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Video ads: How to make the best in 2024

Video ads are the dynamic digital billboards of online advertising – ready to capture the scrolling gaze of passing platform users. Since the average person spends 100 minutes daily watching videos online, video commercials have massive potential to circulate digitally. But customers never say, ‘I’m gonna keep 30 minutes aside today to watch the best video ads,’ so you need that added wow factor to create impressive video commercials that result in sales.

At Voice123 – the home of skilled commercial voice actors, we understand the impact of video advertising. So, in this post, we’ll explore what are video ads, examples of the best video ads, and stunning steps to help you create nifty Facebook video ads, fantastic Instagram video ads, and superb LinkedIn video ads to launch your brand into the stratosphere of marketing.

Do you dare to be different? Because its time to revolutionize your video ads with excellence! 

What are video ads?

video ads

Video ads are informative, promotional videos that companies use in marketing strategies to advertise their products and services or build brand awareness. They last 15 to 90 seconds and stream before, during, or after other videos. Video commercials are distributed on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Animated, LinkedIn, Google, and Instagram, and on marketing funnels like company websites, emails, and landing pages

For example, a company with a fitness app can create a video of people working out to upbeat music. Then, they could feature on-screen text inviting users to try a promotional offer. The video could close with the app’s logo and the company tagline. 

But what makes the best video ads stand out to potential customers? 

Examples of the best video ads

How to make video ads

  1. Outline your video ads’ purpose: Define your video object. Is it to boost brand awareness and sales or inform audiences of something? The video ad must highlight why consumers need the product. What are its benefits and features? 
  2. Understand demographics, interests, and preferences: Research your target audience to understand their interests and needs. So, when promoting a health supplement, you’ll know how to explain its benefits to suit the requirements of potential customers. 
  3. Focus on storyboard creation: Outline critical scenes with a visual roadmap. A pet brand can start its video with a frustrated pet owner struggling to find a good product. Then, transition to a scene highlighting the benefits of their pet care item.
  4. Develop a persuasive script: In your script, empathize with customers’ challenges before introducing your product as the best solution. You can write about grocery shopping hassles for a meal kit delivery service and how your service improves their lives. 
  5. Decide on a video type: Choose from formats like live-action, animation, stop-motion, or more. Get creative with the different styles of each type. Use colorful animations for a children’s educational app that engages users while learning.
  6. Plan your shot locations: If you film at locations, choose places that complement your product’s values. For a luxury car, film scenes in picturesque landscapes or urban environments to enhance the vehicle’s elegance. 
  7. Use appealing visuals: Use images that emphasize the key selling points of your product. For skincare products, before-and-after visuals illustrate the product’s transformative effects. Dynamic imagery also provides an excellent visual representation of the product’s efficacy.
  8. Choose a compelling voice over: A captivating voice can match your brand’s persona and draw customers. A luxury fashion brand can use a sophisticated, elegant narrator to enhance product value. Check out the best narrator voice actors on Voice123.  
  9. Select exhilarating background music: Use modern, upbeat music to complement your brand and evoke emotions. To promote a travel app, incorporate upbeat, adventurous music to create an exciting atmosphere that prompts reactions from viewers. 
  10. Invest in editing software: Edit your videos with professional tools like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro to ensure smooth transitions, text overlays, and product close-ups. Text overlays can guide users through different steps in a software tutorial for better clarity. 

How to make Facebook video ads

With over 3.05 billion monthly users, Facebook video ads reach one of the largest global audiences. First, research your platform’s demographics, interests, and behaviors. Second, create compelling copy, vibrant visuals, and sound that grab attention in your Facebook video ads in just a few seconds. Third, consider using a talented voice actor from platforms like Voice123 to make the content more thrilling. Fourth, add a persuasive CTA to show customers what to do next, like – Shop Now, Learn More, or Sign Up. Fifth, determine whether your budget is daily or lifetime and the campaign’s duration. Sixth, use Facebook Pixel to gather campaign data. And seventh, use Facebook Ads Manager to track and optimize the performance of your Facebook video ads. 

How to make Instagram video ads

Instagram reaches 2 billion active users, of which 31.7% are between 25-34 and 30.2% are between 18-24. First, set your objective. Is it brand awareness, app installs, lead generation, or product sales? Second, choose your Instagram video ads, like Feed, Stories, Explore, or IGTV. Third, select your timeframe from 15 to 60 seconds. Fourth, write a rousing message for your ad. Fifth, pair your message with attractive visuals and audio. Sixth, set the schedule – should the ads run continuously or with a specific start and end date? And seventh, link your account to Facebook Ad Manager, which helps you analyze your Instagram video ad performance. 

How to make LinkedIn video ads

With 1 billion users in over 200 countries, LinkedIn targets professionals with job openings, company updates, or by showcasing products/services to a B2B audience. First, set up a LinkedIn video ads campaign in your account. Second, create dynamic, high-quality visual content that conveys your message. Third, write copy with crucial points that complement your visual. Fourth, add a compelling headline and an appealing thumbnail for the video that attracts attention. Fifth, whether you want a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) payment option. Sixth, where should the ads appear—in a desktop feed, mobile feed, or right column? And seventh, use LinkedIn Campaign Manager to track click-through rates, engagement, and conversions from your ads.

The power of voice overs in video advertising 

Voice overs do more than just narrate on-screen images; they make products and services more memorable to potential customers. Professional voice actors use their vocal skills to transform a commercial from cool pictures to compelling messages that resonate long after the screen goes dark. Consider John Corbett’s warm, rugged tone in the Ford F-series commercial. Or Matt Damon’s confident, friendly style as the voice of TD Ameritrade. A talented voice actor sets the tone for your entire ad so audiences don’t just hear words; they hear a voice encouraging them to seize an opportunity for something better. Why not check out the expert voice actors on Voice123 to find a skilled voice for your next project? 

Final thoughts 

So, folks, the best video ads aren’t just a trend; they’re the cornerstone of the marketing industry. Whether you want to increase customers or boost brand awareness, video commercials are digital tools revolutionizing the future of advertising. To create the best video ads, start by outlining the purpose, researching consumer demographics and preferences, creating a storyboard, writing a persuasive script, choosing the best video type, picking superb shot locations, hiring talented voice actors, using exciting background music, and investing in editing software.

Now that you have incredible strategies for video commercials, you’re ready to wow customers. And since the voice actors on Voice123 have the best storytelling voices in the business, these vocal pros can add incredible depth to your video ads. 

Get ready to create video ads with Voice123 that turn views into victory!


What is a video ad?

Video ads are short promotional videos that advertise products, services, or brands. They’re used on social media platforms and websites to grab consumers’ attention.

What are the 5 types of video ads?

The different types of video ads are in-stream ads, out-stream ads, interactive ads, shoppable video ads, and non-skippable linear video ads.

How do I create a video ad?

There are 10 steps: start by outlining the video’s purpose, researching consumer demographics and preferences, creating a storyboard, writing a persuasive script, choosing the best video type, picking awesome shot locations, hiring talented voice actors, using exciting background music, and investing in editing software.

Are video ads effective?

Yes, they can increase brand awareness, engagement, and conversions by reaching and connecting brands with millions of potential customers.


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