How do I leave a review for a voice actor?

You can leave a review for a voice actor by using the review feature on Voice123. However, before you review a voice actor, you must have either received a proposal from them or you need to be communicating with them via the platform’s messaging function. Follow these steps to leave a review for a voice actor:

  1. Find the voice actor you want to review and open their profile.
  2. Click the Leave a Review button underneath the samples on their page.
  3. Select the number of stars you feel they deserve and provide an optional message.
  4. Click Post to submit your review.

You can also edit or delete a review you’ve left by following these steps:

  1. Open the voice actor’s review and click edit your review
  2. After you’ve changed the review’s score and message, click edit to submit the changes.
  3. Or click delete to delete the review permanently.

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