A professional explainer video voice over and why it matters

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“A professional explainer video voice over – why does it matter?” is a question Voice123‘s Customer Success team gets asked more than you might think. The answer is a simple one:

Explainer videos need to sound real. They need to engage with authority. They need to convey their content with conviction. Ideally, a viewer should be able to watch and listen to an explainer video and feel both entertained and informed.

In order for that to happen, a lot of work needs to be put into the voice over production. Hopefully, it’s the work of a professional voice actor.


Explainer video: image of pro mic and pop screen
Image: Envato

The voice over needs to reflect and maintain the ambience and the mood. It needs to impact the target audience’s emotions exactly as planned. Otherwise, the whole video is likely to not only fall flat, but irritate the viewer and be utterly forgettable.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you’ve got great shots, lighting, graphics, and editing pace, the voice over is secondary. It ain’t. Despite everything looking amazing, the bad voice over is what viewers will remember. In fact, 30 seconds in, the viewer may decide not to watch any further.

There’s an old adage that applies in instances like this:

If you think using a pro VO is expensive, try using an amateur!

Using an amateur voice over might strike you as being more cost-effective initially, but it does nothing to connect with your audience and explain your content adequately. So skimping out on a professional voice over can actually do a lot more harm than good.

So when looking for a voice over for your explainer video, it’s of critical importance to hire a professional.

Worth the money

When you’ve finished all the heavy lifting involved in making the explainer video — the soundtrack, the visuals, animations, intricate product descriptions — you might feel like all the work is complete.

It may even be tempting to… relax for the voice over. Just grab a friend to do it – or Larry from Accounting. That’ll be okay, right? 

It’ll be okay — at best. When you’re opting for an amateur voice over, you’re missing out on a lot that could boost your explainer video.

Explainer video: image of man sitting in front of a laptop computer
Image: Envato

Professional voice overs are worth the money. And while you may nod knowingly because an open voice over marketplace like Voice123 would of course say that – you’re actually paying for top quality audio, good equipment, a trained and experienced voice, professionalism, and most importantly, the ability to connect with your audience.

So while it may seem like a hefty investment at first, the returns are even greater.

The main point

Explainer videos work best when they connect with the audience. And that’s what the professionals are for.

Professional voice actors understand how to give a voice over that feels genuine, authentic and relatable. They understand how to act, become a peer of the target audience, and create a strong connection. This connection is what differentiates between a so-so explainer video and an amazing one.

It may not be immediately visible, but it takes a lot to make a voice over script seem more than a bunch of words written on a sheet of paper. There’s skill and nuance when it comes to understanding phrasing, tone, emotion, intention, and how to show it with a voice.

So despite Larry’s passionate Matthew McConaughey impression, he won’t do your content justice. Unless Larry sounds as good as Matthew in Sleep Story. In that case, Larry shouldn’t be in Accounting. He should be a professional voice actor.

The point is, if your voice over isn’t able to connect with your audience, all the hard work you’ve put into the explainer video is lost.

The business of brand

Explainer video: image of a board with 'Be a voice not an echo' written on it.
Image: Envato

Okay, so it’s clear that a professional voice actor is going to do a sterling job of making your explainer video interesting, and keep your audience’s attention.

But it’s not just making your video interesting, it’s making your brand interesting too.

Let’s imagine a product — a smart toaster. You can control it with your phone, it’s voice-operated, and you can see exactly how toasty it’s getting in there.

The presentation is amazing, the website looks awesome, and the metallic chrome sheen of the product shows visions of the future. But then you hear the voiceover. It sounds like it’s coming from the blackbox of a crashed vintage airplane.

And where does the brand credibility go? Crashing down with the plane.

The thing about a voice over is that it represents the human presence. It should look and sound as good as the product does. If the voice over is lacking — in other words, not professional — the product loses credibility, and your brand loses credibility.

Adding a professional voice over to your explainer video immediately gives the video presence, gravitas, color and a personality. It does wonders for brand image and credibility, as it sets up the audience’s future expectations of your brand.

A professional voice over takes the information of your explainer video, and delivers it like a friend helping your target audience: a trustworthy, authentic, and credible presentation.

Final thoughts

Can you imagine what it’d be like to have top-notch quality video paired with a top-notch voice over?

We can imagine your audience happily swimming in a pool of enriching information. We hope they feel the same way too, once you get the perfect professional for your explainer video.

Hiring a professional will do so much for your video! In search of one? Voice123 offers the best selection of voice actors ready for your needs, at your convenience. Why don’t you give us a go?

May your explainer video voice over recording project be an absolute success!