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Client insights from the Voice123 voice over website!

Voice123 is the first and foremost online voice over marketplace that connects clients with professional voice over talent. From January to June 2022, clients chose the Voice123 voice over website to fill over 47, 000 voice over roles. Here are some key client insights from January to June, 2022 – to help you navigate Voice123 and make the best possible use of the platform for all your voice over needs!

Client insights: Voice123 Casting projects

Voice123 casting projects are free to submit. Receiving auditions is free too. You only pay for the services of the voice actor you hire – and many of them offer much more than just providing you with a pristine, professional voice recording.

Most commonly requested data points from January to June 2022

Turnaround time for receiving auditions: 24 hours

What does that mean for you?

Whether you need voice over auditions in 1 week or 1 day, you’ll be able to get responses from voice actors within hours!

Budget type: 73% of projects offered a fixed or flexible budget, 24% requested voice actors to send voice over quotes and 3% were zero budget endeavors.

What does that mean for you?

While you can request voice actors to quote for your project, most clients choose to allocate a fixed or flexible budget to their project.

Number of auditions: 25 

What does that mean for you?

When you post a project, you can select to receive between 5 or 50 auditions – the choice is yours!

Audition type: Pre-recorded voice over samples.

What does that mean for you?

If you don’t have a custom script, voice actors can send audio samples that relate as closely as possible to what you need for your project instead. Learn more. 

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Client insights: Voice123 Bookings

The Voice123 booking feature is the easiest and fastest way to hire voice actors. That’s why 81% of bookings were created by returning clients who continue using this feature to hire their chosen voice actors – with a 98% success rate! You can also enable the Voice123 Secure Payment system. This is where Voice123 acts as a bond for transactions between you as a client and the voice actors you choose.

Clients enjoy using the booking and secure payment service because:

  1. Everything stays in one place.
  2. It resolves the problem of keeping track of invoices and sending international payments.
  3. You can complete the payment via credit card or PayPal. To discuss bulk payments or custom payment options, reach out to our project management team.
  4. The service fee covers the cost of the third-party platform used to receive the payment, the members of our customer success team who monitor the booking to ensure 100% satisfaction, and our finance team that releases the funds to the voice actor once you’re satisfied.

Client insights: The Voice123 voice over website search feature

The Voice123 voice over website allows you to independently search and contact voice actors directly – much like a Google search. When you type in a specific keyphrase, the system will display related voice actors. You can also get an instant quote via the search feature.

From January to June 2022, the monthly average from clients using our search tool to find voice actors was:

100,000 searches with close to 9 million voice samples being listened to!

All at no cost because searching and listening to voice actors’ samples is free! 

What does this mean for you? 

You can find the voice actor you need through a simple search and listen to their samples to get a feel for their voice and vocal range.


How many voice actors can I choose from?

With almost 125,000 active voice actors on the Voice123 voice over website – you can find the best voice actors for your projects!

How long does a voice actor usually take to reply?

On average, our top-tier voice actors respond within 1- 2 hours. That’s how fast you could get a completed voice over!

How many voice actors have their own studios and can deliver digital files?

Close to 122,000 of our active voice actors are able to deliver digital files in a variety of audio file formats.


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