FAQs: Project auditions

How do I invite additional voice actors to my project?

The easiest way to invite additional voice actors to your project is to use the Invite tab on your project, so you can ensure that the voice actor you invited matches your project. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Click the Invite tab at the top of your project
  2. Use the button below the search bar to filter voice actors by keywords or to select favorites.
  3. Click Invite to Project.
  4. If they haven’t already been invited, a message will display that the voice actor has been invited to your project. 

Another way to invite additional voice actors to your project is through their profiles. 

  1. Find the voice actor you want to invite and open their profile.
  2. Above their samples, click Invite to Project. 
  3. Select your project from the drop-down menu.  
  4. Click Invite to Submit Proposal. 
  5. The voice actor will then get an invitation to your project.

You can also invite your own voice actors who are not part of the Voice123 platform to audition for your project. 

  1. Click the Invite tab at the top of your project
  2. In the blue box at the top, click Copy Link to Clipboard.
  3. Paste the link and whatever message you’d like to send to a voice actor.

Why am I not receiving auditions?

A project might not receive proposals due to an error in the project. Please contact our Client Services team for assistance at help@voice123.com to identify why the proposals are not working and how to fix the problem. 

How do I find a specific voice actor I hired before?

You can find a specific voice actor you hired before by using our search feature to enter the voice actor’s name or any keywords you remember from their profile.

On your client dashboard, you can also view a list of liked proposals and the voice actors you recently booked. You can access the client dashboard by: 

  1. Visiting https://voice123.com/dashboard/home, or
  2. Clicking on the Voice123 Home icon on the menu on the left-hand side of the page.

You can also add voice actors that you like and might want to use again to your favorites list so you can have easy access to their profiles in the future.

If you still have trouble finding a specific voice actor, please message our Customer Success team at help@voice123.com.

How do I rate a proposal I liked?

If you really like a proposal and you feel that it’s a good match for what you need, you can rate the proposal you like by using the thumb-shaped button to give it a thumbs up. 

Rating a proposal you like will not only make it easier for you to find that particular proposal in your inbox, but you can give each proposal up to five likes allowing you to filter your shortlist of proposals and tier the candidates. 

This new way of rating proposals is a replacement for the star system, as that system was easily misinterpreted by both the system and voice actors.

How long do I have to wait before my project receives proposals?

You might have to wait a few hours before your project receives proposals. After you complete the project form, the information received is processed, and the system starts sending invitations to our Premium members.

The extent of your project information and how motivated voice actors are to submit their proposals can influence the waiting period for proposals. So please ensure you provide information on the final usage of the audio, a reasonable budget, a good project description, etc. Because comprehensive detail allows voice actors to fully understand what they’re quoting for and agreeing to record. 

If you haven’t received any proposals from voice actors after several hours, please contact help@voice123.com 

How do I notify voice actors that I have already hired someone?

The best way to notify voice actors that you’ve already hired someone else for your project is to create a booking with your selected voice actor:

  1. Click Book Now next to the voice actor’s proposal.
  2. Add your details, script, and direction notes.
  3. Toggle the switch if you’d like to pay securely via Voice123, and click Submit.

When you create a booking on Voice123, voice actors who auditioned will see the caption “Project completed with a Booking” on your project. So they’ll know that someone else has been selected. 

You can also choose to message each voice actor individually. Voice123 keeps your previous message ready as a template so you can send a similar message to all the voice actors that you want to contact.

No time to compose a message? Don’t worry. We know you’re busy, and voice actors know too. They usually expect that if they don’t hear from a client within a week, then it’s likely that another voice actor has been selected. 

How do I close and fulfill a project?

If you have received a sufficient number of proposals, you can close and fulfill a project by clicking the 3 dots in the top right and then the Stop Receiving Proposals button that will prevent you from receiving any more proposals.

To hire a voice actor, you can create a direct booking from the proposal of your choice or contact the voice actor that you’ve selected directly from their profile.


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