To all our voice actors and clients: Welcome Backstage!

I am very happy to announce that Voice123 has entered into a partnership with Backstage to further accelerate the growth of voice over work on a global scale. Backstage have been leaders in the creative industry for over 60 years, and their vision for the future matches ours.

On the one hand, we’re parting ways with the two great entrepreneurs and wonderful company founders but, on the other, we’re excited to be joining hands with Backstage’s Josh Ellstein and Michael Felman. Our focus now is to empower all creative professionals and content creators around the world.

A new beginning

It was almost two decades ago that Alexander Torrenegra and Tania Zapata launched Voice123 and forever shifted the voice over industry. Tania and Alex went from voice actress and software engineer, to serial entrepreneurs who have since co-founded many other companies.

When I became CEO in 2018, the team and I were determined to continue leading where others follow. However, Alex, Tania, and I realized that Voice123 has yet to reach its true potential. So, this opportunity for Voice123 to take the next step together with Backstage couldn’t come at a better time. The journey that began in a tiny studio apartment in Queens, New York has all but come full circle: Voice123 will now partner with Backstage in Brooklyn, New York. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank Alex and Tania for what they built. Because of Voice123, our voice actors and clients speak for themselves and earn a living doing so. 

What’s next?

Voice123 will remain Voice123. We will keep operating in the same way with the same management team, but now with the support of Backstage. The partnership between Voice123 and Backstage will help accelerate the growth of both companies, allowing more creatives to work and collaborate across the globe. 

To learn more about the features we are working on, visit our public product roadmap.

We’ve always been dedicated to crafting the future of the voice over industry, and we’re thrilled to have you accompany us on this journey into the future.

Kindest regards,

Rolf Veldman


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PRNewswire – Backstage announces acquisitions of FilmFreeway, Coverfly and Voice123.
PRNewswire – Voice123 acquired by Backstage.

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