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Rick and Morty: how to best advertise creatively!

Wubba-lubba-dub-dub! If you’ve watched the popular sci-fi animated comedy Rick and Morty, you’ll know that this catchphrase was voiced by Justin Roiland, one of the Rick and Morty voice actors and co-creator of the show. The phrase actually means, “I’m in great pain; please help me,” and as nonsensical as it sounds, it’s a great metaphor for the show, which is both quirky and irreverent. 

The show is also able to maintain a fresh vibe that keeps audiences interested. In fact, the show has repeatedly been named the most-viewed television comedy for adults. What makes the show so successful with such a diverse audience? The Rick and Morty voice actors. And at Voice123, we know the importance of skilled voice acting. That’s why in this piece, we’re going to dive into one of the show’s multi-dimensional portals by looking at what the TV show is, who are the Rick and Morty voices, and a key lesson in brand advertising!

What is Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty
Image: Adult Swim

Rick and Morty is a sci-fi TV show and an animated series made for adults that follows the hilarious adventures of Rick – an alcoholic scientist and his grandson – who lives in a perpetual state of nervousness. And when this dynamic duo isn’t with their families, they’re probably wreaking havoc on the latest alien world they come across in their intergalactic travels. The show is famous for its dark, satirical humor, witty quips, and out-of-this-world plot lines. 

Take, for example, the Get Schwifty episode. A planet-sized alien head lands on Earth and demands that the people (in the alien head’s words). “Show me what you got.” The alien head, known as a Cromulon, messes with Earth’s gravity causing various natural disasters that kill many people across the world, including a couple of prominent artists. It’s up to the dynamic duo to perform a song live; that’s enough to satisfy the Cromulon so it doesn’t destroy the Earth. 

The result is an awesome performance of the famous song Get Schwifty. Now while we’re on the topic of voices, let’s take a closer look at the Rick and Morty voices.

Rick and Morty voice actors

The Rick and Morty voice actors are Ian Cardoni, who voices Rick, and Harry Belden, who voices Morty. Justin Roiland was the Rick and Morty voice actor who voiced both characters from seasons one to 6. However, as of 2023, Justin is no longer the Rick and Morty voice, and the new voice actors use a Justin Roiland soundalike style to capture the quirky personality of Rick and Morty. The show’s co-creator Dan Harmon also voices some of the other characters, like Birdperson. And there are special occasions when the voice cast features celebs like Elon Musk as Elon Tusk and Stephen Colbert as Zeen Xanflorp.

Who voices Rick

Ian Cardoni voices Rick, and he uses a soundalike style to portray the gritty, condescending, lower-pitched voice that Justin Roiland created to showcase Rick’s genius and tech skills. As the main character, Rick is the smartest person in the universe and always has the right sci-fi contraption to escape any situation. As the Rick voice actor, Cardoni voices all the wit, confidence, and mad genius nuances that make Rick’s character so remarkable.

Who voices Morty 

Harry Belden voices Morty, and his soundalike voice style is high-pitched, stammering, and anxiety-filled to highlight Morty’s constant state of nerves and the fact that he’s usually an unwilling participant in Rick’s latest scheme. Roiland created a unique identity for both characters as the Rick and Morty voice actor, which gave the show its popularity, and the new Rick and Morty voice actors will continue that vocal legacy. And if you’re looking to have the same success for your next video game, animation, or promo video, you can post a project for free on Voice123 and find some of the best Rick and Morty voice actor styles available.

But what do these voices bring to the advertising scene, and how can you apply those strategies to your next marketing campaign?

Lessons in brand advertising

Rick and Morty
Image: Adult Swim

The show has proven successful in combining unconventional comedy with a unique style of voice, which creates impactful, memorable messaging that translates to viewers around the world. The show is extremely counterculture to mainstream advertising. But that’s exactly what attracts the attention of audiences, and it’s also why popular companies, from Pringles to Wendy’s, partner with them to create unforgettable ads.

For example, take the Playstation 5 ad. It starts with Rick Sanchez saying, “Alright, Morty go, talk about the thing they paid us a lot for,” as he counts what we can assume is the payment for the ad. Rick then chimes in with the selling points the ad is supposed to mention as Morty talks about the video game console. It’s almost a mockery of an ad. The advertising style is embarrassingly candid, daring, and fourth-wall-breaking. However, it’s also true to the show, it’s different, and this is what works best.

The lessons? In your next advertisement, start by thinking out of the box. Conduct your market research, and decide on your type of ad, format, and purpose. Then get creative with striking visuals and a memorable impactful script to make an ad that stands out. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unconventional comedy, satire, and whatever witty one-liners you can think of. And once you’ve worked out all the details, top it off with a unique voice over that can bring the personality to your ad. Whether you want a voice that’s sarcastic and candidly funny like Rick or genuinely relatable like Morty – you’ll find them on Voice123

Final thoughts on Rick and Morty

And that’s a wrap! Rick and Morty are made up of genre-breaking animation and a unique voice over style that is purely Rick and Morty. But the takeaway is that good animation, genius scriptwriting, and fantastic voice overs can boost your brand awareness and attention. And when it comes to advertising, don’t forget to get creative with unconventional comedy to craft a killer commercial script. Then check out our voice over pros. We have a roster filled with brilliant character voice actors who create memorable performances. They just might be the Rick & Morty voice actors you need! Find a voice actor here!


Who voices Rick and Morty?

Ian Cardoni voices Rick and Harry Belden voices Morty in season 7 of Rick and Morty. Justin Roiland voiced Rick and Morty from seasons 1 to 6.

What is Rick and Morty about?

The show is about Rick Sanchez, a mad scientist, and his good-natured grandson Morty Smith. Together they embark on inter-dimensional adventures, traveling to other planets and dimensions in Rick’s flying car.


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