6 ways how to hire a voice over artist on Voice123

What’s your lucky number? Is it 6? If not, then it should be – especially if you’d like to know how to hire a voice over artist. Although various freelancing websites offer voice over services, at Voice123 we’ve got you covered with lucky number 6. We understand that life is often on-the-go. So, to make things easier we’ve narrowed down 6 ways how to hire a voice over artist. Here’s how to do it!

1. Post a project for free 

Have you ever played a game of memory? The concentration card game focuses on creating matching pairs. You need to remember the different cards and pair them with their matching counterpart. On Voice123, we’ve created an efficient matching system that starts with posting a project on Voice123. Here’s how:

Stipulate the voice actor requirements

The first thing you need to do in terms of how to hire a voice over artist is to select your target language, voice gender, and age. The system will then invite voice over artists that match your requirements. 

Set the work details

The project details are vital pieces of information that voice over artists will use to meet the brief. You can specify the recording length, whether it’s minutes, hours, words, or pages. Then choose how you want to receive the auditions. Digital delivery is often the preferred option. Voice actors also offer additional services like translation, writing, or even production. You can specify the additional services you need and the system will automatically invite voice actors that offer these services. 

Choose how many auditions to listen to

Specify the number of auditions you want to receive. The system uses this estimated number when inviting voice actors. You can also attach, copy and paste, or just type in your script to request custom auditions. The voice actors will read about a paragraph’s worth from the script. So, you get a feel for the voice that best suits your project.

An alternative is to select send me related samples. Voice actors will submit audio samples of their previous work that match your requirements. Finally, set your deadline. You can also extend or close your project at any time.

Specify your budget to successfully hire a voice over artist

There are 4 ways to set your project’s budget: 

  • Set a fixed amount.
  • Set a maximum amount where your project is flexible up to the maximum amount.
  • Get a quote. Voice actors submit a quote based on industry rates. 
  • No budget. This is for NGOs, non-profits, or projects related to ongoing COVID-19 efforts. Students or voice actors who want to practice will use this option.

To bring it all together, use Voice123’s Secure Payment function. This is a safe and trusted payment option where Voice123 acts as a bond between the client and the voice actor. Effectively protecting both parties.

Project details

Naming your project gives voice actor’s a clear project overview. It’s a good way to keep track of multiple projects. You could name a project, male narrator, 1-minute product commercial. And include details like: 

  • Tone and style
  • Do’s and Don’ts

For example, I’m interested in adult male voices, speaking North American English. This is a medical commercial so a factual, neutral approach is required. Next click submit, and the matching system will automatically kick in. The Voice123 algorithm will invite voice actors that match your criteria to submit auditions. You can listen to the auditions, like your favorites, and book the voice over artist to make the final recording.

2. Search and hire a voice over artist from their profile card

hire a voice over artist
Image: Envato

Voice123 is synonymous with the term voice over search engine. It’s also a top-level community that connects clients with skilled and experienced professionals. The entire platform makes it easy for clients to browse through voice over samples and review auditions. Whether you’re promoting the next Halo or different commercials, Voice123 is a plethora of pros at your fingertips.

The comprehensive search tool is an easy function. So, you won’t ever have to look through tons of auditions or voices that don’t suit your project. The search filter does it all. Put in keywords, like language, and even voice gender and age and you can narrow down the search even further. You will literally find just the voices you need.

One of the best filters is looking for a specific type of voice. For example, Morgan Freeman’s silky yet dynamic voice is a sought-after voice over. To find one for your project, simply search for Morgan Freeman. You can further specify the filter by choosing English – USA and Canada followed by male adult. In less than a minute you can narrow the results to 164 voices that match your project’s needs directly. The next step is to just listen to the audio samples. Once you hear the magic voice that strikes you – click Book Now. 

3. Book directly from a voice actor’s profile 

The beauty of the search tool is that you don’t have to skim through thousands of auditions. You click search and that’s that. You now have just the voices that match your project. The next step is to listen to the different audio samples. And when you’re ready booking the voice actor is a breeze. You’ll never be directed to a third-party site. You won’t even have to go back a page or two to make the booking.

Once you’ve heard your voice, you book that voice actor directly from their profile. The profile also gives you useful information about the voice actor. This means you’re not booking a nameless, faceless ‘not sure who this is.’ The profile helps you understand the person you will be working with. For example, their reviews will show you what other clients thought of working with them.

You also get the meridian response time. For example, if it says 2h, you’ll know that the voice actor responds within a 2-hour time frame. You can also search through the playlist on the voice actor’s profile. If you’re looking for audiobook narration, then simply type audiobook in the search bar. Different voice samples that match audiobooks will pop up. If you like what you hear, click the Book now button. It’s as easy as that.

4. Book from a message thread

hire a voice over artist

When you need to know something in a hurry the last thing you want to hear is, the person at extension ABC is not available. Now, at Voice123 that never happens. That’s because the site has a beneficial messaging feature. This is something you can use to directly liaise with a voice actor. It’s incredibly helpful when you need to negotiate or discuss something with the voice actor.

To message a voice actor directly, simply click Send Message from their profile. This type of connection also avoids misunderstandings and creates a smooth channel of communication. Aside from that, you can also book the voice actor straight from the message thread.

You will see the voice actor’s name along with a subject line and message box. In the subject line, type the general idea much like an email subject line. For example, you can type, audiobook narration, multiple commercials, or even, urgent project deadlines. In the message box, type your message to the voice actor.

You can also attach a file in the message box. This could be the script or any other information you would like to send to the voice actor. Once the voice actor responds and you reach an agreement, you can click Book now directly from the message thread. Seamless and efficient.    

5. Book from a voice actor’s booking link 

A great way to book a voice actor is from the innovative bookings link. And voice actors can share their booking link directly with a client. It’s a very special and innovative link that is customizable. So, each voice actor has their own link. The link directs clients straight to a booking form. Here, the client can input all their project details which are sent straight to the voice actor.  

In a way, this booking feature is an absolute game-changer. Once you receive the booking link from a voice actor, you can book that particular voice actor. No mess, no fuss. It doesn’t get any easier.      

6. Use our managed services to hire voice over artists

Voice123 has always helped to connect clients with the best voice actors for their projects because regardless of what your project or industry might be, Voice123 is the perfect voice over tool. But what if you’re looking to save time and resources? Maybe you also need to cast multiple voices for a project that also requires many languages.

That’s where our Voice123 project management can work for you. In a nutshell, we manage your voice over projects in their entirety. You’ll be spoiled for choice with our curated list of pros, get top-notch quality in every language, pick a timeframe that works for you, and use our streamlined payment options. So whether you need just a few voices, or a few hundred, our project management team is standing by. To get the ball rolling, book a free 15-minute consultation here.

Final thoughts on how to hire a voice over artist on Voice123

And there you have it, folks. 6 ways to hire a voice over artist in a nutshell.  And whether you’re listening to voice over samples or searching for services, you only pay for the freelancer’s services. The platform is also super concise. Messages, negotiations, agreements, quotes, and even payment information always stay in one place. You can even negotiate additional services or extended usage directly with the voice actor. Just be sure to include these in the final quote. Remember: payment terms, details, deadlines, negotiations, and NDAs (Non-disclosures) should be arranged and finalized between you and the voice actor. From posting a project for free to searching for voice actors, Voice123 really is your one-stop freelancing shop.


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