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Advertising examples to inspire ad-venturous campaigns!

The best advertising examples include catchy slogans and vibrant images that customers like, share, and repost. But how can your advertisements stand out from the countless brands vying for consumer attention? By combining the strategies of successful digital advertising examples with your own fresh approach.

At Voice123 – where you’ll find the best voice actors for an advertising campaign – we’ve got valuable insights to kickstart your 2024 advertising campaign. Here, we’ll cover social media advertising examples and practical digital advertising examples to fuel your creativity. 

Are you ready to brand your business with the magic of advertising?

What is an advertising campaign?

advertising examples

An advertising campaign is a combination of advertisements with a primary goal, such as sales, brand awareness, or conversion, by promoting a specific brand, product, service, or brand on a variety of channels like print, TV commercials, radio, the Internet, or social media platforms. Advertising campaigns require careful planning, market research, and creative development to feature a main message across different types of advertising that target specific demographics or geographical regions. Nike’s Just Do It is an excellent example of advertising with a single motivational message that targets global consumer demographics across multiple media channels. 

Here are some of the best advertising examples to get your creative juices flowing.  

Top 10 advertising examples  

1. Dollar Shave Club 

Shave Time, Shave Money highlights the brand’s practicality and value by using cheek-in-tongue humor with a little snark. Humor draws attention to pain points and product benefits while adding personality to a brand. 

2. Jack Daniels

Make it Count is an advertisement example that encourages people to follow their dreams, like Mr. Jack, the founder. Align brand messaging with aspirations like determination or hope to motivate consumers. 

3. Coca-Cola 

Share a Coke is an advertising campaign featuring personalized Coke bottles with common names that customers could buy for their friends or family. Personalize brand messages to customers so they feel connected to the brand instead of the purchase. 

4. Heineken

Cheers to the Unexpected is an advertisement example of spontaneous conversations over beer to honor camaraderie. Prioritize genuine human interaction to build familiarity and nostalgia with consumers.

5. Subaru advertising examples

Love. It’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru develops emotional themes of friend and family through camping trips and proud families handing their kids a Subaru. Create specific ad themes to appeal to customers. 

6. Airbnb

Belong Anywhere uses actual stories of travelers and hosts traveling to emphasize how the platform provides unique global travel memories. Use real footage and interviews to add authenticity to your ads. 


Where Life Happens uses realistic scenes of a kid alternating homes after a divorce to reveal IKEA’s insight into consumers’ everyday lives. Use empathetic storytelling to offer solutions addressing real-life challenges. 

8. Chick-fil-A

The Eat Mor Chikin advertising campaign uses quirky creativity with cows advocating chicken over beef through satire and originality. Use a creative approach for brand awareness with memorable slogans and taglines.  

9. Tesla

Accelerating the World’s Transition to Sustainable Energy is a modern take on advertisements examples of electric car tech and sustainability. Use forward-thinking strategies to position yourself as an industry leader.

10. Oreo advertising examples

The Dunk in the Dark is one of the best advertisements, capitalizing on real-time marketing during an unexpected power outage at the 2013 Super Bowl. Seize timely moments with real-time marketing to generate brand buzz.

Social media advertising examples

1. Chipotle

Chipotle used a TikTok #GuacDance challenge with Dr. Jean’s Guacamole Song, urging fans to show off avo-dedicated dance moves. To create viral content, you can use trending topics and challenges.

2. Oreo 

The #OreoDunkChallenge on Twitter and Instagram used famous names like Christina Aguilera to share creative dunking Oreo methods. Encourage customers to participate in branded challenges or contests on social media.

3. Red Bull

The Adventure Series were weekly episodic adventures on Instagram Stories featuring extreme sports athletes that kept followers engaged. You can use social media to tell ongoing narratives that engage audiences.

Digital advertising examples

1. Airbnb 

Live There is one of the platform’s digital advertising examples that contrasts traditional tourism with the idea of living like a local. Try a different angle by shifting the focus from products/services to user experiences. 

2. Taco Bell

Taco Bell Hotel was a fully immersive, limited pop-up environment with themed rooms, exclusive menu items, and entertainment. Use innovative approaches to create media coverage that drives brand loyalty.

3. GoPro

The Be a Hero advertising campaign featured GoPro filmed stories by ordinary people like teachers and firefighters, inspiring users to live authentically. UGC builds strong brand communities with authentic stories. 

How to use the power of voice in your advertising campaigns

advertising examples

Advertising campaigns need a voice actor that’s captivating, engaging, appealing, and unique, so choosing the right voice is crucial to your project’s success. You can strategically use voice-overs in advertisements like product commercials, radio ads promoting your brand, and social media ads. Here’s more on using voice overs in your next advertising campaign.

  1. Identify your target audience’s interests and conduct market research on their different behaviors and preferences.
  2. Tailor your message and adjust the voice over style to suit your brand’s ad type, whether TV commercials or explainers.  
  3. Write a concise script with the tone, style, and language you want to characterize your brand’s identity.
  4. Be specific in your voice actor requirements about age, gender, and accent so the voice complements your brand image.
  5. Hire a trusted professional like the veteran voice actors on Voice123; choose from hundreds of vocal styles with quality guaranteed.   
  6. Adapt your voice over to different platforms: 
    • For radio ads, a funky DJ style can capture attention with dynamic sound effects and background music.
    • For TV ads, an expressive tone can engage viewers and highlight on-screen visuals.
    • For social media ads, an energetic vibe interests audiences while scrolling through short videos, memes, and GIFs.

Final thoughts on advertising examples 

Creativity, authenticity, and strategic innovation! They’re the cornerstones of impactful campaigns, offering valuable lessons to help you navigate the ever-evolving ad landscape. As you embark on your advertising endeavors, use the insights of past campaigns to guide your success in the dynamic world of advertising.

So, once your advertising campaigns are ready, bring them to life with talented voice actors on Voice123. Or opt for the complete package and let our Managed Services handle your entire project for you. 

Get ready to innovate, persuade, and thrive with the essence of advertising!

FAQs on advertising examples

What are brand advertising examples?

They are iconic campaigns like Nike’s Just Do It, and McDonald’s I’m Lovin’ It, which evoke deep emotions associated with a brand’s products and experiences.

What is the most popular ad ever?

It’s Coca-Cola’s I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke 1971 ad featuring diverse people singing on a hilltop to promote peace and unity.

What is the most successful advertisement ever?

Apple’s 1984 ad, introducing the Macintosh computer, is groundbreaking in its use of technology ahead of its time.

What are types of advertising?

The types of advertising are digital advertising, social media, and online ads; print advertising, newspapers, and magazines; broadcast advertising, TV, and radio; and outdoor advertising, billboards, and transit ads.


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