Podcast intro scripts and how to write them

How do you write podcast intro scripts that hook your listener’s attention within seconds of your podcast intro? Well, With our free voice over script resources, you can discover how to write a podcast intro script that captivates your audience and ensures that they stay tuned to the rest of your podcast. As an authority on voice acting, Voice123 brings you the latest creative inspiration for mesmerizing podcast intro scripts in 2024! 

It’s time to grab your airpods and explore the best podcast intro scripts!

What are podcast intro scripts? 

Podcast intro scripts are written outlines of the opening segment of a podcast, which usually includes the podcast’s name, the host’s name, and a brief podcast description that’s used to set the tone of the episode, introduce listeners to the podcast and hosts, and provide a consistent opener that regular listeners come to recognize. To hook listeners, podcast intros also include catchy jingles, taglines, sound effects, and information like host and guest introductions or even a question to catch audiences’ attention.

To maximize the first few seconds/minutes of your podcast intro, put yourself in the AirPods of your listeners. They’ve tuned in to your episode to get something out of it. So, how could your intro spotlight the content in a way that appeals to listeners? Essentially, telling them, ‘This is what you need to hear.’ The Daily’s podcast does a good job of introducing the host with catchy background music and then dives straight into the current topic, all within the first 20 seconds. So, the key is to make a podcast intro that hooks listeners quickly. This will also contribute to promoting a podcast that draws in listeners.

To get started on writing your own intros, here are three fictional podcast intro script examples.

Podcast intro script examples

Podcast intro scripts #1

Genre: True Crime

Intro Script:

“Welcome to Unsolved Mysteries, the podcast that takes you deep into the heart of history’s most chilling, true crime stories. I’m your host, Alex Monroe, and I’ll be guiding you through the dimly lit corridors of the past.”

“Each week, we dig deep, unearthing forgotten crimes and undying legends that continue to haunt us. So switch off the lights, lean in, and listen closely because nothing is as it seems in the world of true crime. Stay with us as we unravel the truth of another unsolved mystery.”. 

Play the opening theme song.

If you’re hiring a voice actor for a script similar to this, then you’ll need to add direction notes telling the voice actor that you need a voice that’s mysterious to create suspense.

Direction Notes: We need a voice that’s captivating and engaging, with an element of suspense and intrigue, to maintain a sense of mystery. Something like Phoebe Judge’s vocal style for her podcast ‘Criminal.’

Podcast intro scripts #2:

Genre: Business 

Intro Script: 

“How’s it going, everybody? This is Charlie from Impact, the podcast that showcases how small business owners are changing the world.” 

“Today, we’re talking to John from XYZ, and he’s going to share his secrets to success. So grab your coffee, and let’s go!”

Play the opening theme music.

If you’re hiring a voice actor for a script similar to this, then you’ll need to add direction notes explaining that you need a relaxed, easy-going vocal style.

Direction Notes: We need a voice actor with a friendly and engaging tone that’s warm and enthusiastic, putting the interviewees at ease and showing genuine interest in the business owners. Something like Paul Rudd’s upbeat vocal style.

Podcast intro scripts #3:

Genre: Sports Analysis

Intro Script: 

“Welcome to Game Time, your premier source for all things sports. I’m your host, Chris Courtside. In this episode, we’ll be your sideline pass to the most thrilling moments, in-depth analysis, and exclusive interviews in the NBA.”

“So, whether you’re a casual fan or a dedicated sports enthusiast, buckle up for an exhilarating ride into the heart of the sporting world!”

Play the opening theme music.

If you’re hiring a voice actor for a script similar to this, you’ll need to add direction notes for the voice actors to use an energetic vocal style resembling a sports commentator. 

Direction Notes: We want a voice actor with a vibrant, energetic tone and a diverse vocal range to reflect the intensity and highs and lows of the sporting events covered in this podcast. Something like a Chris Evans vocal style.

So, now that you know the format for podcast intro scripts let’s discuss some tips on how to write a podcast intro script

How to write a podcast intro script

You can write a podcast intro script by following these eight steps:

podcast intro scripts
  1. Start with a hook.
  2. Introduce the podcast.
  3. Describe the show.
  4. Welcome the hosts.
  5. Include a call to action.
  6. Use a catchy tagline.
  7. Add any necessary disclaimers.
  8. Hire a professional voice actor.

Here’s more on each step.

1. Start with a hook

Begin with a catchy statement or question that immediately grabs listeners’ attention and makes them want to hear more. This could be a thought-provoking question, a surprising fact, or a brief anecdote. You could also mention sponsors like ‘This show is/was brought to you by _____.’ 

2. Introduce the podcast

Next, introduce the name of your podcast. This should be done to reinforce your brand and communicate the podcast’s tone and style. 

3. Describe the show

Provide a brief, clear, and engaging description of what your podcast is about. Focus on conveying the value or entertainment your podcast offers the listener.

4. Welcome the hosts

Briefly introduce yourself and any fellow hosts, explaining why you’re qualified or passionate about this subject matter.

5. Include a call-to-action

End your intro with a call-to-action. Ask your listeners to subscribe, share, or engage with you on social media. 

6. Use a catchy tagline

This could be a catchphrase or slogan that captures the gist of your show, like “A podcast that helps you triple your website traffic.” 

7. Add any necessary disclaimers

Declare any info you want listeners to know in advance. This American life declares in some episodes, “A quick warning: there are curse words that are unbeeped in today’s episode.” 

8. Hire a professional voice actor 

Hire a professional voice actor from Voice123 to introduce your podcast episodes. These pros can create a  positive impression and entice your audience to stay tuned for the rest of the podcast.

To make your podcast intro even more effective, you can brand your show with unique music/sound effects to make episodes recognizable. Here’s more on how to choose the right intro music for podcasts.

How to choose the right intro music for podcasts

Here are three ways to choose the right intro music for podcasts that enhance the value of your content; the music/tune/sound effects should: 

  1. Fit your brand. If your product is a video game, would your audience expect to hear Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake? Probably not. So, use music that maintains the tone and personality of your podcast. 
  2. Start at the right moment: Use the middle of a track instead of the beginning because it doesn’t have a slower, longer build-up. You can also create memorable jingles to keep your brand in your listener’s heads! Like Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty (now we know that’s in your head).
  3. Highlight and don’t distract from the content. Intro music for podcasts is an excellent accompaniment to a voice over, so avoid loud, overpowering music or sounds unless they fit your brand and target audience. Can you hear me now, may work for Verizon but may not have the same effect in a podcast intro. 

How to end your podcast intro

You should end your podcast by tying your intro with your outro; you can include a recap of the episode’s main points, your signature sign-off, and an actionable CTA. So, if you were interviewing an animator about new technology or software, you could end with a question about where listeners can access this new tech. 

And everyone likes to be appreciated. So, since your listeners have stuck with you from start to end, why not thank them for taking time out of their busy day to hear you out? Next, ask your listeners to do something besides your regular CTA, like 

  • Leave a review or comment on a social media platform.
  • Join a social media community.
  • Buy merchandise, memberships, or courses. 
  • Look out for your next episode by providing the release date.

Final thoughts on podcast intro scripts

podcast intro scripts

And there you have it! How to write podcast intro scripts that answer the question: “Why should I listen to this show?” So, be sure to include the podcast’s name, title, episode number, and a catchy jingle that gets listeners strumming the beat on their steering wheel while stuck in traffic or humming at their desks.

And since there’s nothing like a professional voiceover to make your already awesome podcast intros even more catchy, head over to Voice123 to choose a voice actor. Or you can use our Managed Services and get our team to handle your project from start to finish.


What is a podcast intro?

A podcast intro is the first opening seconds or minutes of a podcast episode that gives listeners a brief overview of the content, and it can include taglines, sound effects, introductions, or questions to catch audiences’ attention.

How to make podcast intros?

To write a captivating podcast intro, start with a brief, engaging hook to grab the listener’s attention; follow this with the title of your podcast and your name or the host’s name; provide a concise summary of what listeners can expect from the episode or the podcast as a whole; and finally, add music or sound effects to set the mood and keep the listeners hooked.

How to end your podcast?

You should end your podcast with a recap of the episode’s main points, your signature sign-off, and an actionable CTA for audiences to follow.


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