How to think ‘video’ when marketing your business in 2022

It’s 2022 — and video marketing has become a necessity, not a nice-to-have accessory. There’s simply no doubt that you need to think ‘video’ when marketing your business.

Everybody has the potential to become a videographer, including yourself. The reason being? The tools in our hands, our smartphones, have made professional-quality video accessible and affordable to just about everyone.

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We don’t necessarily recommend every business to start making video ads themselves. It’s important to recognize that there’s significantly more access to video-creation tools and professionals who make videos, however.

Consequently, it’s no longer the reality in which only wealthy businesses have the ability to advertise with video. No, video marketing is everywhere! If a business wants to stay in the game, it has to play the game. After all, if 99% of video marketers say they plan to use video in the future, it’s working.

Engagement needs extra effort

Let’s talk about engaging customers. One of the challenges of the modern era is getting your target audience’s attention, and keeping it.

Modern living is complicated. On a daily basis, the average consumer receives an overload of information. With emails to reply to every other minute, Zoom calls to answer every other hour, and kids to attend to at all times, there’s just too much happening in our pandemic-influenced lives.

What happens then is that we become very selective with what we pay attention to. And if you’re marketing your business, you’re going to want your content to break through that attention barrier. How? With video.

Video is engaging

Video stimulates both the auditory and visual senses. That’s currently the best we can get in consumer households. We haven’t yet found a way to involve our other senses in the content we consume. Unless you’re the Flight of Passage ride at Disney World

That thing redefines engagement. But until we can get the same motorcycle-shaped, motion-enabled seats, and artificial winds and scents blowing in our faces, video is the most engaging medium marketing has.

While marketing is already super saturated with video, it doesn’t stop it from being effective. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t. Social media videos generate an astounding 1200% more shares than text and images combined. More stats on information retention and video use here.

With these kinds of facts, it becomes obvious how video marketing can help your business stand out.

Marketing your business: image of a woman presenting a makeup video in front of a camera
Image: Envato

Video is valuable

It’s easy to think that marketing in a video-enforced world is a constraint, an expense, and requires a lot of effort. Actually, it affords a ton of flexibility, has a good return on investment — 89% of video marketers say it has a good ROI— and can be made easier with modern video-creation tools like Animoto and Doodly

Video marketing can take different shapes and provide value, whether in a video promo showing product benefits and demonstrating product use, influencers sharing video testimonials, or an ‘About Us’ video to help market your brand. The value of video is worth the effort.

Final thoughts

It’s interesting how much power technology has given everybody in terms of making something their own. With a computer and phone, you can run an entire business, from making the product marketing it, and providing customer service.

That wasn’t in people’s minds just a couple of decades ago. And with video marketing, like other trends people thought would die out such as TikTok, it seems like it’s now the norm.

Marketing your business: woman writing a script in front of a computer screen
Image: Envato

And so finally, with video marketing here to stay, it seems like it really is a necessity, and not an accessory. With some creative, off-the-wall visual thinking, a killer script and a superbly professional voice over recorded by one of the world’s best voice actors on Voice123, you can take your business into the stratosphere.

Good luck!


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