How do I work with union members?

Voice actors join unions for precisely the same reasons as people in other industries do – to receive benefits such as income protection, health insurance, pensions, and other resources. 

How much do union voice actors charge?

Union voice actors typically charge higher rates than non-union actors. Unions, however, adhere to strict guidelines regarding membership, so you can rest assured you’ll receive a quality product. Base rates and information for each of the main unions we deal with are provided below:

What do I need to do to hire union voice actors?

Hiring union voice actors might seem complicated, but voice acting unions provide excellent resources to simplify it. You can ask each actor directly, and they will let you know their terms and conditions.

You can filter your search for union voice actors by clicking on which union you’d like to work with in the sidebar. You can also include in the title and project description that you want to hire a union voice actor.


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