How to best stay on top of evolving marketing trends!

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Okay – so 2022 has kicked off with more bang than its last two pandemic-ridden predecessors. But now that the dust is settling and the new year is finding its feet, it’s time to follow up on your marketing efforts. On the plus side, marketing trends in 2022 are shaping up to be more of a red pill, blue pill kinda year!

How, you ask?  

Well, will you choose the blue pill and stick with pre-pandemic trends that are comfortable but moving towards retirement? Or will you choose the red pill and channel your inner Neo as you pursue a more out-of-the-box style of marketing? After all, The Matrix isn’t the only one trying to resurrect its popularity. 

A look at recent tech headlines shows how marketing trends are fast becoming the secret brand weapon of 2022. And on this side of the pandemic, it’s also a crucial step toward keeping your brand fresh and competitive. 

That’s why in this post, we’ll highlight the crucial role of marketing trends, three key ways to tackle them head-on, and how your business can successfully adapt to them. 

The crucial role of marketing trends  

Global marketing culture is changing faster than a crewman changing tires at the NASCAR Cup Series. So, the key – or red pill in this case – means success comes from having helpful insight into the endless hallway of marketing trends. 

In fact, consider how marketing ideas have changed over the last 100 years. Door-to-door and in-person sales would have been banned for the last two years. On the other hand, virtual marketing like SEO and SMM have continued to operate at peak performance. 

Marketing trends add a more dynamic edge to brand awareness, as demonstrated by the weaving works at metaverse. So, staying on top of these trends and implementing effective brand marketing will play a crucial role in your business development. 

That’s why whatever your marketing goals are, here are three top trends you can use to boost your brand in 2022. 

3 key marketing trends in 2022

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1. Experimental E-commerce marketing

In 2020, E-commerce experienced a boost from 16 percent to 19 percent. But recent predictions show that experimental e-commerce is what will soon dominate online and offline marketing. 

That’s because pre-pandemic commerce initially focused on how to outdo digital shopping. Whereas today, the aim of marketing is more direct, focusing on the successful combination of digital shopping and in-store shopping.

What’s the takeaway? 

A merger of this magnitude means that you can now effectively combine your in-store marketing with digital marketing. In doing so, you can reach more customers through a more diverse scale of omnichannel marketing.

2. Influencer marketing

It’s sometimes said that the safest place to hide something is on the second page of Google! So, as the constant need to become more visible across search engines and social media increases, the industry of influencer marketing continues to thrive. 

By simply clicking post, influencers can turn a tiny spark of an ad into a full-blown blaze across multiple social media platforms simultaneously. And they do it with a lot less fanfare than Kevin Hart after eating cake in Jumanji. Even successful brands like Adidas and Dunkin’ Donuts have used influencer marketing to generate leads and income. 

What’s the takeaway? 

Customers trust the recommendations of the influencer marketers they follow. This means that influencers have the power to champion your brand. So all that’s left is to light your brand’s spark by creating a definitive campaign and hiring a social media champion that’s worth their weight in gold. Or in this case likes and followers. 

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3. Sound marketing

Edgar Dale, the creator of the learning pyramid, believed that ‘We remember 50% of what we hear.’ So we could say that this is how sound marketing was born. 

In fact, a sound like the human voice can stay with a person up to 50% longer than reading printed words. All the more reason to make wise use of voice overs that have a convincing ability to reach the hearts of your customers. 

What’s the takeaway? 

Adding voice acting to your marketing campaign can help you better reach your target market and boost sales all in the same voice (no pun intended).  

In fact, Voice123 has a wide range of pros to help you ‘say’ it right, so here are a few tips to help you find one that’s best suited as your brand voice: How to best use voice123 to find and direct voice actors?

How to successfully adapt to market trends

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  1. Think long-term.

 In other words, don’t focus on today, but 12 months from today. This helps you to keep your marketing goals clearly in mind. 

And if you need a head start, check out our advice on how to create a fantastic marketing campaign.

  1.  Think like your customer. 

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and real-life Tony Stark, takes time out of his hectic schedule to tweet to his customers. And not in an obligatory kinda way, but in a genuine, ‘I care what you have to say kinda way.’ He even implemented a customer’s suggestion as easy as 1. 2. Tweet. 

Addressing user feedback is vital because it makes customers feel as if they have a voice. And it’s even better for brand publicity when the CEO gets involved. 

  1. Think adaptation. 

Being willing to adapt means being ready to retire outdated practices. Don’t stick with something just because it worked in the past or because you’ve become accustomed to it. 

Take USBs, for example; desk drawers were full of them at one stage. Now, they’re soon to be replaced by Airplay. So, knowing when to let go is a marketing must. Then you can narrow down the parameters of emerging trends to implement what best suits your business. 

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Final thoughts

With the constant update and evolution of marketing trends in 2022, your brand needs a careful and concise marketing strategy to give it a trending boost! 

You can do that by incorporating successful trends like experimental e-commerce, influencer marketing, and sound marketing into your marketing strategy for this year. 

So, we wish you all the best as your business continues to adapt to changing market trends in 2022.
And may your red pill lead you to a marketing wonderland! But as Neo also needed Morpheus at his side – don’t forget to check out Voice123 to find your own marketing voice!


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