FAQs on Bookings and Payments

On Voice123, you have the option of using our Booking and Secure Payment service or just the Payment service. 

This means that if you’ve already contacted a voice actor and just need to pay them, you can go to your messages and click on the ‘Pay’ button. 

We’re making cross-border payments easier, faster, and more secure!

When should you use Bookings?

  • If you want to manage your project on Voice123 and keep everything in one place: the script, the recording, the terms and conditions, the payment, and your communication with the voice actor. 
  • If you need a thorough communication tool where you can ask questions, negotiate, agree on terms, and direct voice actors.  
  • If it’s the first time you’re working with a particular voice actor and you’re unsure about the quality, or delivery, or if you would just like to be protected in case you’re not satisfied with the final recording. 

Remember that you can still pay the voice actor through Voice123’s Secure Payment service even when you book! 

When should you use Payments?

  • If you’re already communicating with a voice actor via Messages on Voice123 or your own channels, and the voice actor has already delivered the recording and knows about your pending payment. 
  • If you need to make an additional payment for any reason, such as extended usage, revisions, or pick-ups.

What happens when you complete a payment?

If the voice actor accepts the payment, there’s no further action needed from you! Our Finance team will release your payment in keeping with the voice actor’s preferred payment method. 

If the voice actor declines the payment, we will keep your funds as credit for future payments or refund them to you. 

What happens if you need a refund?

It’s up to you to confirm that the payment is ready for release to the voice actor before you complete it. When the voice actor accepts the payment, our Finance team releases the funds to the voice actor within 24 hours. After this, Voice123 can mediate and help you through the process, but it will be up to the voice actor to refund you. 

We are, however, aware that there might be some special cases and unforeseen scenarios. Please let us know about your specific situation by reaching out to help@voice123.com.


If you’d like to set up Voice123 in your vendor system, ask questions, or discuss bulk payments, or custom payment options, reach out to us at help@voice123.com, and we’ll be happy to assist!


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