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Knuckles TV show: How to create spectacular animated characters!

The Knuckles TV show packs a powerful punch in an epic battle between good and evil, with killer voice acting spearheading the success of Knuckles the Hedgehog. From his deep warrior tones to Sonic’s playful style, the Knuckles series takes fans on an epic journey with a fresh perspective on Knuckles the Echidna’s superhero movie niche. 

At Voice123 – where you’ll find fantastic animation voice actors – we understand the impact of giving animated characters a unique voice. So, here we’ll explore Knuckles Sonic storytelling and how to create thrilling animated characters like Knuckles from Sonic. 

Get ready to experience the heroic thrill of the Knuckles series! 

What is the Knuckles TV show?

The Knuckles TV show, released on April 26, 2024, is the first Sonic live-action series streaming in 6 episodes on Paramount+; it follows Knuckles the Hedgehog, his friendship with Deputy Sheriff Wade Whipple, and his battles against The Buyer, Doctor Robotnik’s former henchman. It also introduces a new character voiced by Christopher Lloyd, Pachacamac, an elder from Knuckles the Echidna’s tribe, who acts as his mentor. The Knuckles TV show is independent of the Sonic films, focusing on Knuckles as a warrior, his backstory as the Master Emerald guardian, and his odd-couple dynamic with Wade Whipple. 

The Knuckles TV show cast 

Knuckles TV show
  1. Idris Elba voices Knuckles the Echidna, a red creature with powerful fists from the Sonic universe. Elba improvised some of Knuckles’ dialogue, creating an honorable warrior character with deadpan wit. 
  2. Adam Pally plays Wade Whipple, the kind yet clumsy deputy sheriff who becomes an apprentice/friend to Knuckles. Pally provides a humorous foil to Knuckles the Hedgehog’s serious personality.
  3. Tika Sumpter plays Maddie Wachowski, the adopted mother of Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails. Sumpter creates a strong maternal figure who’s kind yet ready to dish out a grounding to her colorful kids. 
  4. Ben Schwartz voices Sonic in a guest role, reprising the voice and motion capture. Schwartz captures Sonic’s youthful, mischievous tone, adding a playful vibe to the Knuckles series.     
  5. Colleen O’Shaughnessey voices Miles “Tails” Prower, the hardy, young, orange-yellow fox who flies with two tails. O’Shaughnessy reprises her role as Tails’ voice in a guest appearance.     
  6. Rory McCann plays The Buyer, a former henchman of Doctor Robotnik who’s the primary villain in the Knuckles series. McCann creates a comical maniacal villain who’s after Knuckles’ power.

How to create characters like Knuckles the Echidna

1. Create characters with complexity 

Knuckles from Sonic is a complicated character who feels things more deeply than he lets on. These personality layers allow for unexpected emotional reactions that keep audiences guessing his next move. When creating animated personalities, consider your character’s psyche and motivations – what are their fears, triggers, or insecurities? Emotional struggles and triumphs are what make them unforgettable.

2. Write a compelling backstory

The Knuckles Sonic characters have unique stories that shape their perspective. Wade Whipple was abandoned by his father, fueling his insecurities, while Knuckles the Hedgehog lacks social skills due to his isolated life on Angel Island, guarding the Master Emerald. Using themes of wise mentors, abandonment, or isolation to write backstories for your animated characters helps create personalities that audiences can relate to. 

3. Design with purpose

Every visual element in the Knuckles TV show reflects the storyline and characters’ personalities, like how the seven dreadlock-like spines on Knuckle’s head move as he runs or how Sonic stands with his hands on his hips once he realizes something important. When creating animated characters, you can use specific designs like noticeable scars to suggest a troubled past or vibrant colors to indicate an outgoing personality. 

4. Cast voices with pizazz 

Idris Elba and Ben Schwartz use their vocal skills to reveal the tiny nuances of their characters’ emotions. Whether it’s Sonic’s child-like whine of joy, Knuckles deep growls when angry, or his triumphant shout when he’s happy. When casting voice actors, choose styles and tones that capture your character’s spirit, making them natural and lifelike. So, if you’re in the market for a pro voice actor – browse thousands of unique gaming vocal styles on Voice123. 

Knuckles TV show: The power of voice in animation

Knuckles TV show

To create iconic Knuckles Sonic animated characters, you need jaw-dropping vocal talent that matches your character’s personality and emotions. So, you must know what makes your character tick—their goals, fears, and achievements. It helped Idris Elba adjust his tone and intonation to draw out Knuckles’ strong sense of duty, loyalty, and sometimes naive yet courageous nature. Vocal chemistry is also crucial, especially for characters with significant relationships in the story. Although Adam Pally actually stars opposite a puppet, his on-screen chemistry with Knuckles creates a touching buddy comedy style where both co-stars bring out the best in each other’s performances

Final Thoughts

The Knuckles series is more than just animated entertainment; it’s a world where every character has a heart, and every voice tells a unique story. So, whether you’re a Knuckles from Sonic fan or just seeking inspiration for your animation projects, the Knuckles TV show proves that skilled voice actors can transform any fictional character into a timeless icon. 

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It’s time to laugh or cry with the unforgettable Knuckles from Sonic!


Is Knuckles getting a TV series?

The 6-episode Knuckles TV series was released on streaming service Paramount+ on April 26, 2024.  

Where can I watch the Knuckles series?

The Knuckles TV series is available for streaming on Paramount+ as of April 26, 2024.

Who is the villain in the Knuckles show?

The villain in Knuckles is The Buyer, played by Rory McCann. He’s a former henchman of Doctor Robotnik who wants Knuckles’ power.

What happened to Knuckles?

When Robotnik betrays Knuckles and leaves him and Sonic to die in an underwater temple, Sonic and Knuckles work together to escape until Tails rescues them in a biplane.


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