The useful search filter can also help you narrow down your results based on keywords, language, and even gender.

One of the best filters is looking for a specific type of voice. For example, if you’re on the hunt for Morgan Freeman’s smooth flair, simply search for Morgan Freeman. You can even further specify the filter by choosing English – USA and Canada followed by Male adult. In less than a minute you’ve just narrowed down your search from thousands of voices to 180 search results that pertain to your project’s needs directly.

For more information on how to use this search feature check out our helpful tips on choosing the best voice actor for your project.  

The next step is to just listen to the audio samples and click Book Now once you’ve heard the voice that strikes a chord with you. To top it off the site also has a beneficial messaging feature. This is something you could use to directly liaise with a voice actor which is helpful if you ever need to negotiate or discuss something with the voice actor. 

What it comes down to: On Voice123 clients can search for specific styles of voices instead of searching through services. A client can also stipulate the exact type of voice they want to narrow down the search filter. This makes posting a project, filtering through voice auditions, and booking a voice actor as easy as 1.2.3. 

Voice123: image of a voice actor standing at the mic
Image: Envato

Voice over casting platform analysis

Voice over casting is a competitive market, but this is a perk that clients can take advantage of.

The wide range of online platforms available today has paved a smoother path for clients to traverse in terms of pricing and voice actor options.

Compared to Voice123 a Fiverr voice over can be slightly more challenging because of the longer and more unfiltered search feature clients have to utilize. Clients will also have to invest large amounts of time in the process to find the voice they’re specifically after. On the flip side, voice over casting on Voice123 caters to the particular needs of clients. With a barrel load of voice actor profiles to thumb through it’s easy to search for and find a voice with the distinct style, tone, and voice quality to match your project requirements. And if you need a little guidance on how to best navigate a voice actors voice123 profile be sure to check out our comprehensive list of pointers to get you started. 

Final thoughts

Voice over casting on Voice123 is really as simple as 1-2-3. The process of finding a voice actor starts with first posting a project, then using the search and filter feature to narrow down your voice actor selection, and finally hitting the Book Now key. And if you want to learn how to post your projects free on voice123 here is a reminder of the process you can follow. 

Now that you clued in on how to use Voice123 to your best advantage for voice over casting, why wait? You can start by posting your project, or searching for a voice actor and booking the best talent from the Voice123 honeypot. A Fiverr voice over may work well for freelancing gigs, but when it comes to voice overs Voice123 wears the crown.  

And on a final note, we’d like to take a moment to wish you oodles of success as you continue to navigate the world of voice overs. May your search results prove ever fruitful in the world of voice over casting. 


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