How to create a fantastic marketing campaign

Okay – so are you sitting in front of your computer screen worrying about how to create a fantastic marketing campaign?

You’re not alone.

John Lennon suggested that everything is rehash, so It’s time to innovate! Wait no — maybe your idea is too outside of the box and it won’t catch on. Or maybe… it’s wild enough to go viral? 

That’s the problem with modern marketing, it’s hard to say whether your next project is too much like others, or not similar enough to successful methods.

We know thinking of marketing ideas and tactics can be a headache, there’s just so much to consider. Whether it’s video or social media, what your next storytelling experience is going to be like, or trying to create a TikTok trend.

In the end, we all end up in the same loop — trying to be original while staying relatable. It becomes a challenge. You try not to reinvent the wheel and stick to what works, while still presenting unique marketing content.

How does someone even begin to find that balance? While there’s no definite plan that will score you the perfect balance between being original and using a tried-and-true method, we’re here to talk about certain guidelines that can help you discover it.

Stay inspired

Marketing campaign: image of marketers discussing a project
Image: Envato

Originality often comes from inspiration. A look at other successful, wacky marketing tactics can often inspire you with an idea.

However, there’s an important distinction to make here: are you inspired to create something new, or are you now thinking of simply copying what they’ve done? 

It shouldn’t be about copying what someone else does step by step — that’s how you end up with cheap knockoffs. Instead, it’s about using the feeling of inspiration and creativity to come up with something unique to your business.

Let’s take a look at something inspiring, the KFConsole. It’s a monster of a gaming computer that offers 4K output and 120 frames per second — and it also cooks chicken. The tagline is “Power your hunger.” Wild isn’t it?

But within the gaming industry, this caused quite a stir. Computer-building hobbyists and gamers couldn’t help but wonder, is this machine real? It created a big buzz — the YouTube video generated about 2.4 million views. That’s about 2 million minds on KFC from this zany marketing ploy. And it is real by the way, the console releases this December.

Following the formula

Marketing campaign: colleagues discussing results
Image: Envato

When it comes to creating a new marketing campaign, it can help to follow the footsteps of successful marketing strategies. But it’s important to think of them in terms of templates from which you can build upon.

For example, GoPro uses user-generated content (UGC) to market the adventurous camera. Of course, with customers recording themselves climbing mountains and getting shots of gorgeous natural landscapes, UGC works really well for GoPro.

This is a case where GoPro’s original value enhances a UGC template. If you were to use UGC for your marketing, you’d have to think about how your business can add an original twist to it. For GoPro, it’d be adrenaline-fueled beauty. Simply filling out the template without the unique value can lead to a generic marketing campaign.

Use your own voice

Everybody’s voice is unique. Every voice sounds different, voices different ideas, has different perspectives, and offers unique ideas. The same goes for your business.

You can think of your business as a person. How does it sound? What’s the tone of it? What’s it trying to say? Answering these questions can help you find the originality you’re looking for in a marketing campaign.

Speaking of using a voice, consider using a professional voice over for your next project. A voice over is one of the most effective ways to connect with an audience, turning what may seem like another marketing tactic from a company — to a relatable human experience.

A genuine, earnest voice over effectively adds originality while staying familiar. The human voice is a powerful tool! You can start by finding some of the world’s best voice actors on Voice123. Let the voice over strike the balance between being unique and not reinventing the wheel.

Final thoughts

It seems that being original while still following what’s successful is a balancing act. It’s a balance between knowing yourself, and knowing what other people appreciate. 

If you were to focus solely on yourself, that’s how you end up with ideas that are a bit too original, like the Ionic Ear seen on Shark Tank (#1 on the list). And if you were to solely focus on copying what other people are doing, there’s a chance what you’re doing is just too generic to be noticed.

If we have any advice to give, it’s to know yourself, and apply it to what works.

We wish you the very best in creating original, successful marketing campaigns. May you go viral!


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