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Are you ready to create an animation script that could be the next Frozen or Super Mario? Or maybe you just want to create a video to increase traffic, sales, or leads? Then you need to learn the key ingredients of a successful animation script. And at Voice123, we’re bringing you the latest creative insights with our free script resources. We’ll explore what is an animation script and how to write an animation script.

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What is an Animation Script?

animation script

An animation script is the basis of any animated film or cartoon, and it is a written document that provides the framework for the visuals, dialogue, and other elements that come together to create an animated project, so it’s an essential tool for animators, cartoonists, and storyboard artists to bring their ideas to life. Scripts for animation are written in a specific format and can take many forms, from a simple outline to a detailed, multi-page document. Cartoon scripts will often include a description of the characters, the setting, and the action that takes place and can also include dialogue, sound effects, and music cues. 

For example, The Super Mario Bros movie had the biggest worldwide opening weekend for an animated film. Why? The cartoon script focused on the characters that people knew and loved, and they created a compelling story of heroism and friendship. The script was the blueprint for the animators to work their magic; they even included the powerups from the video game series. Cartoon scripts like these formed the basis of Disney’s 61 blockbuster animations. So, with that in mind, here’s everything you need to know on how to write an animation script.

How to Write an Animation Script

To write an animation script, you’ll need to start by creating a storyboard, which is a series of drawings that illustrate the sequence of events in your story. Once you have a storyboard, you can begin to develop characters and dialogue, along with sound effects and camera angles. Cartoon scripts can also include jokes, puns, and other humorous elements to engage the audience. Extra details and information for the animators or voice actors must also be compiled and included in the script in the correct format. Here are a few more tips for writing scripts for animation.

  • Familiarize yourself with the animation script format before you begin writing.
  • Think about how the characters would speak and interact with each other so the dialogue is natural and believable. 
  • Consider the best way to portray certain actions in animation and how to use colors, textures, and movements to make it realistic. 
  • Use industry-standard techniques to format your animation script with sluglines, shot abbreviations, scene descriptions, and direction notes.
  • Hire a professional voice actor like those on Voice123 to bring your script to life.

Animation script format 

animation script

An animation script format is the basis of the animation and includes detailed descriptions of the characters, locations, and actions that will be seen in the animation. So use a plain font in your script and single space all your information, and follow the layout of the character name, direction, then dialogue. Start each scene with a slugline containing the time, location, and angle of the scene. Next, add the character’s name in full caps and add direction notes below the name in brackets. Use this to describe the vocal tone required for the specific scene or lines. You can also add scene descriptions in brackets and then add the dialogue below it. It’s also important to follow the industry standard abbreviations for locations and characters like these:

  • V.O – Voice over
  • O.S – Off-screen dialogue
  • INT. – interior shot
  • EXT. – exterior shot
  • MORE – indicates that one character’s dialogue continues over the next page

Here’s a fictional animation script explaining the format, layout, and information to include in a cartoon script.

Animation Script Sample:

Project name: The Way Home

Direction Notes: We need an alien vocal style for the main character with an energetic, upbeat voice, something like Pete Davidson’s humorous tone.

Plot Summary: A young alien crashlands on Earth and has to find a way home. The story revolves around him meeting a group of misfit human friends and their hilarious interactions as they try to fix his ship so he can return home.

Dialogue Script:


INT. Inside of a spaceship. Nighttime in the galaxy


(Quirky male voice with a chaotic, humorous tone)

[In the cockpit of the spaceship]

“Whoa! Can wait to get off this planet. I’ve only been waiting 200 years to join the explorers. This is it baby, my chance to see the world! Ain’t nothing that can stop me now! ”


(Female AI-type voice with a neutral tone)

“Warning, navigation systems are offline.”

“Initiating emergency landing protocols for the closet planet – Earth.”

“Please brace for impact.”


(Vocal tone becomes panicked and confused)

[Frantically pushing buttons on the console]

[Speaking to the on-board AI]

“No! No, no, no, no, no, this can’t be happening! Initiate manual override, authorization – Chopper D03.”


(Neutral tone)

“Override denied.”

“Landing sequence initiated.”

“Brace, brace, brace, brace…”

[Spaceship hurtles through the atmosphere before crashing into a scrap yard]



EXT. Inside the scrapyard garage. Nighttime



(Young male voice with a strong, confident tone)

[Using a wrench to fix something inside a car’s engine in the scrapyard garage]

[Talking to his best friend, Peter]

“Well, that should do it, it’s not pretty, but at least it runs.”

“So are we still going to…”

[A deafening boom interrupts the conversation as the spaceship crashes into the scrapyard]


(Young male voice, yelling in surprise)

[Runs to look out the door while talking to John]

“What was that? It sounded like something crashed into the yard!”

“Come on, let’s go check it out.” 


[The two kids rush outside and see a bright light; they run towards it and find the spaceship in a crater in the ground]

[Close-up shot of the spaceship]


Final Thoughts

Animation scripts provide a great opportunity to express your creativity and bring your ideas to life. So take your time to plan out your cartoon script, use the available resources, and don’t be afraid to experiment. With the right approach, you can create an animation script to entertain and captivate your audience.

And whether you need Olaf’s cheery optimism or Spiderman’s witty one-liners, you can find the best voice actors at Voice123.

Because with great scripts and voice overs come great animations!


What is an animation script?

An animation script is a document that outlines the dialogue, action, character descriptions, plot points and sound effects for an animated project and it’s used by animators, voice actors, and other creative professionals to bring the story to life. 

What are the components of an animation script?

An animation script typically consists of the following components: a title page, a sequence of scenes, a description of the characters, dialogue, sound effects, and a description of the setting.

How do you write an animation script?

Writing an animation script requires a good understanding of the story you want to tell, a strong grasp of the characters and plot, and the ability to craft compelling dialogue that’s natural and true to the characters.


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