Types of podcasts: The best options for modern marketers

Different types of podcasts offer 504.9 million global listeners unique audio experiences. So, incorporating podcast genres into your marketing campaign helps you engage with audiences and solidify your brand, products, and services. But, with numerous options, how do you find the best podcast types without having to trial and error each one? 

At Voice123, where you’ll find expert podcast voice actors, we understand the value of professional voices in the audio landscape. Here, we’ll explore different podcast genres, formats, and different types of podcasts for your brand in 2024. 

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What is a podcast? 

types of podcasts

A podcast is an episodic or serial audio program on a variety of topics that release daily, weekly, monthly, or all at once in digital audio or video format; listeners can then stream, download, or subscribe to their favorite shows on podcasting platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, or Google Podcasts. They cover news, true crime, interviews, education, health, and entertainment while encouraging community interaction through comments, discussions, and social media posts. Different types of podcasts gained popularity in 2004 because of their convenient on-the-go listening via smartphone apps. Podcast types now reshape media consumption habits, helping individuals and organizations reach global audiences. 

Different types of podcasts 

1. Monologue podcast types

Monologues suit niche fields with single speakers. Say Your Mind with Kelecki Okafor has weekly episodes about pop culture. The show encourages listener interaction by asking for comments and questions. 

2. Interview types of podcast

During one-on-one interviews, hosts discuss participants’ experiences in specific industries. Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso interviews artists, activists, and politicians, exploring their thoughts and feelings. 

3. Panel discussion podcast types

Multiple guests create lively, entertaining discussions, sharing experiences for enjoyable listening. Podcast examples include Jay Rayner’s The Kitchen Cabinet, with conversations about food-related topics.

4. Video podcast types 

Podcast examples with video combine different styles to create unique episodes. Law&Crime Sidebar Podcast, hosted by New York attorney Jesse Weber, covers high-profile cases with legal analysis. 

5. Hybrid podcast types

These podcast types feature a fixed host, with guest hosts creating monologues or panel discussions in a unique patchwork style. Hybrid podcast examples include The Daily, which follows current affairs. 

6. Educational types of podcasts

Education podcasts address educators and learners, featuring speakers in diverse fields, from chemistry to psychology, technology, and more. TED Talks Education includes educators, researchers, and community leaders. 

7. Business podcasts types 

Business podcasts use a hybrid style to keep listeners updated with the latest business trends, insights, and industry expert perspectives. How I Built This with Guy Raz features entrepreneurs’ business experiences. 

Types of podcast genres 

1. True crime explores real-life criminal cases, investigations, trials, and mysteries, intriguing listeners with criminal psychology and forensic science. Crime Junkie, hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, has 1 billion downloads and hundreds of episodes. 

2. History covers events, periods, and figures, offering insights into the past. It appeals to enthusiasts interested in how past events shape the present. Hardcore History with Dan Carlin breaks down significant historical events for broad audiences.

3. Science discusses varied topics, from astronomy to biology, psychology, and technology. It appeals to curious minds interested in discoveries, theories, and advancements. Radiolab combines storytelling with scientific exploration and human experiences. 

4. Lifestyle focuses on personal development, health, relationships, and self-improvement for individuals looking for advice, inspiration, and motivation. The Tim Ferriss Show interviews world-class professionals who offer listeners practical insights and strategies. 

5. Comedy delivers humor, satire, and entertainment through sketches, discussions, and interviews. It’s for listeners looking for laughter and light-hearted entertainment. On Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, host Conan tries to form friendships with people he enjoys most. 

Types of podcast formats

types of podcasts

Different podcast formats have unique structural designs and presentation styles that determine how listeners receive content. A storytelling podcast like The Memory Palace features random episodes using elements like character development, plot arcs, and catchy sound design that engage listeners emotionally. Conversational podcast examples like The Joe Rogan Experience create spontaneity between hosts and guests using humor, personal anecdotes, and dynamic exchanges. Scripted non-fiction podcasts like The Allusionist provide factual information, interviews, or investigative reporting. All podcast formats have advantages that appeal to different audiences. So, if you’re trying to start a podcast, consider factors like intended tone, subject matter, target audience, and storytelling goals to match your purpose with the best podcast formats.  

Choosing the right voice style for types of podcasts 

Podcast storytelling and impactful delivery go hand in hand. The tone, whether serious, comedic, or conversational, guides the vocal style. Audience is also key because younger listeners prefer energetic voices, while older listeners may gravitate towards authoritative deliveries. So, consider your theme, audience, and podcast formats to choose the best voice style. For narrative podcast scripts, where storytelling and emotion are paramount, use voice actors who convey vocal drama and depth that captivate listeners. But educational podcasts need voices that balance clarity and command, confidently delivering complex concepts. Voice123 is a valuable resource for finding skilled voice actors to match your podcast’s theme and audience. You can browse hundreds of thousands of skilled voice actors to match your podcast’s pacing, energy, and tone. Add dramatic flair to your podcast with the pro podcast voice actors on Voice123.

Final thoughts on types of podcasts

Before choosing different podcast genres, consider your podcast’s goal and factor in your personality, preferences, and communication style. Whether you’re exploring genres or formats, consider your podcast’s purpose, audience demographics, and the tone you want to convey. If you love it, there’s a good chance your audience will too. 

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It’s time to inspire the world with your podcast story!


What are the types of podcasts?

There are interviews, storytelling, education, narration, news and current events, true crime, comedy, health and wellness, business and finance, technology, and sports. 

What is the most popular podcast type?

True crime is one of the most popular types of podcasts worldwide.  

How many genres of podcasts are there?

There are about 30 different genres of podcasts. 

What are 4 ways a podcast can be structured?

There’s an interview format with host-guest conversations, solo commentary of single host perspectives, panel discussions with multiple speakers, and storytelling with fictional or non-fictional narration. 


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