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How to give your brand a truly awesome voice

Have you ever been told that your voice would be good for radio? Or maybe you know a friend that hears it all the time. Or maybe you know someone who simply has an awesome voice. Ah, what a blessing, you may think. Having an awesome set of vocal pipes can be such a boon. Imagine mic-drop presentations, having charismatic conversations — it’s a dream, no?

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An ‘awesome’ set of vocal pipes (the description tends to be subjective, by the way) is something that you’re born with. So unfortunately, if you don’t have one, it’s tough luck. Your dreams of being the next David Attenborough narrating a nature documentary must be tossed aside – especially if you sound like a frog from East Norfolk.

Just kidding.

But there’s something different about a brand voice. A brand voice is very similar to a human one, but it’s not limited by an individual’s biology. It’s flexible, moldable, craftable — you get the idea — it’s something you can create. And if you can create a brand voice, why not make it awesome? There are no limits. Here’s how to give it some awesomeness.

Why it matters

The first step in giving your brand an awesome voice is to understand the significance of having one. 

You can think of it as more than just a marketing tool. It’s also your brand promise. A brand promise can be stated in many ways, but each choice will reflect who your brand is, what its personality is like, and whether or not it connects with your customers.

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Take for example BMW’s brand promise. “The ultimate driving machine.” It’s powerful. Classy. Confident. And that’s exactly how BMW wants customers to feel when driving its cars.

So as you can see, being very specific and particular with your words in your brand promise can shape your business and what it offers. The great thing is, identifying your brand and making it audible brings consistency to your business, and makes it one amazing package. We all know it’s KFC when we hear, It’s finger-lickin’ good! We also know it’s VISA when you hear that electronic swish-sound in an advertisement. If you’re looking to establish a brand with staying-power that inspires brand loyalty, use a professional voice actor to create that voice for you. Now it’s time to choose some keywords to help empower those awesome vocal pipes.

Pick some keywords

You can go with descriptors like quirky and charming. Don’t think you have to follow the ultimate driving machine’s example. After all, a world-sized brand like Coca-Cola opted for something more intangible and emotional: “To inspire moments of optimism and uplift.” The idea is to describe your brand’s personality. Is it cool and laid back but modern and trendy? Or stoic, sophisticated and individualistic? Identifying your brand’s keywords, and keeping them in mind in all of your business’ actions will help you stay on track.

Since a professional and versatile voice actor will capture the exact tone of your brand. Ask yourself – how can you:

  • Convey your emotions to the audience.
  • Use the right words to become attention-grabbing.
  • Send the right message?
  • Make your brand stand out?

Produce consistent content

A question for you — how often do you see a brand voice that’s inconsistent? Not often right? It would be jarring to see a brand show two faces at once, like having a playful presence on Instagram, and a serious, evocative aura on its YouTube videos. The key here is consistency. The more consistent your voice is, and the more content that’s produced with it, the more powerful the brand voice becomes. It becomes recognizable, familiar, trustworthy and genuine. Of course, you have to back up your brand voice with action. If you aren’t proving that your brand’s actions are up to par with its voice, then it’s an empty promise. Although you shouldn’t have to worry about that, implementing your brand voice in your content is something that comes naturally. The brand voice serves as a guide for the content, making it all the more awesome.

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Coca Cola with its red and white coloring is the most recognizable brand in the world. If you hear the phrase “Just Do It,” you inevitably think: Nike. A professional voice actor has the experience and versatility to create something unique, but it’s important to know what you want. If you brief the voice actor well, they will know how to use the right tone and pitch to read a tagline perfectly time and time again. A series of podcasts either recorded by the same voice actor or tagged at the beginning and end, will build your brand.

Add a voice over

Video content and your website’s landing page copy can only go so far. At the end of the day, it’s just really nice to connect with something that seems more human. That’s the role of the voice over. Often, investing in a voice over can seem like an unnecessary expense. It may seem like your content can get along just fine without one. After all, there are just so many ways to connect with your audience now. But trust us. The power of a voice over shouldn’t be underestimated!

Imagine you’re a coffee beans roasting company in a city with numerous other roasteries. However, you choose to do things differently and use a professional voice to create advertisements and other marketing material. You might choose to create podcasts talking about the coffee roasting process, why it’s so vital to blend different beans, and why coffee is the world’s favorite non-alcoholic beverage. Cleverly voiced, customers (and even those who may favor a competitor) will begin to recognize your brand. Do it enough, and your brand will become top-of-mind, so the next time they are out shopping for coffee beans, they’ll remember the voice of your brand. Almost instinctively, they’ll reach for your brand on the supermarket shelf.

The human voice has been the infallible way of connecting with audiences for millennia. Before the fall of print news, FM radio music (who’ve now lost to Spotify and such), and CDs, heck, even before paper was invented — voice was there. It’s human, it’s genuine, and it builds trust and authority. If done professionally, a voice over oozes awesome.

Final thoughts

It comes down to knowing the power of a brand voice, giving it an identity by making it audible, and putting it into action through consistent content.

It’s not something that’s set in stone either, it can be an ebb and flow. It can change and adapt, and that’s perfectly okay! It might take some time to get a feel for your brand’s natural vibe. And finally, there’s nothing more awesome than a human voice professionally trained to provide you with the sound and vibe your business needs. When you use a professional voice for your brand, it becomes one that’s easily recognized by people no matter how many years pass. Using a jingle together with the voice is worthwhile, too. Why? Because people might hum the tune if it’s catchy enough. Voice123 has an incredible supply of top-rated voice actors from right around the world. You’re sure to find the one you need – and we have one of the best search engines in the vocal industry to help you find your brand voice.

We wish you the greatest success!


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