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    The Importance of a Professional Voice Over in Movie Trailers

The Importance of a Professional Voice Over in Movie Trailers

If you don’t want to ruin your good video with bad narration, it’s important to find the right voice for your movie trailer. A professional regards his/her voice as […]

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Professional Voice Over for Television Commercials

To many people, the commercials between their regularly scheduled programming is a convenient time to get up, stretch out, make a sandwich or to take a much needed lavatory […]

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More than a Pretty Voice: Finding the Right Talent

When it comes to choosing voice talent for your business, it’s not just a matter of diction. Ever heard the adage, “medium is the message”? The artist’s voice is a vessel floating through […]

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Video Content Growth Fuels Demand For Voice Actors


The voiceover industry has experienced tremendous growth and change over the last decade. It’s a time of opportunity. As digital media replaces paper media, the video is taking over […]

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Finding Your Voice

So you have a project and you need a voice. Well, you better pay a casting director to trawl through actors’ showreels so you don’t have to. Of course, […]

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Why rejection Isn’t failure in voice over

More than I would like to admit, the first auditions I went through were one of the most nerve-wracking and challenging things I could possibly undergo. I sat there, psyching […]

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International Dubbing

 Will you be ready when it comes your way? 

Picture this. Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman are having their now famous exchange in Die Hard. Alan Rickman, as awesome bad […]

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Client Casserole – Reading the Clients mind!



Combine several confusing directions

–       A little bit Brighter delivery

–       Add more smile

–       Non-Announcery

–       Non-Actory

–       Girl/Guy Next Door

–       A little more Real

–       More energy

–       Less energy

–       Like it’s your own

With a mixture of several cooks in one kitchen, it’s hard […]

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Voice styles and where they fit

– Voice talent with their own unique style.

– The right agent to suit your abilities.

– Home studio or in person studio.

– Genres you suit.

– Demo to sample your expertise […]

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The voice actor as casting director


Working alone without a Casting Director can be challenging for actors. How do you maximize your odds of booking when you are working solo? I asked veteran VO artist, […]

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