Statement by Voice123 on voice coach Peter Rofé


Public letter by Alex Torrenegra regarding accusations of sexual predation by prominent New York voice coach, Peter Rofé, and published on the CNN website.


To all the Voice Over community worldwide:

It is with a combination of deep distress and disappointment that the Voice123 team and me have taken note of an investigative report recently published on CNN’s website. The report details New York-based voice coach Peter Rofé’s sexual predation dating back more than a decade and involving numerous aspirant female voice actors.

Mr. Peter Rofé was a very vocal supporter of Voice123 in our early years and, in good faith, we often recommended his coaching services to members of our voice over community. We’ve had no dealings with him for many years, and had absolutely no knowledge of Mr. Rofé’s untoward activities. Because of this, any reference to, or association that may have remained between Voice123 and him, has been summarily terminated—and will remain so.

The entire team would like to emphasize that it both abhors and outright condemns any form of sexual harassment or violence against women.

We’re also in the process of working on a solution that will provide the members of our voice over community with a means to report any such activity going forward. It needs to be dealt with swiftly, resolutely, and with zero tolerance.


Alexander Torrenegra
Voice123 Co-founder
CEO of Torre Inc.


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