6 great customer retention tips to better your business

It goes without saying that customer retention is a huge factor in any business’ success, so what’s your experience? Well, if you’re struggling in this area, here are 6 great customer retention tips for your business!

Some context

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While well-known, there’s also proof: a third of online sales comes from returning customers, and they spend nearly 3-times more than one-time shoppers.

It follows by implication that it never hurts to come back to the fundamentals of customer retention, and put them to good use whenever possible.

Let’s face it: with all that’s going in the world now — a pandemic, a new US president, social inequity, climate change, and all sorts of shenanigans in one’s personal life — it can be hard to stay focused on the basics.

As a bonus, we’ll also talk about why voice overs are important for customer retention and why you should use them!

1) Offer a seamless experience

Ever hop on to a website or app that’s so flawed you can’t imagine coming back to the service again? Or experience customer service that feels more like a test of patience than accessing the goodies?

It’s a blatant offence — providing an experience that’s stressful for the customer.

Of course, there’s some effort involved accessing the service, but it shouldn’t have to feel tiresome or laden with complexity – lest you run into someone who wants to speak with a manager or exploit their power as a customer, donning the socially-charged title of a “Karen.”

The customer experience ought to be a super-smooth ride, a pleasant and welcoming experience, and something worth doing again and again. One way to ensure that is to have a voice over front and present, to provide that human, welcoming experience that’s so important for first impressions. A wonderful brand voice is always a winner!

2) Listen to feedback

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Making it easy for your customers to provide feedback on your product or service is a great way to not only build rapport with them, but also to gain crucial insight as far as possible pain-points are concerned.

Even better? Acting on the feedback and suggestions. If you can give your customers a sense that your business acts on their wants and needs, who wouldn’t want to go back repeatedly?

So chatbots, a good Contact Us page, incentivized surveys, an easily-accessible fill-out form, an automated phone line with professional voice over — these can all help you receive and act on feedback.

3) Customer loyalty programs

Need loyal customers? This one is quite simple. A loyalty program that rewards your customers for continued business is a surefire way to make them want to come back.

Loyalty programs weren’t such a huge thing in the past, but now you can find loyalty programs for almost anything. Membership subscriptions get offered things like retail and entertainment.

If you’re lacking a program, there’s a chance you might be falling behind your competitors. But no worries; get one going as soon as you can. Remember: the key is to provide value. Value keeps customers coming back for more.

4) Onboard them well

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Onboarding coworkers, makes sense. Onboarding customers? Probably not thought of as much. But if you think about it, onboarding the customer can be a very important part of securing customer retention.

Sometimes, products are simple. Sometimes, however, using them isn’t that straightforward. Either way, some customers are going to find them harder to use than others. Like our parents trying to figure out how to use their phones.

So, to show your customers that you care, give them an easy onboarding experience. That may mean a short explainer video coupled with a professional voice over — that’ll do wonders for sharing important information and giving your brand a personality.

5) Manage expectations

A nifty trick is to underwhelm them with expectations, then overwhelm them with how well you exceed them. Thus, underpromise and overdeliver.

That’s not to say that you should set the bar lower than you can afford, but have in mind the quality of service your customers expect, and then exceed them.

When a customer sees that a business goes out of its way to ensure that they have a good experience, trust is developed. With this kind of 5-star service, you garner good reviews, positive experiences, and credibility.

With those, you can be sure your customer retention is in tip-top shape!

6) Have a personality and build a community

If it’s possible, consider creating a community for your business. Maybe it’s a Facebook page, an Instagram page, LinkedIn or Twitter. Whatever it is, it’s important to continue branding beyond the product and service.

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The idea is to give your brand more presence, a greater personality, and allow customers to have a way to be heard by you. Wendy’s Twitter is known for being so bodacious, it’s developed a cult-like following for its antics.

Sometimes, the most effective customer retention strategy is simply to listen to your customers, and let them feel like they’re being heard. A personality to engage with is much more exciting than a blank business slate.

Speaking of personality, consider using a voice over where possible. A professional voice over can do so much for developing your brand’s character as someone reliable and worth returning to. There’s very little doubt that Voice123 has some of the very finest voice actors in the world on its roster – and finding the right one for your project is really easy. Go right ahead and book one for your marketing efforts now!

We wish you and your business the greatest success!


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