Have you seen this? The story behind Voice123

This is the story of Alex Torrenegra and Tania Zapata and how they successfully launched Voice123 being part-time entrepreneurs. Check the original post here.

The year was 2002.
Tania and I […]

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Let us introduce you to the GVAA Rate Guide!

In this post, we want to present you an incredibly valuable resource. It provides a significant opportunity for everyone in the business to learn about fair rates. David Toback […]

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What Makes Voice123 The Right Choice for new Voice Actors


For a voice over talent who’s new to the industry or new to the online market, it can be hard to decide which of the many Pay-to-Play or P2P […]

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Stop “Over-thinking” Your Home Voice Over Studio

This post is an update of a series of posts written by Dan Lenard for Voice123.

People new to a home voice over studio, whether they’re a newbie or an […]

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How we’re growing Voice123

I spend a lot of time thinking about growth. I reflect on simple growths like how since I stopped biting my nails, they keep growing so fast or how […]

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Where can I find cheap voice overs?

Type in “where can I find cheap voice over artists” into Google and you’ll get about 11,000,000 results, that’s how popular it is. But be careful! Popular doesn’t mean […]

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28 Ways To Prevent Noise from Ruining Your Voice Over

Picture the scene…

It’s a lovely summer afternoon. The windows are open, and you can smell the fresh scent of cut grass on the breeze that fills the room.

Inspiration strikes. […]

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Finding voiceover actors using Voice123

As the world’s first voiceover marketplace, we’ve been around since 2004 which means that we’ve helped thousands of buyers find voiceover actors. Recently, we interviewed our most seasoned voice […]

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Get the auditions you want on Voice123

Your profile can make or break your voiceover career, simply as that. A sloppy profile will reflect badly on your work and an incomplete profile could be the reason […]

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Welcome to the new Audition Inbox


If you’re as obsessed with House of Cards as we are, you’ll remember this timeless quote from Season 2. Well not only do we believe it, we live it […]

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