secure payment system

How does the Secure Payment system work for clients?

Our Secure Payment service helps you avoid payment issues. It also acts as a bond for every booking transaction. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It saves time since we manage the entire transaction.  
  • You avoid problems with sending international payments and keeping track of invoices. 
  • You can choose the payment option that works for you; credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal.
  • There are also guaranteed services and minimum hassle!

How is the service fee calculated?

The service fee covers the costs of the third-party platform used to receive the payment, our Customer Success team monitors the booking to ensure 100% satisfaction, and our Finance team releases the funds to the voice actor.

The fee will be added to the final negotiated amount between you and the voice actor. This means we won’t subtract any funds from the amount the voice actor has agreed to.

The service fee varies depending on the budget of your booking: the more you pay the voice actor, the less you pay in service fees. However, we also want to reward you for the amount you’ve spent on Secure Payments over the past year – so you could qualify for a discount based on your past payments.

Take a look at the full breakdown of our service fees:

 $0 to $50 Booking$50 to $150 Booking$150 to $400 Booking$400 to $1k Booking$1k to $2k Bookingover $2k Booking
$0 to $1kin payments$1020%18%16%15%14%
$1k to $5kin payments$10 – 1%19%17%15%14%13%
$5k to $10kin payments$10 – 3%17%15%13%12%11%
$10k to $50kin payments$10 – 5%15%13%11%10%9%
$50k to $100kin payments$10 – 8%12%10%8%7%6%
over $100kin payments$10 – 12%8%6%4%3%2%

For more information on bulk and custom payment options, how to set up Voice123 in your vendor system, or any other query, reach out to us at, and our Customer Success team will gladly assist you. 

For project management, check out our Managed Services option to help you finish audio projects faster!


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