How do I share the proposals I’ve received?

To share proposals with colleagues or stakeholders, click the < shaped share link at the top right of a project.

You’ll find two options: sharing a selection of your proposals or sharing control of the project with someone else.

To share a selection of proposals and determine what information you want to share:

  1. Use the checkboxes to select the data you want to share:
  • Voice123 Branding
  • Voice actor name and picture
  • Link to the voice actor profile and contact info
  • Price quoted by the voice actor
  • Number of likes of each proposal
  • Reception time of proposals
  • Internal notes
  • Remarks by the voice actors
  • Links to download the audio files
  1. Under Proposals to show select which of the proposals you want to share
  2. Under Order of Proposals, choose how you want it to be ordered
  3. Share the second link at the top under For viewing proposals only

To share control of a Voice123 project:

  1. Make sure the person you’re sharing with has a Voice123 account set up already
  2. Share the first link in the < shaped share link with them
  3. They’ll now be able to control all facets of your project


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