How to avoid Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for good!

Yup, we’re serious: avoid Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for good.


Because of a cataclismic day: October 4th, 2021. 

It started out like any other day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. All was as it should be. Then, disaster struck! Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram went down around the world. And all we could do was watch as they toppled like dominoes!

Perhaps this was your train of thought when you realized what was happening. 

‘That’s strange, my WhatsApp isn’t getting two ticks. Is the WIFI not working? No, Google is opening so it can’t be that … What? Whatsapp is down? Facebook has an outage? Instagram is not working? And it’s all on Twitter?’ 

If those thoughts crossed your mind, you certainly weren’t alone. That was pretty much the ‘AHA’ moment for billions of users during the global outage. And even though someone flipped the switch back on a few hours later, the feeling that maybe we’re just too reliant on social media still can’t be shaken. 

But if you avoid all social media, how will you keep in touch with the latest pictures, groups, ads, videos, and messages from friends, family, customers, and business prospects? And does that thought alone give you heart palpitations or anxiety attacks? 

Well, take a deep breath; you don’t have to go cold turkey just yet! We’ve got a few aces up our sleeve that we’re happy to share. But first, a little context.

How social media became a must-have

It all started with a few messages to some friends, looking at family wedding pictures, and marketing the business to a few customers. Before we knew it, social media became the first and last thing we check every day. Not forgetting the hourly checks in-between. Or the quick peeks on our way to the bathroom. And the slight glances while stuck in meetings. 

It’s also not to say that all social media should be avoided like handshakes or wiped with alcohol. Millions of social media influencers earn their living on these platforms and were seriously affected by the outage:

No live streams, chats, and videos while these platforms were not working.

No scheduled posts either. 

In other places, people rely on these sites/apps for business orders, marketing, financial services and could do nothing while they were down. Even voice acting plays a vital role on these platforms.

But, just how desperately do we need social media? Is it like oxygen? Water? Those delicious french fries you can’t live without, which makes your life happier but needs to be replaced with something healthier? 

Well, if you’re looking to change things up, avoid complete reliance, or just a few ways to survive when they’re not working, here’s our algorithm for a digital detox! 

7 ways to avoid Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp 

1. Find alternatives:

If you use these platforms to stay in touch, could you switch to texts, email, or iMessages? If there’s an outage, there’ll be no need to panic. 

2. Experience things in-person:

As restrictions are lifted and the world opens up, this is becoming easier. Why not schedule a face-to-face meet-up with family or friends? Grab a coffee or picnic outdoors. If you follow users for their beautiful scenery, get out there and experience nature for yourself! And instead of watching ‘how-to’ cooking videos, invite someone over, make an awesome dish, and dig in. 

3. Just make a phone call:

If you want to send a quick ‘Just thinking about you’ message, why not pick up the phone and say it? Hearing someone’s voice can be more personal and reassuring. If there’s anything we’ve learned in the last two years, it’s that every moment counts. 

4. Write a letter:

Sounds old-fashioned, but people survived on letters for years before the world wide web was invented. The emotions conveyed in a letter can also be more memorable. It doesn’t have to be as heartbreaking as Dear John, or as deep as The Notebook. Even a simple ‘I miss you’ can brighten up someone’s day. 

5. Take a walk:

A brisk stroll around your neighborhood or park can help you get some fresh air and meet some fresh faces! Say hi to Bob at the newsstand, catch up with Anna at the grocery store, and shoot the breeze with Gary at the dog park. 

6. Adopt a dog:

Speaking of dogs, October is adopt-a-shelter-dog month. Why not find out for yourself if a dog is really a man’s best friend? And if you don’t have the space or time for a dog, try something smaller like a rabbit, cat, or even a hamster. The point is to have a companion you can’t find on social media. And no we’re not including cat videos. 

7. Get a hobby:

Pandemic hobbies were all the craze when the lockdowns first started. As they come to an end, however, it doesn’t mean the hobbies have to end also. The best part is that you can take your hobby anywhere. Like this Olympian’s knitting!  

Closing thoughts 

So, are you tired of waiting for two ticks on WhatsApp?

Are you spending too much time watching Instagram reels? Do you wish you hadn’t left that last comment on Facebook? 

Those are clear signs that it’s time to take the plunge and disconnect. Like we said at the start, you don’t have to go cold turkey. Start with one replacement, decrease your screen time, and set reminders for walks. Focus on more people and less screens. 

And don’t underestimate the value of pandemic hobbies. Hundreds of voice actors on Voice123 started out by doing voice acting as a hobby. Today, they’re awesome pros! 


Was that the sound of a new notification on Facebook?

A new heart from Insta? Someone messaging you on Whatsapp?

Or maybe it was the sound of a new journey?

One without complete reliance on social media.

So while you resist the urge to check, why not grab your jacket and head outside, give your best friend Tom a call, or dust those recipe books. Whatever you choose, we wish you all the best with your digital detox! Make October 4th your own personal Independence Day!


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