types of advertising

Types of advertising: the best techniques for brands

Different types of advertising in 2024 are continuously evolving to meet the demands of changing technologies and consumer preferences. Today’s consumers prefer shorter social media campaigns and TV commercials. So, you need captivating advertising techniques to help reinforce your brand with customers. 

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What is advertising?

types of advertising

Advertising is a marketing strategy that involves creating and promoting content that informs, influences, and persuades potential customers to take specific actions, like purchasing a product or subscribing to a service. Types of advertising include print ads, TV commercials, audio ads, online banners, social media posts for Facebook or Instagram, and outdoor displays. Depending on their offer, a business can choose to use different types of advertising to create brand awareness, recognition, and direct consumer behavior. 

Here are the top 10 different types of advertising!

Top 10 types of advertising 

1. Digital

Social media, emails, websites, and search engines like Google are different types of digital advertising for businesses of all sizes. They offer measurable results and global reach. A local bakery can use Facebook to advertise to people nearby.

2. Social media 

Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are social media platforms that promote targeted ads, increase engagement, and enhance visual appeal. It suits businesses with specific demographics or interests. A fitness company can use Instagram to promote products to followers.

3. Print 

Newspapers, magazines, and brochures carry traditional print ads for more reach, credibility, and tactile engagement. It works for businesses with a local or general audience appeal. A new restaurant can advertise its grand opening in a local newspaper.

4. Outdoor 

Billboards, bus stops, and banners offer high visibility and brand exposure in specific locations for businesses that target commuters and promote brand awareness. A real estate company can advertise on billboards along major highways. 

5. Broadcast 

TV and radio ads reach mass audiences, so they’re ideal for products with broad appeal. They also offer high-impact, audio-visual engagement and demographic targeting. A supermarket chain can run TV ads for weekly specials during prime time slots.

6. Direct mail 

This involves sending promotional materials directly to consumers’ homes. It’s effective for localized or niche marketing because of its personalization and definite engagement. A landscaping service can send flyers to specific neighborhoods.

7. Influencer marketing 

This type of advertising involves partnering with influencers to promote products or services to younger demographics. It also offers authenticity, targeted reach, and audience trust. A beauty brand can work with an influencer to promote its latest makeup line

8. Content marketing 

Content marketing builds brand loyalty, thought leadership, and online communities for businesses that want long-term customer relationships. An IT company can publish blog posts on its website to position itself as an industry authority.

9. PPC (pay-per-click) 

PPC is when businesses are paid every time their ad link is clicked. This advertising technique offers measurable ROI with instant traffic and conversions. An e-commerce store can use Google Ads by bidding on product-related keywords. 

10. Email marketing 

Businesses of all types can send promotional email messages or newsletters for customer retention and personalized communication. A boutique can send out monthly newsletters featuring exclusive offers to subscribers.

Types of digital advertising with voice overs

types of advertising
  1. Commercial digital advertising: Commercials are short product/service promo messages to persuade audiences. So, a commercial voice over should be engaging and authoritative. 
  2. Explainer videos: Explainers simplify explanations of a company’s products/services. Explainer voice overs guide viewers, so it should be friendly, conversational, and warm.
  3. Social media ads: SM ads are paid messages on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Social media voice overs should invite and encourage audiences to swipe up for more company content. 
  4. Podcast advertising: Podcasts target niche audiences through advertisements like sponsorships. So podcast ads must sound like a trusted friend’s recommendation.  
  5. Animated product demos: Animated videos use striking visuals to demonstrate product features. The voice overs for these videos must be entertaining, informative, and friendly. 

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Types of advertising techniques to captivate audiences

  • Interactive content like quizzes, polls, games, and videos entertain customers, providing insight into their preferences and interests.
  • Visual appeal uses attractive images and videos to enhance brand visibility while leaving a lasting impression on potential customers. 
  • Humor creates brand rapport and builds positive emotional connections, leading to loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Emotional stories help audiences connect to a brand message by using emotion to establish long-term customer relationships.
  • User-generated content saves time and resources by transforming customers into brand advocates to drive organic engagement. 
  • Limited-time offers can increase revenue by rewarding customers with exclusive deals when they make immediate purchases.  
  • Social proof highlights positive reviews or testimonials that reassure potential customers of a brand’s quality and reliability.
  • Shock and awe offer customers rewards as a token of appreciation; it’s an act of goodwill that spreads word-of-mouth positivity.

Final thoughts on types of advertising 

The landscape of advertising techniques now offers businesses unique opportunities to connect with audiences. So, the right types of advertising can make all the difference in ensuring your brand’s growth and success in the competitive market.

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FAQs on types of advertising

What are the 7 types of advertisements?

They are digital, print, broadcast, outdoor, mobile, social media, and direct mail advertising.

What is the most common type of advertising?

Digital advertising is most common because the internet and social media platforms reach a broader, more diverse audience.

What are the three main types of ads?

These are paid, owned, and earned advertisements. Paid ads are bought spaces or airtime; owned ads are marketing through a brand’s channels, like their website or social media, and earned ads are publicity from word-of-mouth or viral campaigns.

What are the two basic types of advertising?

These are product and institutional advertising. Product advertising promotes goods and services to increase sales, while institutional advertising builds a brand’s identity.


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