Youtube script templates

Youtube script template: examples to inspire!

Take your videos from “MEH” to “OMG” with the right YouTube script template that helps you create captivating visual stories. And at Voice123, we understand the value of storytelling, especially in videos. So we’re bringing you a new angle with our free script resources; in this post, we’ll discuss what are YouTube script templates and provide sample scripts for YouTube videos to help you knock out future creations. 

It’s time to script your videos to YouTube stardom, one ‘WOW’ at a time!

What is a YouTube Script Template

Youtube script templates

A YouTube script template is a specific video format that helps you structure your video content so it includes necessary elements like an introduction, body, conclusion, dialog section, and visuals. You can customize your YouTube scripts to fit other video details, like music, special effects, and filters, or use the templates to help track what’s being said, by whom, and when. YouTube script templates offer versatile frameworks that creators can customize to suit different content types, saving time and effort. 

The Amazon Saving Sawyer commercial is an excellent example of an ad that follows the YouTube script template. It tells the 90-second story of a family purchasing a kennel from Amazon for their new fur baby. While the video is descriptive in length, it gives you a clearer idea of what a YouTube script should look like with customized content that converts into a shorter commercial or even a YouTube Short. Here are more template examples. 

YouTube script template examples

YouTube script template examples are invaluable tools for creators because they offer a starting point and outline to craft compelling and informative videos. Scripts for Youtube include information like the type of video, the visuals, audio, voice over, dialogue, and direction notes explaining the required reading pace, tone, and vocal style. For example, a Youtube script could say: “Read this explainer video script with a Cortana AI vocal style, or we want this commercial to reflect George Clooney’s classic gentleman style.” Here are three fictional scripts for YouTube explaining the layout and information you should include.

Youtube script template #1:

Video Name: Decimal Software Explainer Video

Direction Notes: We need a Cortana/AI vocal style for this video with a fluent, clear tone to explain the software in an easy-to-understand manner.

Visuals: An opening shot of the Decimal Software dashboard; open the menu showing the different options. Display the profile page, the upload categories, and the About Us page.

Audio Details: Voice over explaining the different steps on the screen with soft background music and an opening theme.

Dialogue Script:

(Female voice with a pleasant, helpful tone)

“Welcome to Decimal Software, where we meet all your workflow management needs. You can create a workflow from the navigation menu, import existing projects, and create teams or channels.”

“The profile page allows you to customize the software to your specific needs by providing tools with information about your business. The upload categories will enable you to add various projects to the dashboard to create detailed breakdowns of tasks to complete and deadlines to keep your project on track.”

“Finally, you’ll find ways to become part of our story on the About Us page.

Thank you for choosing to work with Decimal.”

Youtube script template #2

Video Name: Eco-Fit Promo Video

Direction Notes: We need an inspiring vocal style for this voice over, something like Lebron James, to encourage viewers to reach their fitness goals.

Visuals: The opening shots feature people at a gym with a person using an Eco-Fit treadmill but end with them standing triumphantly in front of the machines. Show the price of the equipment, any discounts, and where consumers can buy it.  

Audio Details: Strong voice over with vibrant exercise music playing in the background. 

Dialogue Script:

(Mature male voice with a robust, determined tone)

“Power. Strength. Courage. Determination.”

“You can be a leader, a trendsetter, and a game-changer. You can make your own rules.”

“With Eco-Fit, you can beat your best. Get stronger, faster, and tougher. “

“Join the next generation of changemakers at Eco-Fit. Visit to sign-up for a free trial today.”

Youtbe script template #3

Video Name: The View Podcast Product Launch

Direction Notes: We need a friendly, humorous voice over for this video introducing a new podcast, something like a Spiderman vocal style that’s witty and natural.

Visuals: A series of animation-style shots of the podcast, people in front of a microphone, the name of the podcast, and the streaming services where audiences can listen to it.  

Audio Details: Strong voice over with catchy pop-style music in the beginning and end. 

Dialogue Script:

(Friendly voice with a natural, funny tone)

“Behind every success, there’s a story. And now we’re bringing those stories to you.”

“The View is a brand-new podcast showcasing inspiring success stories worldwide.”

“The View – coming soon to all your favorite podcasting platforms!”

How to Write an Effective YouTube Script Template

Youtube script templates

First, to write an effective Youtube Script template script, identify the type of Youtube script you must write; is it a commercial, a promo, or an about us video? Then you can tailor the script to the specific video. It’s also important to consider the target audience, your script’s tone, and the video’s overall message. Once you have a clear idea of the structure and content of the video, you can begin writing the script. Scripts for YouTube should be concise and to the point, including all of the critical ideas you want to get across. 

  • Establish the overall goal of the video. What do you want your viewers to take away from the video? 
  • Include a brief introduction that outlines the topic and provides some context. 
  • Break the information into sections and end with a solid call to action.
  • Choose visuals, graphics, and sound effects that will enhance your content.
  • Ensure each section of your script is concise and easy to follow. 
  • Hire a professional voice actor from Voice123 to bring your YouTube script together.

Final thoughts on Youtube scripts

YouTube script templates are a great way to ensure your videos are well-structured and engaging. So when writing scripts for YouTube, remember to keep them concise, use striking visuals, and a conversational tone, ensuring they reflect your message and brand. With the right approach, you can create a compelling and engaging YouTube script template to help reach your audience and make a lasting impression.

And when you’re ready to add a voice to your YouTube scripts, you can get everything you need from the voice actors on Voice123!

It’s time to wow your audiences with the best YouTube scripts! 


What is a YouTube Script Template?

A YouTube Script Template is a document that outlines the structure of a YouTube video, like scene descriptions and dialogue for each character, as well as graphics, transitions, and music.

How do I write an effective YouTube Script Template?

Writing an effective YouTube Script Template begins with understanding the purpose of the video. You can then plan the scenes, dialogue, and visual elements to create an engaging and entertaining video.

What elements should I include in my YouTube Script Template?

Your YouTube Script Template should include a structure for the video, scene descriptions, dialogue, and any special effects or other elements that you want to have in the video.


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