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How to promote a podcast in 2024

Why ask the question How to promote a podcast in 2024 now? Well, consider this scenario: You’ve just released your podcast’s 5th episode. Kudos to you! But since its launch, your podcast listenership hasn’t budged from the last 10 listeners you gained over 2 months ago. Understandably, you might feel like your business podcast is in a bit of a checkmate corner. So, it’s time for some serious podcast promotion! 

A podcast marketing strategy is exactly what you need to push your content over the line into gaining traction – new users, a brand following, and establishing your name in the industry.  Although there are over 464 million people listening to podcasts every day, with so many options available, it can be challenging to get your show noticed. That’s why at Voice123, we’re bringing you 5 effective strategies on how to promote a podcast with practical social media tactics to help you achieve the best podcast promotion results.

Welcome to How to Promote a Podcast 101!

What is podcast promotion?

how to promote a podcast

Podcast promotion is the use of specific podcast marketing strategies to increase the visibility, reach, and listenership of your podcast and showcase your related products or services. A podcast marketing strategy usually includes paid ads, publishing your content strategically, customizing podcast clips for social media, press releases to promote your podcast, cross-promotions with other podcasters, and using email newsletters or interactive platforms to engage with your audience and create a loyal following around your content. 

Podcast promotion is the best method to help people discover your podcast because how could they listen to something they don’t know exists? So, whether your company is a startup or an industry expert, podcast promotion can help you leverage your current users and audiences and appeal to new ones. With that in mind, here are five strategies on how to promote a podcast in 2024.

How to promote a podcast

  • Use the right social media channels to market your podcast
  • Utilize word-of-mouth growth marketing
  • Invite guests to cross-promote your podcast
  • Create catchy podcast intros and outros
  • Start an email newsletter to interact with your audience

So, let’s take the 5 points mentioned above and get down to the nitty-gritty:

1. Use the right social media channels to market your podcast

You wouldn’t try to buy a car from a grocery store, so why advertise your podcast where your audience isn’t? You could use a blog or website to promote the content once it’s published, but why not think of more specific channels? For example, if your content is current events-based, consider engaging a Twitter audience to share updates on real-time stories. But if the content is pop culture, use TikTok marketing, Instagram Threads, or YouTube Shorts to spread the word on each episode. You could also use catchy visuals to create specific posts with a link to your podcast. 

2. Utilize word-of-mouth growth marketing to promote your podcast

How often have you been on forums, Facebook, or WhatsApp groups to get reviews on a new restaurant? Why? Because you trust the recommendations of people, you know. In fact, 66% of podcast consumers trust recommendations from friends and family. So, word-of-mouth marketing from people who have already listened to and enjoyed your podcast counts more than any cold advertising strategy and increases the likelihood of potential listeners tuning into your podcast. If you can, your users would undoubtedly appreciate a loyalty discount.

3. Invite guests to cross-promote your podcast

Cross-promotion for podcasts involves inviting other podcasters to appear as guests on your show, and then you can feature as a guest on their show. This allows you to mention each other’s work during episodes, or you can even collaborate to produce joint episodes. With cross-promotion, you introduce each respective audience to a new potential podcast of interest, and you can also use social media channels to increase your visibility. 

4. Create catchy podcast intros and outros

If the golden rule of show running is getting listeners to the end of a podcast, the silver rule would be to use podcast intros to get them to the middle. Now, when you really believe in your content, it might be tempting to just race to the meat of the episode. But intros can hook an audience’s attention, making your podcast a listener’s favorite. It’s also important to have a strong conclusion that includes a call to action, so listeners will join your next episode, participate in an online discussion, and share your podcast with their friends and family.

5. Start an email newsletter to interact with your audience

Of all the digital marketing channels available, email marketing is the one that helps you make money. In fact, you can expect an ROI of $36 for every $1 spent. So, by crafting interesting episode descriptions and links, sharing episode updates, exclusive bonus content, or behind-the-scenes peeks, you can incentivize subscribers to tune in to your podcast and enhance listener engagement.

Now that we’ve covered some of the best ways to promote a podcast let’s look at four techniques on how to market a podcast.

How to market a podcast in 4 ways

1. Submit your content to podcast directories

The most prominent players in podcasting directories seem to be Apple Podcasts and Spotify, in that order. But Apple Podcasts and Spotify aren’t necessarily the all-encompassing answers. Here’s the best strategy: get on all of the platforms. There’s no harm in doing it! There may be listeners who prefer smaller podcasting directories like Overcast, and you’d miss them if you only tried for the big two.

2. Hire an influencer to promote your podcast

Influencer marketing is effective because people believe influencers are a source of credible and inspiring content. It can be time-consuming to focus on blog posts, Instagram reels, or other forms of social media marketing to promote your podcast. But this is an influencer’s playground, and they can reach thousands, even millions, of potential listeners.

3. Leverage your existing network

You can promote your podcast by leveraging your existing network. By reaching out to your professional, social, and personal contacts and encouraging them to spread the word and endorse your podcast, you can increase your podcast’s organic growth through trusted recommendations. Because not only do people trust people, but they also trust people they know.

4. Use social media to market your podcast

Most podcasters market their podcast on channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Regardless of the channel you settle on, there are 3 specific ways you can harness social media marketing for a company podcast. First, use social media to share your content because you can establish brand connections with millions of people. Next, collaborate with brands that align with your audience. If your focus is video games, you can target voice overs industries like game design or video production. Finally, host live events either online or offline to get people talking about your show to their contact circle.

Final thoughts on how to promote a podcast

how to promote a podcast

Podcast promotion helps you expand the reach of your podcast while building your brand, exposing it to new customers, and establishing a solid marketing channel. So, use podcast marketing strategies like getting featured on directories and channels, asking your existing audience to share it, getting guests to mention it on their podcast, creating interesting intros and outros, and starting an email newsletter to achieve listener growth. 

Now that you have the marketing tools you need to promote a podcast, head on over to Voice123 for incredible podcast voice overs. Or consider using our Managed Services and have our team manage your podcast voice overs from the intro to the outro!

FAQs on how to promote a podcast

How to promote a podcast?

Use the right social media channels to market your podcast, utilize word-of-mouth growth marketing, invite guests to cross-promote your podcast, create catchy podcast intros and outros, and start an email newsletter to interact with your audience.

How do I market a podcast?

By submitting your podcast to podcast directories, hiring an influencer, leveraging your network, and making use of social media.


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