What is the rate for a voice actor on Voice123?

At Voice123, it is up to the voice actor and client to negotiate the arranged fee for providing voice overs for a project. We leave payments completely up to you and recommend that both clients and voice actors follow trusted online guides such as the Gravy for the Brain guide.

 These prices depend on several factors, including: 

Union vs. Non-Union

These are base rate averages for non-union projects delivered online. Rates for non-union projects delivered on-site may be higher. Rates for union projects are usually published by the unions, e.g., AFTRA (USA), SAG (USA), Equity (UK), ACTRA (Canada)

Market Sizes

Voice actors usually charge rates depending on the purpose of the recording and the equipment they must use to provide a finished product. For example, a 30-second recording for a TV commercial broadcast all over the U.S. may cost several times more than a five-minute recording for a local documentary.

Pre-and Post-Production

Many Voice123 voice actors can also do pre-and post-production work (copywriting, translating, adding background music, mixing voices, encoding for special delivery, adding special effects, etc.). These fees are usually charged in addition to fees the voice talent charges for the dry read. 

Studio Costs

Prices generally include studio costs for the voice recording (not for post-production). You may expect similar prices if you want the talent to go to a designated studio, although this may need to include additional studio rental fees.

Buyouts and residuals

Buyouts are generally for one year and negotiated at 2.5 times the base rate. Residuals may be required by the voice over talent on projects with long-term usage.


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