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The best AI tools for 2024

AI tools are shaking up how we approach everything from writing an email to finding a new coffeemaker. ChatGPT alone has 1.7 billion monthly visits. Other free AI tools like Copy AI and Dall-E2 help streamline projects, unlock creative potential, or automate everyday tasks – whether you’re a director, producer, or marketer. But with so many options, what are the best AI tools for 2024? 

At Voice123, we understand the power of AI in global industries, so we’ve put together a free list of 37 Must-Use AI Tools for Creators. In this post, we’ll explore the best AI tools for 2024 for everything related to video and voice over. 

Are you ready to tackle the inner workings of AI? 

What are AI tools

AI tools are software systems operated by artificial intelligence processes, backed by machine learning and algorithms to troubleshoot problems, write and edit content, make videos, generate images and ideas, and automate daily tasks. AI tools learn from data and perform tasks based on human intelligence processes, like pattern recognition, prediction, and decision-making. As a result, AI tools can be integrated into global industries by automating customer service like chatbots, enhancing healthcare diagnostic assistance, detecting fraud and risks in finance, and monitoring manufacturing equipment performance. 

Here’s a quick guide on the best AI tools for 2024 – for everything video and voice over-related 

The best AI tools for 2024

1. AI writing tools

  1. Grammarly is one of the most popular AI writing tools that integrates with various apps and platforms to check a text’s grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more. 
  2. QuillBot is a writing tool for sentences and paragraphs; it rephrases the provided text using precise language without changing the original meaning. 
  3. Copysmith generates written copy for different marketing channels. It’s widely used for blogs, ads, social media posts, landing pages, and email campaigns.  
  4. Hemingway Editor analyzes text for readability by highlighting complex sentences and suggesting improvements to make the writing more concise. 

2. AI marketing tools

  1. ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI marketing tools for customer support, writing, editing, and idea generation, providing instant and personalized responses.
  2. HubSpot allows businesses to create and implement personalized marketing campaigns across multiple channels, streamlining the entire marketing workflow. 
  3. Hootsuite allows businesses to track and analyze social media conversations and trends, facilitating data-driven decisions for responsive strategies.
  4. Optimizely helps businesses test and experiment with different variations of web pages and emails to determine what resonates with their target audience.

3. Video tools

AI tools
  1. Wibbitz transforms text into videos with automated post-production, including visuals, animations, and audio enhancements, eliminating manual editing hassles.
  2. Descript makes automatic transcription easier for video and podcast editing; it removes filler words and enhances efficiency.
  3. transforms regular videos, images, audio, or text into artistic creations, offering hyper-stylized AI videos.
  4. Lumen5 converts text into engaging videos with automated visuals, music, and narration, simplifying video production.

4. Audio tools

  1. Filmstro helps video creators make personalized soundtracks by adjusting real-time musical elements to align with the video’s mood and pace. 
  2. Adobe Podcast makes podcast recordings with remote guests and uses built-in features like the ‘Enhance Speech’ button to remove background noise and echo.
  3. is used for generating accurate, real-time transcriptions. It works on spoken content like meetings, interviews, and lectures.
  4. AIVA composes original music based on user preferences, providing royalty-free soundtracks for projects, including videos and podcasts.

5. Voice over tools

AI Tools
  1. Lovo uses deep learning algorithms to mimic human speech patterns and inflections to generate natural-sounding voices for voice over projects. 
  2. Synthesia creates realistic, lip-synced videos with virtual characters and voice overs that work well in training videos, tutorials, and product demos. 
  3. Sonantic creates realistic character voices and can replicate real voices with recordings; they were the company behind the AI version of Val Kilmer’s voice.
  4. Voiceflow is a top AI tool that allows users to design, prototype, and publish voice apps. It’s an efficient tool for voice-based projects and applications.

These AI voice over tools aren’t just utilities; they are professionally recognized companies that specialize in providing AI voice over services that you can use for your audio/video projects. But if you’re interested in getting customized AI options for TTS or voice overs, reach out to Voice123’s AI project support team at

Final thoughts

So, folks, AI isn’t just a nifty sci-fi invention; these utilities are globally recognized software used in countless professional industries – marketing, writing, audio/video production, and voice overs. And you can use the unique services available with free AI tools to create compelling projects. 

If you want customized AI options for TTS or voice overs, contact Voice123’s AI project support team at, or hire our professional Managed Services to produce and deliver your entire project. And be sure to Download our free list of 37 Must-Use AI Tools for Creators.  

Now, it’s your turn to harness the brilliant potential of AI in your next project! 


What are AI tools?

They’re software applications that use artificial intelligence technologies to perform tasks requiring human intelligence, like translating, writing, recognizing patterns, or making decisions.

Which is the best AI tool?

It depends on individual needs, but TensorFlow, PyTorch, Jasper, ChatGPT, Siri, and DataRobot are considered the best.

Is there a free AI tool?

Yes, most software utilities offer free versions, like TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, Google’s AI tools, and ChatGPT. You can also download our free list of 37 Must-Use AI Tools for Creators.

Is ChatGPT the best AI tool?

While ChatGPT is one of the best options for marketing, it may not necessarily be the best for all businesses. So, it’s important to consider your specific project needs before choosing an AI tool.


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