Emotional Marketing Value: how to make it impact your business

Here’s something we can all agree on: the interwebs are crammed with clutter. As a business, you need to cut through that clutter if you want to be either seen or heard by your prospects. It boils down to messaging so you can get – or remain – top of mind. Understanding emotional marketing value and its impact on your business is a key element in determining your marketing clout.

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Have you ever had to commiserate with a heartbroken friend? Perhaps it was a tragic betrayal, a lamentation over the end of a romantic relationship, the passing of someone close.

Whatever it was, you might’ve seen your friend change. Heartbreak drives people towards erratic behavior, impulsive action, and fulfilling the primal need for a sense of security.

Why do we ask? To illustrate the power of emotion. To put it plainly, emotion makes people do stuff. And that makes it great for marketing your business.

To have any sort of success in this era of marketing, targeting people’s emotions is a must. And no worries, it doesn’t have to be sleazy targeting. If you’re helping people, providing value, then it’s a win-win!

Here’s how emotional marketing value can help you secure that win.

Ever-more relevant

Take a moment to look out your e-window and have a peek at internet activity. What do you see? How are people feeling? With most of us still grunting under the strain of adapting to a post pandemic environment (let alone the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict), chances are emotions are likely all over the place. People are looking for solutions. And this search for solutions is running on emotions. 

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But what does emotional marketing value mean!?

Emotional marketing value refers to how well your marketing influences and relates to people’s emotions.

Emotional marketing takes a different approach from sales marketing. Sales marketing is more akin to highlighting product details, where emotional marketing highlights how the customer will feel after purchasing the product.

Let’s take something like selling apples as an example. First, sales marketing:

“This Honey Crisp apple has the perfect sweetness, acidity, tartness and sourness ratio. With an excellent crunch, and perfect juiciness, you’ll be damn sure it’s the apple you need.”

Then, an emotional marketing strategy:

“The beads of sweat drip down your forehead as you crave something refreshing, healthy, and sweet. Let our Honey Crisp fall into your hands and into your mouth, elevating you to a heaven of taste and refreshment. The perfect snacking experience is waiting for you!”

The problem with the former marketing strategy is that it falls into the backdrop of daily information overload. People these days just don’t have the mental capacity to absorb all the information that’s thrown at them, every single day. 

So marketing has evolved to attract people with emotions. And that’s how we’ve come to look at emotional marketing value.

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Let’s analyze emotional marketing value!

So we have a clear picture of what emotional marketing is, but how do we measure the value?

Emotional marketing value has to be felt out. You can get a good idea of how much value your project has by conducting surveys, asking how people feel about your content with feedback forms, and keeping an eye for their reactions to your content.

Certain emotions are likely to provoke certain actions. Such as: happiness leading to sharing and virality, and fear evoking loyalty and comfort. You can see how emotion can create certain value in your business, and use it accordingly.

Another way to measure the emotional marketing value is to just ask yourself how you feel about it. If you’re marketing something and you can’t feel the emotional impact, chances are, it’s lacking emotional marketing value. 

Because if you can’t feel it, who’s to say your customers will?


One neat tool you can use is the Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer. Punch in a headline and see how impactful it is. It’s pretty cool since it tells you whether your headline is more likely to affect people intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually.

Another huge way to win with emotional marketing value, is to use a professional voice over.

With so much marketing out in the world now, why not opt for a unique, colorful, engaging voice over that’s brimming with emotion?

The human voice has been connecting people’s emotions for thousands of years. It is natural, genuine, tried & true, and super effective in getting a message across. That’s why businesses are opting for voice overs more and more frequently!

The great thing about hiring a professional voice actor is that their whole profession is dedicated to voicing and connecting with emotion. Their skills are apt for creating emotional marketing value.

Looking for a voice actor? Voice123 has a substantial roster of professional voice actors for your emotional-marketing-value needs. Give our voice actors a try, and see how they can make emotions fly to the benefit of your business!


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