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Voice dubbing: How to hire voice actors for dubbing projects

Voice dubbing connects people through the comfort and familiarity of their language. The same production can reach and relate to millions of people, the only difference being the language. So, you can play Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection with French voice over dubbing or watch Naruto – the most popular dubbed Anime in America – in English. 

At Voice123 – where you’ll find fantastic audio dubbing voice actors – we’ve got all the insights you need to help you hire incredible voice actors for your dubbing projects. Here, we’ll explore how to hire voice actors for different types of voice dubbing and tips to help you work effectively with dubbing voice actors. 

Are you ready to transform words into unforgettable performances?

What is voice dubbing? 

voice dubbing

Voice dubbing is a post-production process where the original audio track is replaced with a voice over recording of the same script but in a different language for films, TV shows, video games, anime, or short-form videos. Voice actors for dubbing have to match the original actors’ tone, style, and intonation to create emotional flow and impact that synchronizes with the video footage. Dubbing breaks down language barriers by globalizing entertainment and localizing content. For example, Disney’s Frozen was dubbed into 41 languages, while The Chosen, now available in 50 languages, holds the record for the most dubbed show ever made

Now, let’s get into our complete guide to hiring dubbing voice actors.

How to hire voice actors for dubbing projects 

Film & TV

Start by defining the roles that need dubbing and identify the vocal qualities, accents, tone, and style required for each character. Next, post your project on Voice123 and detail your project requirements and direction notes for voice actors. You can include a portion of your script to get custom auditions or review-related samples from voice actors. When reviewing auditions, focus on how well the voice actor matches the original character’s voice style, emotion, and personality.  


Voice actors for anime dubbing need energetic voices to match the original characters’ vibrant pitch and tempo. Anime projects also feature dynamic storytelling with different kinds of screams, yells, and high-pitched voices to capture intense emotions and fast-paced action. So, look for voice actors with experience in anime projects and a wide range of vocal abilities to bring the characters to life.

Video games

Voice over dubbing for video games is an art. The voice actors must convey different emotions and sound effects, sometimes all in one scene, which includes grunts, shouts, groans, and even dialogue. Like how actress Keeley Hawes records Tomb Raider sound effects. So, consistency and vocal resilience are essential to maintain the character’s voice style throughout the game. 

Short-form video productions

Dubbing voice actors for documentaries, educational videos, and corporate presentations must be versatile, expressive, clear, dynamic, efficient, and creative. That’s because they must adapt their performance to suit various tones—whether educational, persuasive, or informational. So, look for voice actors with a high level of vocal control and delivery and a good understanding of the project. 

So, now that you know what to look for in dubbing voice actors, here’s how to hire them through Voice123.

How to hire voice actors for dubbing on Voice123

You can hire voice actors for dubbing projects on Voice123 by posting a project for free, hiring our Managed Services team to handle your entire project, or using the Voice123 search feature to find a voice actor that matches the tone and style of your project. Here’s more on each option. 

Posting a project:

  • Complete the project details, like language, gender, and age.
  • Upload your script (this is optional), and specify the project.
  • Opt for Voice123 to invite voice actors using our algorithm or manually. 
  • With a script, you’ll receive custom auditions, and without one, voice actors will instead send you related samples from their profiles. 
  • Review the auditions/samples to find the right tone and style.
  • Then hire the voice actor via Voice123’s booking feature and use our Secure Payments to manage your entire transaction.

Managed Services:

  • Send your project requirements to our team for free advice and get a quote.
  • Choose the perfect voice for your project from a curated shortlist put together by our team.
  • Our team will then direct the voice actor, edit, master, and deliver the final recording.
  • Once the voice over is complete, you’ll receive a top-quality recording that’s directed and produced to your specifications.
  • Use our Secure Payments to complete one payment for your project and avoid complications.

Voice123’s search feature:

  • Type in voice dubbing or related keywords into the search filter.
  • Then, you can filter your search by language, voice, gender, and age. 
  • Listen to related samples and read the voice actors’ profiles to understand their vocal style. 

Whichever method you choose, finding a pro is as easy as Voice123

How to effectively work with voice actors for dubbing

voice dubbing
  1. Provide background information: Give the voice actors in-depth details about the project, including the storylines, character bios, and the production’s overall tone. 
  2. Use detailed scripts: Ensure the scripts are detailed with notes for emotions, pauses, and intonation to help the voice actors understand what they must do for each scene.
  3. Hold a pre-recording briefing: Meet before the recording session to discuss the project’s details, address any questions, and run through the script.
  4. Offer continuous feedback: Constructive feedback is essential to achieving the desired performance. Be open and responsive to adjustments and offer specific advice.
  5. Maintain good communication: Keep communication clear and consistent because voice actors may have suggestions or need clarifications. Open dialogue leads to a successful dubbing project.

Final Thoughts

Each voice dubbing project is unique and demands a tailored approach to choosing awesome voice talent. These pros will make your content accessible to international audiences and ensure that your stories leave a lasting impression on viewers. Because working with professional voice actors is critical to connecting with audiences.

So, create your own voice dubbing showstopper with the megastar voice actors on Voice123. Or hire our professional Managed Services to handle your entire project. 

It’s time to enter the dubbing world, where language and emotion collide.


What is voice dubbing?

It is the process of replacing the original audio track with one in another language, matching the original performance’s emotional tone and style.

How do you do voice dubbing?

It involves selecting a suitable voice actor, recording their performance as they match the original footage’s lip movements and emotional delivery, and integrating this new audio track with the visual content.

Is voice acting the same as dubbing?

While both involve performing vocal roles, voice acting can include original character creation and narration, whereas dubbing specifically refers to replacing an existing audio track with a new one in a different language. 

What does dubbing vocals mean?

It typically refers to the process in music production where additional vocal tracks are recorded after the original session to enhance the vocal layering or harmony. In the context of film or TV, it means replacing the original dialogue with a new performance.


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