Voice over: how to really grow your business best!

Don’t underestimate the power of voice over to grow your business! Let’s face it, markets are changing, and buying habits are evolving, but the one thing that remains constant is the value of emotional marketing. That’s why the power of voice overs are so effective. They teach, entertain, engage, captivate, and inspire! So if you’re looking for creative ways to grow in 2023, here’s how to do it with the power of voice over!

What is the power of voice over

The human voice isn’t just unique or special – it has the power to evoke emotions and memories and can often be persuasive. Think back to the last voice that made an impression on you. A client’s elated tone as you revealed the successful results of a campaign? That one teacher or professor from your student days who looked you firmly in the eyes and kindly said, ‘You’ll do great things!’ Now, when you think about the power of a voice over for a business, you likely think of a commercial or radio production. While these are more commonly used, businesses, brands, and companies are going outside the traditional voice over box and using persuasive, lively, vibrant voices to create captivating explainer videos, product demos, podcasts, and more! So, let’s dive deeper to see how you can utilize the power of voice over to grow your business.

1. Explainer videos

Customers often don’t know how your product works. This is especially common with complicated products like SaaS subscriptions. When they cannot find a good resource, they could quickly ditch your business website and look for solutions elsewhere. You can create a catchy product explainer video using a clear and engaging voice-over to avoid this. This keeps customers on your site, easily educates them on your solution for their problem, and adds emotional marketing value. It also brings authenticity to your product. A good voice over can communicate information as if someone had just heard it from a good friend. That’s a familiarity that text and visuals just can’t imitate.

2. IVR & Customer support

Customers want to be heard. Whether that’s in the form of a complaint, compliment, or query, means you have to have the best line of defense. AKA – your telephone support agents. But sometimes, getting to every call is impossible, and it can leave frustrated customers even more agitated. This is where a charming, eloquent voice over comes in with a welcoming message, direction to other support, or even quick support answers to common FAQs. You can hire a voice actor for interactive voice response (IVR) and redirect your customer to the best-suited support agent. You can also localize your IVR voice into one native to your audience. That means taking on the same accent, pacing, and sounds of the people you’re trying to reach, which can make customers feel like an effort has been made to address them personally.

3. Podcasts

Starting a podcast is a great way to engage targeted audiences, boost their chances of staying connected with your brand, and establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. And with the growth of influencer marketing, this is easily outsourced. Ultimately, you want the voice behind the mic to educate, inform, and inspire. But the intros and outros of a podcast are a perfect way to redirect your listeners to a webpage, content piece, social handles, or even a special brand recall campaign. 

4. Social media videos

The power of voice over

Your social media accounts need fun and engaging videos to grab a customer’s attention, hold it and convert it! Using a voice over to create high-quality business videos or animated sequences is a great way to do this. People find these videos fun to watch and keep returning for more. But your intros have to be captivating, and while impressive visuals work, it’s more effective when combined with powerful voice overs. After all, you only have less than two minutes to reach users on social media.

5. Audio blogs

You might publish the best articles on your company website, but only some are interested in reading them. Many can also not read them due to preference, circumstances, and environment – to name a few. That’s why audio blogs are an excellent way to engage such customers and not lose out on their business. A voice over artist can easily use the right pitch, tempo, and accent to convert the blogs into audio blogs. They can add depth and character and grab the audience’s attention at each inflection of a word, so audio blogs can do great things for your business. Remember, Voice123 has voice actors from around the world just a few clicks away if you want to make voice over power work for your business!

6. Training videos

An important part of growing your business is to train your employees well. Whether that’s onboarding or refreshers, providing them with reading material only is neither enough nor engaging. A voice actor can bring your company’s content to life and help the information to even touch the heart of your audience. Think of an empty restaurant. Pretty uninviting, and it doesn’t make you feel much. Now think of a busy restaurant full of people who are like you. That’s better. The food is probably good there too! So just by having a voice over, you can bring an element of human connection that can’t be found elsewhere.

7. Sonic branding

If you’ve ever heard the phrase or jingle, “I’m Lovin’ It,” you instantly think of McDonald’s. That’s essentially sonic branding, a marketing methodology where you use a professional voice actor to create a phrase, jingle, or slogan that customers recognize as your brand’s identifying sound. It’s like a verbal logo you can use in ad campaigns and marketing videos. Each voice is unique, so having one voice representing your business will help build a familiarity with your brand. People might begin to see the brand more as a person they know than as a business. You’ll have a distinct and memorable brand if you have a distinct voice.

8. Multilingual customer support

While most IVRs for customer support are in English, if you have a growing business, the native language of many of your customers might not be English. You must make space for this part of your customer base and create an IVR in their native language so that they can easily do business with you.

9. Radio ads

The power of voice over

While the trend of using radio ads may not be as high as it once was, if you have a significant section of your target audience tuning into radio channels regularly, running short promotional ads on the radio is a good idea, especially when it’s a localized effort. These short but effective ads can create brand awareness and goes a long way toward establishing trust. In fact, a radio statistics report shows that ‘more Americans listen to the radio than use Facebook each week.’

10. Ad campaign videos

Ad campaign videos differ from those you put on your business’s social media accounts. A versatile voice actor can help you create ear-catching ad videos that can be run on Facebook or Instagram, interest prospects in your products in seconds, and subtly push them further down your sales funnel. A good voice actor can also sound confident and credible. It’ll help the audience identify with your business and recognize the importance of what you’re offering.

Final thoughts on using the power of voice over

Do you want to grow your boost? Increase trust and awareness and keep up with the marketing endgame. Then you need to use the power of voice. Regardless of your niche, industry or marketing funnel. Voice overs can be used in a variety of marketing techniques, from explainers to ad campaign videos. Professional voice actors can also build deeper connections with your target market by keeping them engaged. So, if you need the best voice for your next voice over, be sure to post a project for free on Voice123. Or, search for a voice actor from our wide range of vocal talents!

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