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How to use business analytics tools to track performance

Regardless of your industry, business analytics tools are a great way to track performance and upscale your business model. However, sifting through mountains of data is not easy. This is really where analytics tools get down to business. They help companies glean an actionable understanding from collected data. This later contributes to both improvements and business growth.

These tools also deliver seamless analytics solutions that are easy and flexible enough for businesses of all sizes to benefit. Companies can also convert and digest data instantly, which cuts right to the bottom line of their business objective.

What exactly are business analytics tools?

business analytics tools

Business analytics software operates much like intelligence tools. They’re jam-packed with useful features that provide companies with insights into their performance based on advanced modeling. Some examples are better utilization of resources, real-time presentations, strategic planning, social media campaigns, and even KPI analysis. Companies then have a much more holistic overview of their critical focal points. These key insights help companies to improve their efficacy, and profit margins, as well as increase production. 

Why should you track your company’s performance with business analytics tools?

Think of it this way: Would you trust a ship’s captain to steer his vessel blindfolded? Of course not! Why then trust yourself to steer your business in the same way? That’s basically what you’d be doing by failing to track your business performance. As the captain of your company, if you can’t manage its inner workings, how d’you steer the company? Whether you’re analyzing your success, marketing trends, or social media traffic, it’s about seeing the big data picture. This data is really what helps businesses make crucial decisions about how to meet customer wants and needs. So what are some of the best tools to use?

Google Analytics

Although Google Analytics does swim in a crowded data analytics software pool, it still stands out as a top-performer. It offers numerous free tools to analyze data which leads to more efficient business practices and better company decisions. You could measure ROI, track social media data, and gain useful insight into the mind of your customers. Now there are two versions of Google Analytics available. The standard version is free, but the premium version called Google Analytics 360 is paid and operates on tier-based pricing.


Sisense is a nifty user-friendly business analytics tool that requires very little advanced know-how to operate efficiently. Employees and departments can utilize it without having to call on IT whenever you hit a hitch. According to Sisense, their technology can infuse analytics into everyday applications and workflows to drive better, faster decisions. All for the benefit of businesses and customers. The AI-powered analytics platform is download-free and they even offer a free trial to potential users.


Splunk software works well as an analytics tool for small business owners to medium size companies. Having worked with big names like Aflac, Hondo, and Tesco, Splunk has garnered a solid record. Their data confronts some of the more pressing matters companies deal with, including security threats, and faster application development. 

Final thoughts on business analytics tools

A key business focus should be on analysis and results. And as a client translating data into actionable measures is more than just a nicetohavesomeday feature. ROI, business practice, the analysis of AI software, KPIs? Business analytics tools might be just what you’re missing to take your business next level.

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