How does the bookings feature work for clients?

The bookings feature enables clients to hire voice actors quickly and securely via the Voice123 platform. The bookings feature works in two ways. The first option allows clients to hire a voice actor from their audition. The second way is through direct bookings from a voice actor’s profile page. Here’s more on each option.

How to hire a voice actor via their audition for your project?

  1. Open the voice actor’s proposal for your project and click Book Now
  2. Add your project information, script, and any direction notes for the voice actor. 
  3. Toggle the switch if you’d like to use Voice123’s secure payment feature. 
  4. Click Request Booking or Submit at the bottom of the form.

How to hire a voice actor through the bookings feature?

You can click Book Now on the voice actor’s profile, on their proposal, or in your messages to hire them for your project. You can also hire voice actors through our Instant quote feature, available on the search page. To hire a voice actor through the instant quote feature, the voice actor must have a fixed rate set on their profile. These rates are based on script length and audience size, allowing clients to get instant quotes on how much the voice actor will charge for the project.

You can think of the booking system as the mission command center for your voice over project:

  • It allows you to get quality voice overs quickly and securely. 
  • When you book your chosen voice actor, all the other voice actors who auditioned for your project are notified that you have completed your project. 
  • With the Voice123 platform, you can keep your messages, files, and agreements safely in one place.
  • You can avoid cross-border hassles and miscommunication by using Voice123’s Secure Payment services. 
  • If you need help, our teams are here for anything and everything! Reach out to us at

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Voice123 Search Portal to preview quotes and book the best voices for your projects!


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