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Podcasting: how to best grow your business

Have you ever considered how to grow your business with podcasting? If you haven’t, you should. Countless studies and surveys conducted over the past couple of years have shown that we’re living not only in the Age of Technology, but also in the Age of Audio. There’s no better time to start a podcast than right now.

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Post pandemic, consumer interest in audio is at an all-time high, so podcasts provide a great opportunity for businesses to engage with both their customers and prospects.

It doesn’t matter what business segment you’re in, either; an ongoing podcast series can help boost sales of your products or services, as well as establishing and growing your online presence. Let’s take a quick look at several important ways how to grow your business with podcasting and provide you with some podcasts tips. A quick Google search will provide you with some great podcast examples, podcast templates, and even provide you with examples for podcast scripting.

Build a podcasting community

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A podcast connects you to your customers, be they past, present or future. Regular engagement via a podcast can develop a often loyal and dedicated community around your business.

A community of listeners provides you with an engaged audience that is likely to support you on an ongoing basis. There’s an age-old adage that loyalty begets loyalty and it ain’t no lie.

Loyalty benefits your business and it draws other customers. Much like traditional radio, podcasts can be an intimate experience. Listeners feel they’re being addressed personally. You can use the personal touch to build long-lasting relationships with your audience.

Gain authority

It’s unlikely that anyone will be better acquainted with your product or service than you. This simple fact will allow you to come across as someone who has expertise and is eager to solve problems.

A podcast provides you with a platform to not only put your expertise on display, but offer assistance. It’s the simplest way to gain authority and credibility. You’ll acquire the moniker of ‘expert in your field’. Never forget that this can result in other opportunities. Think: partnerships, speaking engagements, collaborations with others in your chosen industry or a related industry, and so on.

It follows by implication that if you’re regarded as an expert in your industry, you’re an influencer. Consumers will be far more likely to buy what you’re selling because they believe you. You’ve earned their trust.

Podcasting traffic

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Expanding your audience (as well as reaching a new audiences) is not for the faint-hearted. A website a presence on social media is simply no longer enough. There’s just too much online clutter.

Podcasts can help you build awareness for your brand by giving it a voice. A distinctive voice can summon listeners and drive traffic to your website by allowing you to reach audiences worldwide.

A great podcast series will let audiences find you rather than you having to expend enormous amounts of time and energy (and money) in pursuit of them.

Podcasts are free. All your audience requires is a smartphone, tablet, or computer, so there’s no real barrier to entry. These devices are ubiquitous today. What it boils down to is that you’ll find an audience just about anywhere in the world.

Podcasting network

How to grow your business with podcasting? when you’re perpetually aware of that question, you’ll perpetually seek out new ways to network. Networking is not just beneficial for your business. It’s absolutely crucial. It needs to be a constant priority. Don’t underestimate the power of podcasting to provide you with further opportunities for networking.

During your podcast, you can host guests. By the same token, you can appear as guest on podcasts hosted by others. Also keep in mind that simply by being involved with podcasting and being a member of the larger podcasting community by default could present you with opportunities you never expected or even thought of.

Content Marketing

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Regularly creating content is as vital as networking. Without the constant generation of content, your business won’t be visible or discoverable online. Current content makes you relevant. It grabs the attention of consumers. Those consumers are potential customers.

Furthermore, Google rewards businesses and brands who create useful content. If you have an active and engaged community, you’ll find yourself at the top of search results sooner than you might think.

Podcasts resort under content marketing. What’s more, podcasts are valuable content. Podcasts that build your listener community and customer trust can always be repurposed. For example, you can offer transcripts, craft blog articles, etc. All these things will enhance your value as a business.

Create a revenue stream

There’s also no reason why you cannot monetize your podcast. Once you’re seen as an influencer and have an active community of listeners, sponsorship becomes an option. Affiliate marketing is worth considering.

Your podcast can not only become a worthwhile revenue stream, it can become the source of more than one.

Sure, your podcast will need to become a thing before you can consider monetization, but once you’re at that level, you can actually generate fairly substantial revenue. Just don’t start podcasting with that in mind. Consumers are shrewd. Treat them with respect and earnest compassion. Again: acquaint yourself with the best podcast examples, podcasts tips, podcast templates, and scripts for podcasts out there.


Podcasting truly is a tool you can use to promote and build your business. Don’t rush into it and don’t do it willy-nilly. Explore your options, listen to other podcasts out there and build one that stands out from the crowd.

If you have a small or local business and you don’t have much of an online presence, a podcast may just be the tool for growth you need. Remember too that you can always make use of Voice123 if you’d like to craft podcast intros that will grab your audience!

Finally, now that you know how to grow your business with podcasting, go for it!


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