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How to hire voice actors for an explainer video voice over

An explainer video voice over is an instant attention grabber. And, since 91% of people watch explainer videos before making online purchases, they’re also invaluable bite-sized marketing tools. Imagine hearing a Gollum-style explainer video voice over muttering, “We want this product; we needs it; we must have it, precious.” Wondering if it’ll work for your brand? With a professional voice actor, the answer is a resounding – Yes!

At Voice123 – where you’ll find incredible explainer video voice actors, we’ve got the best voice over for explainer video insights for AV creators. So, here’s everything you need to know to hire a voice actor for an explainer video voice over.

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What is an explainer video? 

explainer video voice over

An explainer video is a short video between 30 and 90 seconds that breaks down complicated topics and explains new or existing products and services to audiences. A voice over for explainer video should answer questions like, ‘How does this product/service solve my problem? Why should I be willing to use it? How can I use it after I make the purchase?’ So, having the right explainer video voice over style is key to engaging your audience.

The power of an explainer video voice over

An explainer video voice over takes complex information, simplifies it, and relates to viewers in a relatable, conversational way to help customers connect with your brand. Professional voice actors are skilled at adapting their voices to match the target audience. They can use different tones and emotions to deliver genuine, authentic performances. From product demos to brand introductions or educational content, the power of an explainer video voice over lies in how it inspires action. Explainer video scripts don’t just inform—they impact emotions, drawing audiences into a story.

That’s how Budweiser became a global brand name known for smooth beechwood aging with George Clooney’s warm, charismatic tones at the vocal helm. While you can’t drop famous names like George Clooney in your explainer video, you can choose a talented pro on Voice123 with voice styles that align with your brand. 

Choosing voice actors for an explainer video voice over

  1. Consider your audience: Use a voice your audience relates to, such as a youthful, energetic tone for younger audiences or a mature, authoritative tone for business professionals.
  2. Define your brand voice: Always choose a voice actor with a style that matches your company’s personality and brand identity like formal, casual, playful, or serious. 
  3. Listen to samples and demos: Listen to samples from the voice actor’s profile to help you determine if their style, tone, and versatility match your explainer video.
  4. Assess language and accent: The voice actor’s language and accent delivery must appeal to your audience. This ensures that your message will connect with them.
  5. Evaluate reviews: Read testimonials from other clients. This will give you insight into how well the voice actor can respond to directions, meet deadlines, and communicate. 

How to use Voice123 for an explainer video voice over

Voice123 offers three ways to hire voice actors for an explainer video voice over. You can post a project for free, use the search feature, or hire our full-scale Managed Services team. 

Posting a project:

  • Post a project for free using our online form.
  • Fill in your project details, such as language. If you opt for English from the USA and Canada, you can specify accents like Southern U.S. or Canadian Neutral.
  • Select your voice gender (male, female, or no preference) and age (baby, child, teenager, young adult, or senior).
  • Upload your script (this is optional), and in the free field provided, you can write additional information, such as the project type, which would be an ‘explainer video.’ This helps guide the voice actor’s performance.  
  • Choose if Voice123 should invite voice actors using our algorithm or if you prefer to do so manually. 
  • If you upload your script, you’ll receive custom auditions. Without a script, voice actors will send you related samples from their profiles. 
  • Listen to the auditions/samples, and choose and book the voice actor for the final recording.

Search feature:

  • With the search feature, simply type explainer or any related keyword into the search box.
  • You can filter your search for an explainer voice by language, voice, gender, and age. 
  • Browse the different voice actor profiles in your search, listen to their samples, and read their reviews to get a feel for their vocal style. 

Managed Services:

  • Book a call with our team for free advice, or send your project details and get a quote
  • Our team will put together a curated shortlist of voice actors who meet your project requirements. Then, you can choose the voice that resonates with you. 
  • After you’ve chosen the voice actor, our team will direct, edit, master, and deliver the final voice over.
  • You’ll receive a top-quality recording that’s directed and produced to your specifications.
  • Use our Secure Payments to complete one payment for your project, and we’ll handle the rest. 

Whatever option you choose, you’ll find thousands of voice over for explainer video pros on Voice123! 

Final Thoughts

explainer video voice over

An explainer video says it best – especially with a powerhouse voice! Because high-quality visuals must be paired with high-quality voice overs! And, whether it’s a quirky animated video or a behind-the-scenes corporate video, you can make any video memorable and impactful when you hire a voice actor with vocal panache. 

So, now that your video toolbox is bursting with the right tips and techniques, you’re ready to hire a voice actor on Voice123 or work with our Managed Services team to handle your entire project. 

Voice123 – for voices, you can trust! 


What is an explainer voice over?

It’s narration that accompanies on-screen visuals in an explainer video to convey information about a product, service, or concept.

What is an explainer video?

It’s a short, interesting video that introduces and explains a product, service, or idea using visuals, music, and voice over narration.

How do I make an explainer video?

Define your message, write a script, create animated or live-action visuals, and edit the video, adding background music and a voice over.

How much does a 1-minute explainer video cost?

The cost varies depending on the animation, voice actor, and production quality. However, the typical range is from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.


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