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SP – How to make a promo video that engages audiences

Recent studies have shown that people retain 95% of the information watched in videos but just 10% from reading text. So, a video promo is a great way to get your content to stick in the audience’s minds. At the same time, you can promote existing products/services or showcase a new feature or update. Another way to make your videos attention-grabbing from the first second is to use engaging voice overs. Think about what would be more interesting. A video narrated by Jim from your finance team? Or a professional voice actor narrating your video in a Bart Simpson style? Imagine hearing, ¡Ay, caramba, let me tell you about this company called ….

Are your spidey senses tingling with a new idea for your next promo video? If so, here’s everything you need to know about how to make a promo video, including tips to add engaging voice overs that make your video promo stand out!

What is a promo video

Promotional videos are a dynamic combination of stunning visual effects, inspiring background music, and motivational voice over narration. Like  Avengers Prime (a high-powered superhero combo of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America), this impressive trio works together to promote different products/services to customers, creating a higher sales rate. However, a promo video ranges from less than 60 seconds to a few minutes, so it must be direct, structured, and engaging. But these videos are also versatile enough to be used at exhibitions, business conferences, or on different online and social media sites. 

Here’s an example: Instead of running around dishing out pamphlets at a conference, you can set a screen at your company booth and play a video promo of how your product/service differs from competitors. That way, the combination of colorful images, music, and captivating voice over all work together to attract the attention of passers-by. The result? Rather than having to seek out customers, the video promo draws them right to you. And when they take a pamphlet of their own initiative, they’re more likely to share it with their personal/business circle.

Here’s how to make a promo video in 4 steps to engage audiences.

How to make a promo video in 4 steps

how to make a promo video
  1. Write a motivating script: your most significant writing advantage is knowing what your brand needs. To transform your vision into a story that resonates with audiences, follow the structure of a) a catchy intro, b) a key message, and c) a call to action. This creates a simple journey from awareness to consideration to action.
  2. Use an engaging voice over: voice actors infuse human emotion into videos. So, instead of a, you should buy this because lecture … they can create a have you ever, or a don’t you wish moment, which sounds natural and more believable. 
  3. Create captivating visuals: Visual content stands out when it stops consumers in their tracks. You can use dynamic colors and bold scenery to show the benefit of your product/service. This creates potential interest that generates leads and lands sales. And it’s crucial because… well, who doesn’t want to attract a larger audience? 
  4. Add inspiring music/sound effects: Music can transform visual content when it absorbs the audience’s attention. For example, classical music would set a gentle scene behind a life insurance promo, whereas a catchy jingle would fit right into a promo video for a tech product.

2 different types of promotion videos

1. Explainer videos

Explainer videos deep dive into the features or services of a company’s product. Like the “what is Pinterest?” video. It explains the how and why of the platform to users in just over a minute. And in the fast-paced environment most people operate in, a few minutes are often all we have. So, with explainer videos, you can condense just the critical points you want potential consumers to remember.

2. Testimonial videos

People trust people. That’s what makes testimonials perfect for promo videos. Instead of just highlighting different product aspects and pricing, they feature real people talking about their experiences using the product/service. American Express used five different customers from equally different business backgrounds to expertly represent how the company offers diverse benefits to all types of businesses.

5 tips when making a promotional video

how to make a promo video
  1. Target a specific audience: This allows you to deliver content that is tailored to their needs, pain points and even wants.
  2. Communicate a ‘clear’ message: Don’t clutter your story with unnecessary points. Keep it simple and concise, and answer the question, ‘What do you want users to do after watching the video?’
  3. Use eye-catching visuals: You can mix static and moving images or animation to create high-quality graphics that will hold your audience’s attention.
  4. Use a strong call-to-action: Keep the CTA clear and easy to follow. Tell consumers what you want them to do, whether that’s visiting your website, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase. 
  5. Keep your video short and sweet: Always get to the point in one to two minutes, and only use footage that enhances your core message.

Final thoughts on how to make a promo video

Promotional videos are like a window to your business. Think of how department stores like Selfridges spend thousands of hours and dollars creating eye-catching window displays. Is it just to make the store look pretty for passers-by? No. All year round, Selfridges windows transform the company’s vision into theatrical displays of color, light, and life. What the customer sees motivates the rest of their body to enter the store and make a purchase. Promos videos, in the same way, give potential consumers a visual glimpse at what your business offers. What they see motivates them to hit subscribe or click checkout and pay for their cart.

Once you’ve got your video promo content locked down, it’s time to find yourself a voice actor to work some vocal magic. And there’s no better place to find a professional voice actor than on Voice123. Your friendly neighborhood voice over platform.

FAQs on how to make a promo video

What is a promo video?

It’s a short video similar to a movie trailer. It introduces customers to a product/service or promotes updated features and services of an existing product.

How to make a promo video?

You can follow a 4-step process. Write a motiving script, use an engaging voice over, create captivating visuals, and add inspiring music/sound effects.

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