Voice Over and The Common Cold: What’s A Talent To Do?

I’ve had a head cold this week. Fortunately, it wasn’t one of those butt-kicking man colds. But it was enough that the congestion affected my voice, and therein, my […]

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Keep it Simple & Save Your Sanity

Have you ever worked on a script that initially seemed really simple to do but turned out to be way more complicated than you ever imagined? It may have […]

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5 Tips for Working with First Time Voice-Over Clients

When a first time voice seeker comes to you for a job, there’s a chance they’ve done their research. They may know exactly what they’re looking for and how […]

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A Simple Pronunciation Tip

Have you done this before?

You get a script from a client, look it over and note several names or words that you think might trip you up. Perhaps that […]

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5 Accounting Tips for your Voice Over Business

As a voice actor, I’m going to assume that you’re more of a creative type by nature. Makes sense. As a result of your creative nature, I’m also going […]

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A Simple Phone Patch Solution

How many times have you received an audition opportunity and in the instructions read, “Phone patch is required,” or “Client must be able to direct over the phone?”

I’ve been […]

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Free Voice123 Webinar Tomorrow!

Mastering Voice123!
Join us Wednesday, March 27th at 7:00pm EST for our free webinar!
Booking work on Voice123 depends on many things. Being prepared and knowing how to use the site […]

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Sounds Like…Rhymes With…5 Ways To Help A Voice Talent Out

When I get a new voice over script, the very first thing I do is read it over and look for anything that might trip me up.

This could include […]

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Regret Versus Failure

Remember that audition you didn’t submit?

Remember that agent you didn’t contact?

Remember that coaching you said “no” to?

Remember that conference you didn’t attend?

Remember that networking you never did?

Remember that prospect […]

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Persist in the Right Direction!

Persistence always pays off, but only when it’s in the right direction. If you’ve auditioned hundreds of times and haven’t booked a thing, chances are, your continued persistence will […]

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