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Types of videos for marketing and how to make them

The first step to creating top-tier digital content is understanding the different types of video and how they appeal to audiences especially since media today is a versatile landscape of clicks, likes, and subscribers. But in business, that either translates to a ‘Nah, not interested’ or a ‘Wow, I need that in my life!’ So, the ultimate goal is to use a camera as a paintbrush and pixels as a canvas to create a masterpiece customers will watch, like, and re-share. 

At Voice123, we believe video and audio content are the backbone of effective communication and organizational trust. So, in this post, we’ll discuss the most common types of videos and 8 of the best types of YouTube videos and marketing videos for your brand. 

From pixels to perfection, it’s time to transform your brand message into shareable content!

Common types of videos


The most common types of videos are vlogs offering personal insights, how-to guides focusing on skill development, comedy sketches for entertainment, product reviews/demos that help with informed purchases, travel diaries for adventure seekers, gaming content for enthusiasts, music videos that captivate with rhythm and visuals, and Q&A sessions and live streaming that create interactive audience experiences.

Depending on the industry, other types of videos can include corporate presentations, training videos, testimonials, case studies, event coverage, company culture videos, internal communication, and customer support. For example, HubSpot’s company culture gives audiences a glimpse into the company’s values and working environment through interviews, office tours, and storytelling. Apple – Real Stories – Apple Watch is another example of a customer testimonial video featuring real people sharing their experiences and how the product positively impacted their lives. 

Now, let’s look at a few different types of YouTube videos and various types of marketing videos to kickstart your next digital campaigns

8 types of YouTube videos

  • Instructional videos 
  • Company culture videos 
  • Leadership and expert opinion videos
  • Case studies and testimonials 
  • Training and onboarding videos
  • Webinars and live-streaming events 
  • Customer support FAQ videos
  • CSR Initiatives and community involvement videos


Instructional videos

Instructional videos teach audiences about topics, processes, or skills related to a company’s products or services. A software company can create videos guiding users through their product’s various features and functionalities. 

Company culture videos

Company culture videos offer a glimpse into a company’s internal workings, culture, values, and team dynamics. Corporate vlogs can show a day in the life of employees, office tours, or interviews with team members sharing their work experiences.

Leadership and expert opinion videos

Leadership and opinion videos establish a company’s authority in its industry by sharing insights, opinions, and expertise on relevant topics. A financial services firm can create videos with experts discussing market trends, investment strategies, or economic analysis.

Case studies and testimonials

Case studies and testimonial videos highlight successful projects, client success stories, or testimonials that draw attention to a company’s expertise and credibility. Companies can feature satisfied clients discussing their positive experiences and outcomes after using specific services or products.

Training and onboarding videos

Onboarding videos can facilitate employee training and onboarding processes or educate stakeholders about specific company policies or procedures. A corporate training video can outline compliance guidelines, safety protocols, or new employee orientation.

Webinars and live-streaming events

Webinars and event videos engage audiences in real-time and host live events, seminars, or workshops to interact with clients or employees. A company can host live webinars discussing industry trends, new product launches, or interactive Q&A sessions with industry experts.

Customer support FAQ videos

Faq videos provide solutions to common customer queries or offer troubleshooting tips for using the company’s products or services. Videos can address frequently asked questions about a product or service and demonstrate solutions step-by-step.

CSR Initiatives and community involvement videos

Corporate social responsibility videos can showcase a company’s community involvement or philanthropic activities. Videos can document company-sponsored charity events, environmental conservation efforts, or community outreach programs.


How to make different types of YouTube videos with voice overs


First, select a theme and style to match your type of YouTube video, whether it’s a tutorial, vlog, product review, or educational piece. Second, write a uniquely compelling narrative or dialogue that enhances your video’s tone and style. Third, use video footage, images, animations, text overlays, or graphics that enrich your voice over’s storytelling. Fourth, professional platforms like Voice123 house talented voice actors with diverse tones, styles, and accents, so choose a voice actor whose vocal qualities align with your brand and video content.  


8 types of marketing videos

  • Broadcast videos
  • Recruitment description videos
  • Conference recap videos
  • Investor or financial reporting videos
  • Safety training videos
  • Whiteboard animation explainers
  • Productivity and workflow optimization guides
  • Interactive virtual tours

  • Broadcast videos

Broadcast videos share important news, updates, or messages from a company’s leadership with employees or other stakeholders. A multinational corporation can create videos to announce quarterly results or strategic changes in the company structure.

  • Recruitment description videos

Recruitment videos attract potential candidates by showcasing the company culture, job roles, and career opportunities. A tech startup can release videos about their workplace environment, employee testimonials, and benefits to attract top talent.

  • Conference recap videos

Recap videos summarize vital moments and takeaways from corporate events, conferences, or seminars. A marketing agency can create videos of industry summits, highlighting keynote speakers and networking sessions.

  • Investor or financial reporting videos

These videos present financial performance, growth strategies, and business plans to potential investors or shareholders. A startup can create videos showcasing its unique value proposition and market potential.

  • Safety training videos

Training videos educate employees about workplace safety measures, emergency procedures, and regulatory compliance. A manufacturing company can produce videos demonstrating the proper handling of machinery and safety protocols.

  • Whiteboard animation explainers


These explainer-type videos simplify complex corporate concepts, methodologies, or strategies through engaging visual narratives. A consulting firm can use these videos to explain advanced financial strategies or the implementation of complex digital transformation processes. 

  • Productivity and workflow optimization guides

These guides focus on actionable tips and methodologies designed to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and optimize resource management. An enterprise software company can develop video guides to demonstrate software tools that automate tasks and streamline project management. 

  • Interactive virtual tours 

Virtual tours offer immersive experiences of corporate facilities, emphasizing infrastructure, technological advancements, and capabilities. A technology corporation can create tours of its research and development labs, showcasing cutting-edge innovations in AI and robotics. 


How to make different types of marketing videos with voice overs


First, craft a compelling script that clearly communicates your brand’s message. Second, choose visuals like video clips, animations, or images that align with your narrative. Third, hire a professional voice actor to record a voice over with the right tone to captivate your audience. Fourth, gather feedback from a sample audience before finalizing the video; this way, you can edit or revise the content to ensure the final version resonates with the intended audience.

Common video file formats

Common video file formats are MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, and FLV. MP4 is a popular option due to its compatibility with various devices and platforms, including smartphones, computers, and TVs. It also supports audio, video, and text. AVI (Audio Video Interleave) was introduced by Microsoft and uses a process called interleaving to store audio and video data in a single file for synchronized playback. AVI video formats are simple and offer high-quality audio. MOV format is native to Apple’s QuickTime Player, providing high-quality video and audio but with larger file sizes. WMV (Windows Media Video) was designed by Microsoft for streaming applications and has smaller file sizes, making it ideal for internet use. FLV (Flash Video) format is used to embed videos onto web pages. So, each of these formats has its strengths and weaknesses, and the choice between them often depends on the specific types of videos you’re producing.


Final thoughts on types of videos 

So, whether you’re making short, snappy explainer videos or longer, in-depth company culture videos, it’s vital to choose the best types of videos for your brand, which includes suitable YouTube and marketing videos. Examples of the best types of videos include broadcasts, recruitment descriptions, conference recaps, investor or financial reporting videos, safety training, whiteboard animation explainers, productivity and workflow optimization guides, and interactive virtual tours.  

So, once you’ve decided on the best types of videos for your brand, you can move on to a superb voice over for your video. Choose a talented voice from the professionals on Voice123, or hire our Managed Services, who oversee your entire voice over project.


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FAQs on video marketing

These are live events, corporate videos, marketing and advertising, film and TV, and online video production.

Video is the recording, editing, and displaying of moving visual images, while common types of video are entertainment videos, educational videos, marketing videos, live streaming videos, and social media videos.

Some video-type examples are explainer videos, which describe products, services, or concepts using animation, infographics, live-action, and graphics.

These are full-motion videos, animated or computer-generated videos, and interactive videos.


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