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How to best navigate a voice actor profile on Voice123

Navigating a voice actor profile on Voice123 is crucial to finding the perfect voice for your project. But, while being surrounded by such incredible talent is thrilling, making a choice is overwhelming at first. Especially with heaps of pros to go through, that all look and sound amazing! So, where should you start – with our comprehensive Voice123 profile guide? 

At Voice123 – where you’ll find amazing voice actors – we’ve got the best insights to guide you through a voice actor profile. So, in this post, we’ll explore top tips and steps for validating a voice actor profile on Voice123. 

Are you ready to find your next mind-blowing voice over?

What is a voice actor profile on Voice123? 

voice actor profile

A voice actor profile is like a voice over résumé, covering the main details of their bio, career, vocal skills, experience, achievements, and past work samples. It includes specific, straightforward details like vocal range, languages spoken, accents, and vocal specialties that give directors, producers, video game creators, and more a brief understanding of a voice actor’s capabilities. This makes finding skilled voice over talent for projects like commercials, animations, video games, audiobooks, and more easier. Here’s more on what to look for when panning for voice actor gold!  

How to navigate a voice actor profile on Voice123 

  1. With the Voice123 search feature, you can search for specific voice over styles like cartoons, commercials, Morgan Freeman, and more. 
  2. Use the filter to narrow down your search by language, voice gender, age, voice style, payment method, and location. 
  3. Use the advanced filter to fill in your budget, script length, and audience size. 
  4. This brings up all the voice actors who fit your search criteria, and you can sort the Voice123 profile based on recommendations, reviews, and bookings.
  5. When you click on a profile, you’ll find a summary of the voice actor’s response time, their overall rating from clients, the number of bookings, and the number of clients who favored the Voice123 profile.  
  6. Look at the green ‘Online Now’ button to see which voice actors are available for an immediate response. 
  7. If you like the Voice123 profile, you can choose from options like invite to project, book now, and send message; you can also click the heart icon to add the Voice123 profile to your favorites list if you want to come back to it at a later stage.  

What to look for in a voice actor profile 

1. Check median response times 

This is the average time a voice actor takes to respond, which is calculated based on their responses in the last six months. It’ll help you understand if they reply within 3 hours or 13. You can also check when the voice actor was last active. A few hours ago means they check in regularly and are available when you are.  

2. Read the About section 

This gives you the voice actor’s location, how long they’ve been a Voice123 member and a summary of their past clients. Voice actors can describe their vocal styles, like authoritative and guy-next-door, and their project types, like commercials and medical narrations. They also include links to their website or other contact information, like email addresses. 

3. Browse services 

Under skills and services, voice actors include their language, gender, age, and additional services they offer, like special effects or translating the copy. You’ll also find their recording and delivery options, like digital delivery or source connect, and additional vocal abilities like surfer dude or high energy. 

4. Learn from reviews 

Under reviews, you’ll find the number of reviews a voice actor has, the name of the person who left it, the number of stars they rated the voice actor, an optional comment, and the review date. This gives you insight into the voice actor’s past relationships with clients to see if you can form a long-term working relationship with them. 

5. Listen to playlists

A voice actors playlist has all the audio information you need to hear. It gives you the number of playlists a voice actor has, which could be 5, 8, 11, or more. Use the search box or listen to different samples and demos if you want a specific style. This could be a character demo, scooby doo cartoon, or corporate narration with a casual, authentic style. 

6. Accepted payment methods

Need to know how to pay the voice actor? You’ll find it under the payment section, where voice actors list their accepted payment methods. This could be wire transfers, checks or money orders in their local currency, PayPal, or checks and money orders in any currency. Going through this section helps you find a voice actor you can hire and easily pay. 

Final Thoughts

voice actor profile

Choosing a voice actor is the first step towards achieving AV success! So, deciding what you expect from the voice actor before you start your search is best. This saves time and helps you find the voice with that special X factor you’ve held out for.  

So, now that you understand the ins and outs of a voice actor profile check out our guide on how to best find and direct voice actors. Then head to Voice123 to book a pro or use our full-scale Managed Services to oversee your entire project. 

It’s time to master the spoken word with Voice123! 


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