Voiceovers: how to post your projects for free on Voice123!

Voice123 helps you to create successful connections with voiceovers or voice actors through our unique matching system – and yes: you can post your voice over projects for free to hire voice over artists. In this how-to guide, you’ll learn how to post a voice over project for free on Voice123 to get customized auditions or related samples so you can find the perfect voice for your project.

How to proceed when you want to hire a voice over artist: 

  • Post a project.
  • The Voice123 algorithm will invite voice actors that match your criteria, and you can also manually invite voice actors via the search feature. 
  • Voice actors will then submit their proposals.
  • Listen to the auditions/proposals, and remember to like your favorites.
  • Finally, book a voiceover / voice actor to make the final recording.

Follow these steps to post your voice over project – for free 

Step 1: Voiceover / Voice Actor Requirements

Select the language/s you need your voice overs in

Our system will only invite voice actors who match this requirement. If you need one who can perform in multiple languages, turn on the toggle for ‘must perform in all the languages selected’. Keep in mind that it will take a little longer to find and hire voiceovers / voice actors.

Select the voice gender and age


Step 2: Work Details

• Input the recording length

If you’re unsure, try to estimate. You can choose from seconds, minutes, hours, words and pages. While you can also choose ‘To be defined,’ we recommend you give your chosen voice actors an idea of the duration to speed up the selection process.

Choose the recording and delivery options for your voiceovers

This is how you’ll receive the auditions/proposals from voice actors. The most common – and preferred – option is digital delivery. You can learn more about the other delivery options available here.

Confirm if you need additional services

Many voiceovers / voice actors have complementary skills you can make use of for your project. For example, some offer translation, writing or full production services. Select the additional options here. 


Step 3: Casting Options for voiceovers

Select the number of auditions/proposals you’d like to receive

This is an estimated number that the system will use to invite voice actors.

Would you like a custom audition?

Attach, copy/paste, or type in your project script. We recommend you only provide a section of your script for voice actors to read. While you’re welcome to provide the script in its entirety, voice actors won’t read more than a paragraph or so for an audition. Alternatively, you can select send me related samples and voice actors will then submit audio samples of their previous work. 

Set a project deadline for your voiceovers

You’ll probably start receiving audition recordings within an hour or two – maybe sooner. Depending on your needs and production schedule, determine a cutoff time or date for receiving auditions/proposals. You can choose from hours or days. You can also extend or close your project at any time.


Step 4: Money Matters for voiceovers

Include a budget

We have four budget options that you can choose from:

  1. Fixed: A set amount. 
  2. Up to: An amount that’s flexible up to the maximum you set.
  3. Looking for a quote: Voice actors will quote a price based on industry rates. Please include details such as where the recording will be used, how long it will be used there, and the length of the recording to help them provide as accurate a quote as possible. 
  4. Zero budget: If your project is non-profit and related to ongoing COVID-19 efforts, NGOs, students or simply for practice, you can make use of this option. 

What is the Secure Payment option?

By selecting the secure payment option, you are letting voice actors know you’re open to using Voice123’s Secure Payment functionality to complete payment for this project. This is a safe and trusted option that allows Voice123 to act as a bond between voice talent and client and protects both parties. Learn more about how it works and its benefits here


Step 5: Project Details:

Add a project name

Choose a meaningful name that will give voice actors an overview of the project and help you keep track if you have multiple projects happening at the same time. For example, “Female narrator, 30-second product commercial”.

Write the project description

This is where you can include all the details about your project such as: 

  • Additional terms
  • Delivery directions 
  • Accent 
  • Tone and style
  • Do’s and Don’ts 

For example, “VO Talent Info:  We are interested in Adult female voices, speaking North American English. This is a product video, not a mainstage video, so no drama is needed. Please use your natural voice.

Direction for sample read: Professional and friendly. Aim for a relaxed tone, like you’re having a conversation. Maybe smile during your read for an optimistic tone. Friendly is good, but “salesy” is bad. The script gets a bit technical, but the audience ‘gets it’ so going for a conversational vibe usually helps things sound sincere.

Confirm the usage of the voiceover recording 

Try to give as much detail as possible here: How long will you be using the recording? Where will it be shared? What is the audience size?  For example: “We need a voiceover for a 30-second promo that will be used on our company website and social media for 3 months”.

• Click submit to start receiving proposals from voice actors!


Ready to post a project?


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