Movie trailer script examples

“In a world…where only one movie trailer script can reign supreme.” Sound familiar? Movie trailers have been around since the dawn of film, and at Voice123, we know the importance of first impressions, especially when it comes to trailers. So we’re bringing you fresh ideas with our free script resources, and in this post, we’ll discuss what are movie trailer scripts and provide sample scripts for movie trailers to inspire your next work.

Because movie trailer scripts are the stuff that dreams are made of!

What is a movie trailer script

movie trailer scripts

A movie trailer script is a specific type of script used to create a short video advertisement for a movie to give viewers an exciting and engaging introduction to the movie. They often feature carefully chosen snippets of dialogue and action from the movie. Movie trailer scripts are typically written with a few key elements in mind: the movie premise, characters, setting, and tone, to capture the viewer’s attention and give them a sense of what the movie will be about. The scripts for movie trailers must condense the story into a few minutes while still conveying the necessary information. 

For example, the movie trailer script for Fast X condensed the story into 3 minutes, creating excitement about the movie without giving away any major plot points. The clips of various action sequences and dialogue were perfectly chosen and spliced together to create a seamless trailer that introduced the main characters, villains, and storyline. Fast X went on to earn over $300 million during its opening weekend.  

So, to give you an idea of what a great movie trailer script looks like, here are some fictional scripts for movie trailers.

Movie trailer script examples

Movie trailer scripts samples are a basic structure that the trailer editors and movie directors use to make a trailer; they use movie clips and dialogue along with information like the genre, actors’ names, the release date, and where to watch the film. Like any other script, direction notes are also vital as they instruct the voice actors on the reading pace, tone, and vocal style. For example, a movie trailer script could say: “Deliver this narration with a Don LaFontaine vocal style or follow Steve Carell’s quirky, humorous tone for these lines.” 

Here are three fictional scripts for movie trailers explaining the layout and information for a script for movie trailers.

60-second movie trailer script

Project name: Under the Waves

Genre: Thriller

Direction Notes: We need a Don Lafontaine vocal style for the voice over narration with a strong, authoritative tone, creating mystery and suspense.

Movie Clips: An opening shot of a calm beach, transitioning to surfers on the waves (15 seconds). Show the group of sharks circling under the waves and fade into scenes of the shark attack on a surfer (25 seconds), another shark ramming into a boat with the main characters on it (15 seconds), and end with a shark lunging out of the water towards the camera (5 seconds).

Movie Details: Under the Waves

Starring Blake Lively and Thomas Jane

Coming to theaters on 20th October 2023

Don’t miss this jaw-dropping action!

Dialogue Script:

(Narrator with a deep, authoritative voice)

“Welcome to Florida, home to the best beaches, surfers, and…the raging bull sharks. This October, the sharks are on the hunt. They’re evolving, adapting, and we must find a way to stop them before it’s too late.”

30-second movie trailer script

Project name: Age of Extinction

Genre: Sci-fi 

Direction Notes: We need a strong, heroic vocal style for the main character’s voice over, something like Nolan North’s confident tone showcasing the character’s determination.

Movie Clips: An opening shot of an apocalyptic world with broken cars on a highway and desolate streets (8 seconds). Transition to a shot of drones and robots flying overhead (3 seconds). Show the main character packing weapons in an underground bunker (7 seconds), display a scene of the hero fighting the drones (7 seconds), and end with the hero standing victoriously over a destroyed robot (5 seconds).

Movie Details: Age of Extinction 

Starring Chris Evans

Coming to theaters on 14th July 2024

The future of humanity is in our hands.

Dialogue Script:

(Male voice with a heroic tone)

“Day 458, since the machines took over, there’s nothing left of the city or the world. There’s only a handful of survivors, but there’s still hope. This is our city, our world, our freedom. I’m not gonna stop fighting. The future of humanity is in our hands.”

15-second movie trailer script

Project name: The Chase

Genre: Action

Direction Notes: We need a strong yet brooding vocal style for a narration voice over, something like Scott Menville’s mysterious voice.

Movie Clips: An opening shot of an intense car chase through the streets at night (9 seconds) that ends with the main character getting ready for a fight (6 seconds)

Movie Details: The Chase

Starring Jason Statham

Coming to theaters on 7th September 2023

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Dialogue Script:

(Mature male voice with a strong, suspenseful tone)

“The stakes are high, and the action is even higher. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime this September.”

How to write a movie trailer script

movie trailer scripts

To write a movie trailer script, keep the focus on the characters and the story. The script should include a brief introduction of the characters and their motivations and a quick overview of the plot. Additionally, the script should include some dialogue, sound effects, and music to create an immersive experience for viewers. It’s also important to consider the length of the trailer; the trailer should be long enough to convey the story but short enough to keep viewers interested. Here are a few more tips for writing scripts for movie trailers.

  • Research and read scripts from similar movies to get a better understanding of the genre
  • Brainstorm ideas for the trailer and then create a structure for the script
  • Include a beginning, middle, and end, as well as the key plot points, characters, and release date.
  • Use powerful words and phrases that will capture the audience’s attention and make them want to watch the movie
  • Hire a professional voice actor from Voice123 to make your trailer even more striking

Final thoughts

Writing scripts for movie trailers takes a little research and a lot of creativity. But it’s a great way to market a film and capture the attention of potential viewers. And the best movie trailer scripts combine storytelling elements, creative visuals, and a compelling voiceover or narration. By following these tips and examples, you can create an effective script for your movie trailer that will excite viewers and encourage them to watch your film. 

So, get started with your next movie trailer script – and if you need a powerful voice over narration to bring it all together, look no further than the talented voice actors on Voice123!

Are you ready to make movie trailer scripts that are the king of the film world?


What is a movie trailer script?

A movie trailer script is a document that outlines the story arc of the trailer, including the scenes, dialogue, and music that will be used, along with detailed instructions for the editor to put the trailer together.

How do I write a movie trailer script? 

To write a movie trailer script, you must include the most interesting and exciting scenes, dialogue, music, and a brief overview of the plot to capture the audience’s attention.

What should be included in a movie trailer script?

A movie trailer script should include the story arc of the trailer, including the scenes, dialogue, and music that will be used, along with graphics, special effects, voiceovers, and the film’s release date.

How long should a movie trailer script be?

Movie trailers are between 1-2 minutes long, but some trailers can be as long as 5 minutes or as short as 15 seconds.


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