How to make a commercial that sells!

Psst…come closer! Let me tell you the secret of…how to make a commercial that sells products and services. You can make anything from headache pills to cereal stand out with an intriguing commercial. Just think of Alka-Seltzer’s “Plop Plop Fizz Fizz.” Or Mikey’s cute face in Life Cereal’s adone of the longest-running ads in the U.S. That’s because making a commercial is also about making your brand memorable.  

And at Voice123, we believe in memorable moments – audio or video. So, in this post, we’ve got the commercial rundown you need, from how to make a commercial, what it costs, and the best examples to follow. 

Welcome to How to Make Commercials 101!

What are commercials? 

Commercials are audiovisual messages that businesses, organizations, and individuals use to promote products, services, ideas, or events to specific audiences. These branded messages are broadcast on TV, radio, streaming platforms, social media, or online websites in 15, 30, or 60-second slots. A commercial encourages audiences to take specific actions, like purchasing a product, visiting a website, subscribing to a service, or supporting a cause.

Globally, most of what we eat, drink, use, or gift starts as a TV commercial, from banking apps to life insurance policies to pet food. For example, a kitchen appliance brand can promote a high-tech blender that roars to life to create a healthy, vibrant smoothie. Or a snack company can promote its healthier version of potato chips with great taste and health benefits. But with so many options, what really makes a good commercial?

What makes a good commercial?

how to make a commercial

A good commercial is one that effectively blends creativity, emotion, and storytelling with a clear representation of the brand’s identity. It captivates audiences with memorable visual and audio elements like real footage, animation, charismatic voice overs, and catchy slogans, taglines, and jingles. The best commercials also balance emotional resonance with humor and clever storytelling. 

For example, the John West Bear Fight ad is a faux David Attenborough documentary depicting fishermen willing to wrestle a bear to get the best salmon for customers. So, customers get to see how important quality is to the brand. And don’t forget the importance of using professional voice actors to represent your brand. In the Adidas End Plastic Waste campaign, Kermit the Frog promotes environmental awareness with his favorite line, It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

So, now that you know the what of making a commercial, let’s explore the steps involved in how to make commercials. 

How to make a commercial

You can make a commercial by following these seven steps:

1. Define your core message

Highlight the fundamental idea you want to communicate to audiences. To promote a fitness product, your commercial’s core message would be “Achieve your health goals with our innovative fitness equipment.”

2. Appeal to your target audience

Understand your audience’s demographics, interests, and pain points. For a skincare product for men, your ad can address common skin issues like razor burn.

3. Use captivating visuals

Use visual sequences that stand out to audiences. In a car commercial, you can showcase specific features through dynamic shots – the panoramic sunroof or comfortable leather interior. 

4. Intriguing voice overs

Voice overs add human appeal to commercials and make audiences relate to something real. A travel agency ad can pair scenes of stunning landscapes with a mysterious Scarlett Johansson voice over narrating the adventure awaiting customers.

5. Clear CTA’s

A clear call to action guides customers and tells them what to do next, like buy now, hit subscribe, or call 123. For example, a fashion brand can end a commercial by saying, Visit our website now to shop the latest trends and elevate your style.

6. Highlight product/service benefits

Show customers how your product/service solves their problems. Why should they choose your brand? How does it benefit them? For instance, an eco-friendly cleaning product video can demonstrate how it removes tough stains without harming the environment.

7. Evoke emotions

Craft scenes that evoke an emotional response to your message. An insurance company’s commercial could depict a family’s security and happiness as they enjoy quality time, establishing an emotional connection.

How much does it cost to make a commercial? 

It costs between $1200 and $115000 to make a commercial for local TV viewing or national TV viewing. The average cost-per-1000 viewers is $47,14, while $828,500 is the cost to air a commercial during a prime-time slot like NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Remember that there are no set figures for commercials; depending on music licenses, voice actor fees, stock photography, coverage, and broadcasting rights, the costs will vary. The most expensive commercials are usually 30-second Super Bowl commercials. These cost around $5.5 million and have a global audience of millions. In 2023, advertisers paid an average of $7 million for Super Bowl commercials.    

Final thoughts on how to make a commercial that sells

So, folks, commercials are more than just sound and picture combos pushing you to buy something. In fact, the slogans you remember longest are just 3-word phrases like – Got Milk?” and  “I’m Lovin’ It.” And making a commercial starts with a core message, audience appeal, captivating visuals, intriguing voice overs, clear CTA’s, product/service benefits, and strong emotions. 

When you’re ready to create your own catchy commercial, you can choose from the array of talented voices on Voice123. You can also use our unique Managed Services, where we manage your project from casting to delivery and payment. 

And that’s a wrap on How to Make Commercials 101!


How do I start making a commercial?

You can start making a commercial by defining your target audience, developing a creative concept and script that aligns with your brand, assembling a production crew, and securing equipment and locations.

How do I create a free commercial?

To create a free commercial, use cost-effective resources like your smartphone or basic camera to film and utilize free software like DaVinci Resolve or HitFilm Express to edit.

How do you make a 30-second commercial?

You can make a 30-second commercial by using concise messaging within the first few seconds to state your product/service benefits; next, use engaging visuals, captivating dialogue, and a strong call to action.

How much money do you need to make a commercial?

You need $1000 to $100,000 to make a commercial, but the exact amount depends on your production scale since a small DIY-style commercial can cost a few hundred dollars, while a high-quality production costs thousands to millions of dollars.


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