How to come up with the best Instagram Story ideas!

Did you know that over 500 million users watch Instagram Stories every day? So, with the right Instagram Story ideas, you could expose millions of potential customers to your product/service creatively and engagingly. But why Instagram stories? Instagram Stories is the ideal platform to converse with customers through vibey content. That makes it a fantastic marketing tool for all brands and businesses. So, with the perfect groove of punchy, unique Instagram Story ideas, you’ll find no end to how far your inspiration runs. 

At Voice123, we know that captivating content starts with great ideas. So, in this article, we’ve compiled a one-stop shop of the best and most creative Instagram Story ideas to put your brand on the marketing map. Ready for some Instagram inspiration?

What are Instagram stories

Instagram Stories are a feature in the Instagram app that allows users to share photos and videos in a slideshow format up to 60 seconds in length. When you post an Instagram Story, the account profile image automatically gains a colorful ring that will notify other users of new content, and since the content disappears after 24 hours, it creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Creative Instagram Stories also offers various tools like stickers, polls, and even voice overs to help make stories more interactive and dynamic to audiences. Here are 5 creative tools you can use to vamp up your Instagram story ideas. 

  1. Experiment with different background colors to make your posts pop.
  2. Mix different font types to draw attention to specific concepts and ideas.
  3. Add a drop shadow to your text to make certain key points more memorable.
  4. Use the eraser tool to remove certain parts of your pictures to create a sense of mystery.
  5. Use dotted lines to accentuate particular elements you want customers to notice.

So, with a wide assortment of tools at your disposal, all you need next are the best Instagram Story ideas to start drawing customers. 

5 Creative Instagram story ideas

1. Instagram Polls

Want to know what’s on your customer’s minds? Then, ask them with an Instagram poll. Create a poll where customers can vote for their favorite product or share their opinions and preferences. And you can use their feedback or opinions to make product improvements. By getting customers involved with your brand, you also make them part of your business journey. 

2. Behind-the-Scenes Content

A behind-the-scenes Instagram story gives audiences a sneak peek of how your brand works, helping them connect deeper with your product/service. It also humanizes a brand by showing audiences the people who made the product possible. That’s why Avatar 2 Behind the Scenes has 4.1 million views and The Mandalorian has 6.3 million views. Because fans want to see the intimate production details of how their favorite film/show came to life. 

3. User-Generated Content

When customers tag, @mention, or DM content to you, they’re posting about your product, service, or brand. So, including this user-generated content in your IG story showcases your brand from the customer’s perspective. Instead of talking about how excellent your product/service is, customers do it for you, and everything they say is natural and spontaneous.

4. Product Demos and Tutorials

Product demos or tutorials show customers how your product works and how it benefits them personally. You also establish customer trust by sharing valuable tips and tricks related to the product/service. Once customers feel like they know the ins and outs of your product/service, they’re more likely to buy it in the future. And if you top it off with a professional voice over, you can make the story even more real. You can also combine your Instagram story slideshow with an Instagram Reel to make it even more impactful.

5. Host a Q&A 

With a Q&A, audiences learn more about your brand through the people who keep the company going. You can review your company’s FAQs with the employees directly responsible for the product/service, or you can get customers to submit some of their burning questions and then answer these through an Instagram story. Creating an FAQ-type Instagram highlight can also keep the Q&A longer than the standard 24 hours. Or use Instagram Threads to create a group discussion between customers and executives. 

Instagram story ideas to inspire customers

1. Play a game

The best part about a game is that a customer could play it during their morning commute, lunch hour, or even before bed. And your game idea could be as simple as Bingo. But you could take it up a notch by including movies, memes, or even food concepts related to your brand. 

2. Create a quiz

‘Movie trivia’ and ‘test your knowledge’ are common online quizzes people take every day. Why? Because a quiz is a fun way to connect with or discover something. So, creating an Instagram quiz for your audience offers them a bit of fun while drawing attention to your brand. 

3. Host a giveaway

Who doesn’t like receiving a gift? So, to increase brand reach, promote a giveaway on your Instagram stories. This encourages your audience to share your brand with their inner circle. Not only will it encourage customer loyalty, but it also promotes your brand name to non-customers.  

4. Start a challenge

Challenges on Instagram can start with a spark and end up an inferno. Just think of how quickly a good dance challenge can go viral on social media. So, creating a challenge is one way to generate more brand awareness since they’re also quirky and engrossing. And since your audience is already online, it’s a great way to hold their attention.

How to adapt Instagram story ideas to your customers

instagram story ideas

First, use the Instagram insights feature to analyze your audience demographics and engagement rates. Second, tailor your content to resonate with your followers’ interests and lifestyles. For instance, if your audience is mainly health-conscious individuals, you could share stories featuring healthy recipes, fitness tips, or wellness product recommendations. Third, create a storyboard for your Instagram stories. This will help you plan the content, sequence, and visual elements to ensure they align with your customers’ interests. Fourth, personalize stories with interactive elements, like polls or questionnaires, to engage your audience further and build a stronger connection. Fifth, use content that is both relevant to your customers and engaging, like behind-the-scenes peeks, giveaways, or customer testimonials. So, the key is to make your Instagram stories a reflection of your audience’s aspirations, interests, and values.

Final thoughts on Instagram story ideas

Now that you have the best Instagram Story ideas for your brand, it’s time to set your content yards apart from competitors. So, use polls to make your ideas interactive, mix in behind-the-scenes content, include user-generated content, and wrap it up with a Q&A promoting company transparency. You can also use creative Instagram Story ideas like playing a game, creating a quiz, hosting a giveaway, or starting a challenge. 

So, with that in mind, we wish you the best of Instagram Story success. And, when you need to add a professional voice over to your Instagram story ideas, look no further than the pro voice actors on Voice123. Or use our Managed Services and have our team oversee your project from start to finish!

FAQs on Instagram story ideas

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are an Instagram app feature for users to upload multiple pictures and videos to create a 24-hour slideshow story.

What are some great Instagram story ideas?

Great Instagram story ideas include conducting a poll, showing behind-the-scenes or user-generated content, product demos and tutorials, and hosting a Q&A. You can also play a game, create a quiz, host a giveaway, or start a challenge.

How long are Instagram stories?

Instagram stories are 60 seconds long, and all stories play continuously and they are removed after 24 hours.


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