Video marketing: how to go viral and stay there!

Navigating the digital maze of video marketing is a tricky business. Partly because many people attribute online success to a simple stroke of luck. That’s why anyone who’s internet savvy has heard the term, going viral. But in a digital era, more than just blind luck is involved in video virality. So, if you’re working on your next ad video project here’s what you can do to knock the digital socks off your online viewers.

Some video background 

Video popularity is somewhat of an untamed digital force of nature. This means your video content has the power to become an online sensation if it resonates with enough viewers. 

Does that sound possible to you? Well, before you decide, consider this? 

Just a few years ago, 9 out of every 10 viewers said they would welcome more videos from brands and businesses. That means a whopping 96% of viewers are eager to guzzle down marketing video content. So, it’s little wonder then that being able to go viral is a huge business bonus.

When a video catches online fire, it generates likes and views because people are talking about it across multiple platforms. Be it through tweeting or blog posts. And if viewers find that the content is relatable to them, they will share, like, comment, and even repost it with gusto. 

For a video to go viral, the content needs to follow a few crucial steps. 

It must begin with an attention-grabbing hook. Next, it should reel in potential customers through views. And finally, it needs to sink the deal by turning views into sales. Brands that do this right, can experience a massive surge in online reach, viewer engagement, and finally sale conversions. And to set you off on the right video footing, be sure to look into compelling video ads and how to make them. 

Video marketing begins with a hook 

Video marketing: image of a woman streaming a live video
Image: Envato

A hook is something that sets the tone of the video within the first few seconds of watching. Whether it’s an audio depiction, a catchy phrase, or even a familiar face. The aim of the hook is to grab the audience’s attention and compel them to keep watching. Nissan’s Super Bowl Thrill Driver video is a good example of using a hook to promo not just one but two new vehicle releases simultaneously. 

The video uses a bunch of famous faces to grab the viewer’s attention and build relatability. Eugene Levy starts off by taking the new Nissan Z for a spin. He then overtakes actress Catherine O’Hara cruising around in the Ariya. Nissan’s all-electric vehicle. And twenty-six seconds later the ad transports the viewer into a mini action scene. With Levy gliding effortless over buildings and through multiple explosions. 

So an effective hook, in this case, was created by using faces that the audience is familiar with. Which means they are more likely to watch the video from beginning to end. This is also emphasized by the 35,009,522 views the video has gained to date.

Next, reel ’em in 

An effective reel builds anticipation and creates hype around a product. This is especially so if your product already exists in the market. Cellphones are a fitting example of this. Around 97% of Americans already own some type of mobile phone. But this did not stop an estimated two million people from pre-ordering iPhone 12 within the first 24 hours of its release. Even a pandemic didn’t hinder people from lining up outside Apple stores around the world for the iPhone 12

That’s because people are attracted to innovation and this is the most effective way to reel in viewers. Something that even well-known brands like Apple focus on. The company often updates and improves the features of its new releases so fans can keep track of refinements. And for viewers, it’s also a chance to get tomorrow’s innovation today.

Finally, do the deal 

Video marketing: image of two hands holding a sign that reads: get the deal
Image: Envato

For a video ad to turn views into sales it has to offer a pretty awesome product without hitting the viewer over the head with it. In this kind of situation, the Get a Mac ad worked best. The ad focused on 

the all-important Mac vs. PC debate. The Mac audience learned what they needed to know about the product without the ad being too in your face. A simple process that makes this one of the most successful Apple campaigns ever. It even went on to increase the company’s market share growth by 42%

So instead of pushing a product onto the viewer, use your video to emphasize the benefits of the product through relatability. This way potential consumers get to envision themselves using and benefiting from the product.

Final thoughts on video marketing

Video virality is all about brand identification. If your video piques the interest of viewers from the outset, you’re halfway to going viral. But for a video to become an online sensation it needs to adapt to what resonates with viewers. This means your brand’s natural vibe must work with your video ad to hook the viewer, reel them in and then sink the deal.   

And finally, there’s nothing quite like the sound of a professional voice actor to help you achieve all three aspects of video ads. So, be sure to check out Voice123 today, to find an abundance of dazzling and experienced voice acting pros. You’re bound to find the voice that best suits your next video ad. 

We wish you the best of success in the digital world as you continue to navigate the maze of video virality!


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